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Thanks for the great resources!


Know a little about spinning, just wanna learn some from it, thanks for the resources.


I just want to share some news with you all! Recently I made my first Handspinners Journal as a print on demand.
It’s a 8.5"x8.5" paperback DIY book with glossy covers. The text is in full color, which is changing into another color every 10th project.

Here’s the description:

This book is intended as an index helper for handspinners who want to keep track of their own handspinning outcome.
By filling in the blanks, the spinner now has a written form of their own work progress and can easily go back and forth to compare previous projects and thus have a personal development progress journal or simply just being able to go back to yarn projects that has been successful, in case of wanting to spin a similar yarn either for them selves or for others (commercial).
By attaching yarn samples and writing down individual dye recipes it’s easy to either go back to a successful dyeing result or try to develope a recipe further.

You can order your own copy here:


Neat! Thanks for sharing!