Southeast US Oddball Baby Blankets


White Stripes arrived Saturday and it is so pretty. Debbie, thanks for the goodies, I know I will enjoy using them.


Gosh, who would have thought a blanket called “white stripes” could be so gorgeous! Debbie, I have jiggly jello in a mailing envelope ready for you, but both of us have had the flu. I hope to get it out today or tomorrow.



Shandeh, thanks for the kind words! I don’t check in as often as I should, so I drop off the email list. I wish it didn’t work that way!

Holly, I see that you told me here on the thread to keep Think Pink and mail both of them at the same time, so just ignore my PM. It’s not fun growing old and losing your memory!!

If I can remember. . .I’ll take some photos of the two before I ship them off to you.



Biztec, I really understand the … knit yes … mail, not so much, thing! Hope you are feeling better, stay in and get well !


Thanks Sandy!! I think I was just over thinking it! I tend to do that sometimes.

Can’t wait to see what you do with it! I love how it is turning out!! Does it look like there is enough white for everyone? There are 2 knitters after you. I have plenty more if not.

I just saw this message so you can ignore my PM too:teehee: Hope you are feeling better soon!!! Get lots of rest!

I forgot to take a picture of Neon Lights before I sent it on to Sharon. I’ll try to get one before she sends it off.
[B]We still need 3 knitters for it[/B]. Brenda and Sharon are only other knitters besides myself currently on it.


add me if you need another person.


Thanks for getting back to me. I’ll be sure to put the post office at the top of my list for tomorrow so that you can get started on it.



You can put me on Neon Lights !


Remar-cable is on its way to you! I almost got blown away by the wind :roflhard: but I made it to the post office!



White stripes is ready to be mailed. PM me with the address and it will be on its way to you via the mail.


Debbie, I mailed Jiggly Jello to you on Saturday. I have the tracking info if needed.

Holly, Think Pink and Neapolitan also went in the mail Saturday, and since you aren’t that far away, you might even get them today!!

I am working on a Celtic aran afghan with tons of Celtic knots all through it for a charity auction in June, and I’m way behind, so I have to pull back for a bit.

Don’t worry, though, because I’ll be back at it as soon as I can! I love working on the blankets.



Neapolitan and Think Pink have both arrived. :inlove:They are GORGEOUS!!! I’m charging my camera . Some how it always needs charging when I need/want to take pictures. I’ll post pics as soon as I can.


Hello everyone, My name is Bea and I will be moving to Florida sometime in April if all goes well. I have been part of the Northeast Oddball Knitters Group for a couple of years now and enjoy knitting on these blankets.

I look forward to signing up for some of these wonderful blankets in my new area of the country.



:waving:Welcome Bea!!! I hope everything works out for your move. We love getting new members!!! When you are ready to join up just shoot me a PM with your name and address.


I have Jiggly Jello and it is BEAUTIFUL !!! Thanks biztec for the pretty stitch markers !!!


Hi Holly ! I think I am supposed to start “Super Heros” for the challenge blanket after I put the border on Jello … or did I say I wanted to do the black, white and red one ??? Let me know :slight_smile:


You’re so welcome!! I’ve become pretty fond of all of you gals!


Debbie, I have you down starting Super Heroes but if you wanted to start Genius instead that’s fine. Let me know what works for you and your stash! I’ll start whichever you don’t. My stash is vast and needs to be weeded!
I still have to take the pictures of the newest finished blankets. I’ve had a wacky week.


Picture Time!

Candy Cane knit by EWalker, Civicsista, MsBookie,Knitgirl2007,

Neapolitan Ice Cream knit by HollyP, SharonP, MsBookie, HowDovely, Ewalker, Biztec Border: Biztec

Rainbow Connection knit by [COLOR=Red]HollyP[/COLOR][COLOR=DarkOrange], SharonP, [/COLOR][COLOR=#FFCC33]Ewalker[/COLOR]
[COLOR=SeaGreen]knitgirl2007[/COLOR][COLOR=Blue],civicsista[/COLOR][COLOR=DarkOrchid], HollyP[/COLOR] border: HollyP
Not sure why the blue and purple look almost the same in the picture. They definitely don’t look like that in real life!

Think Pink knit by Debbie, SharonP, Kayrun,
Knitgirl2007, Ewalker, Biztec. Biztec did the border also.


Is anyone available to knit on Remar-cable? We need a pinch knitter. Thanks!!!