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Welcome to the spinning forum!

There’s a wonderful site for spinners which has many videos on technique. The site is www.joyofhandspinning.com

For purchasing spinning wheels, drop spindles or roving, one place I know of is www.yarn.com . They have a great selection of wheels, at the best prices I could find when I looked.

If anyone has any other resources, feel free to share them here!

YAY!!! I’m so happy we have a spinning forum now! You know, uh, Amy :eyebrow: if you’re looking for a moderator for this one, let me know :smiley:

Anyway, there’s a new e-zine for spinning called Spindlicity. Their URL - http://spindlicity.com/. The focus appears to be on drop spindle spinning, but they do cover other spinning topics and also have knitting related content. Check it out!

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Thanks Amy! I found this great site while I was trying to learn drop spindle. www.icanspin.com

It has some great videos!

Yay!!! Thanks so much, Amy! :heart:

I don’t know a thing about spinning so hopefully I’ll learn something!

One of my resources for anything spinning related has always been Halcyon Yarns.com. They have a store in Bath, Maine - they teach spinning in classes there and they will help you with your wheel over the phone. Outstanding customer service from these folks.

Yeah a website about spinning by a black woman!!

Oh my. I found something absolutely delicious online today, must share.

Local Harvest has wool roving from $1.50/oz and Shetland/Angora from $3.00. Raw wool starts at $2.50 and Raw alpaca from $2.00.

If you can’t get out to a local farm to obtain fleece, this looks like a good place to go! Pretty eco-friendly stuff!



there’s a semi okay vid for learning how to spin via low whirl drop spindle.

Wow… the timing on this is just PERFECT. I just ordered my first drop-spindle/roving/how-to kit on ebay (the yearning to try spinning has been building over the past few months and I am SUPER excited)!!!

I’m so glad to see knowledgable folks in here who can help me out when the going gets rough.

Okay time to unload my links. Hope they help.

How To’s
How to use a drop spindle

Spinning Dog Fur

HJS Tutorials

Natural Dying

How to Paint Roving and yarn

Spinning from the fold

All kinds of dying and spinning tutorials

Kool Aid Dying

Finding Guilds
Spinning Guilds

Map Muse Spinning Guilds

Misc Resources
Fiber Resources of all kinds
Sheep Breeds

Spinner’s House Cleaning Pages

That’s it for now.

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I have spinnign supplies here: Midnightsky Fibers- mostly roving and batts.

There is also some information in the articles sectionabout different spinning, dye, etc styles

I also really like helloyarn.com (and her blog- helloyarn.com/wp)- she has drop spindle kits.

An awesome resource for new spindle spinners:

Hi all! I’m a forum newbie :slight_smile: So, I have this really great job that allows me some interesting perks… like the recent acquisition of 4 or 5# of raw alpaca fiber. Someday I would love to learn how to process and spin but until I live in an apartment bigger than 400 sq ft, I would like to send it somewhere for processing. Any suggestions? Thanks!

i would google for info in your area (or within a reasonable to you shipping distance) for a wool mill/yarn mill/spinning mill, then contact them. for a fee they will usually offer multiple options, from just processing your fleece to spinning yarn from your fleece. HTH

I figure I should add here the sites I feel could be helpful. I am going to try not to post any repeats (sites that someone else posted) and I’m going to try not to post an overwhelming link flood, but most likely I will:


http://www.ispindle.com (used to be icanspin.com but because of a domain name mixup they no longer occupy that address)
http://www.bellaonline.com/site/spinning (half original articles, half links)

Sheep breeds:

Well there hasn’t been an update to this thread in a while! I highly recommend this book!! Spindles, wheels, wool prep, a glossary (wanna know what pre-drafting is?) great pictures…http://www.interweave.com/spin/books/Start_Spinning/

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I’m really new here (like … an hour ago? <G>) so maybe someone else has already posted this site.

I’m just learning how to spin and asked a spinner if she had an online site to help me and she sent me this one:



I recently heard of Sheep Shed Studio. They seem to have great deals on mill ends and grab bags of fiber.


Anybody ever ordered from them?..some people on ravelry really praised them.

Hi there, If you need fibres for your spinning then check out www.worldofwool.co.uk. We have every fibre you can imagine and we ship around the world.
We’re also on Facebook and Twitter if you want to keep up to date on what we’re up to.