Southeast US Oddball Baby Blankets


Think Pink mailed to Burma today. Info available if needed.


Thanks Elaine!

Hey everyone what do you think about the challenge? I think it sounds FUN!!! If we have enough interest I say lets do it.


I’ll be glad to help out on the blankets if you decide to do it, because I’m officially part of this region! :teehee:

I’m especially drawn to the “Genius” colors, because I know that the high contrast blankets are good for developing eye coordination in babies. I used to have some black and white toys for my boys, and they LOVED looking at them!


More pictures! Here is Splish Splash. It wasn’t included in the batch that I donated because I was out of baby detergent. My niece’s stomach bug while she was here lead to an enormous amount of washing!

Great job everyone! This was knit by Kellybigeyes,WandaT,Knitgirl2007,Howdovely,SharonP, and LBeck Border by LBECK

Here is Remar-cable

and a closeup of the stitch It is going to the next knitter tomorrow!


Count me in.


PS. could everyone in this group please put up a little note with some ideas about things they like. Being relatively new, I have a difficult time deciding what to include with my blankies when I send them to the next knitter.


Awww, thanks Sandy - I needed that. I’m sitting here feeling like crap fighting a cold that wants to start, but you just made me feel better! That pic is very recent, just a few weeks old from lunch with the girls.

BTW, I was in your neck of the woods on Sunday to watch the superbowl with some friends at a new bar by you. Its called Bonfire and they have the BEST wings and the BEST white chocolate raspberry cheesecake EVER. YUM!


Count me in on a challenge blanket !


I guess we are doing the challenge! :woot: So far I have myself, Sharon, Shandeh, Elaine, and Debbie.

Elaine, when we first started everyone filled out a questionnaire. With likes etc. You can find the answers on our blogon the right side.
If anyone hasn’t filled out the questionnaire please feel free. Just post the answers to this thread or in a pm to me. Thanks!!


I will check it out.


Jiggly Jello is finished and will be on the way to Debbie for a border very soon.

Neapolitan is finished and will go to Holly as soon as my mailing envelopes arrive!!

Awaiting Think Pink; I’ll let you guys know when it arrives.



Burma, you can hold onto to Neapolitan until you are done with Think Pink. There is no need for you to mail something to me twice in such a short amount of time. I can’t wait to see both of them!!!


Thanks for reminding me, Holly! I had totally forgotten you were doing the border. I’ll let you know when I send them out.



Nice to see your smiling face, Burma! :hug:

No way! :noway:
You were HERE, and I didn’t sense your magnificent presence?
Usually, I can feel a tremor in the earth.

:woohoo: Excellent! cloud9

Gosh, I wonder what I put on there earlier? No telling. I’d better go check. :hiding:


“White Stripes” was a fast knit … pictures and getting it in the mail … not so much ! I think it is BEAUTIFUL !!! What a great idea, Holly. I am taking it to the post office tomorrow !


Thanks for the pictures Debbie!! It looks beautiful! I guess having a surplus of yarn comes in handy every once in a while.:teehee:I think we may have to reuse this idea in the future.


White Stripes is in the mail … really it is. I am not just saying that to stop the harassing phone calls. Really. i. mailed. it.


Thanks Debbie!! You crack me up! Just so you know the next step was henchmen meeting you at your door. :teehee: :rofl::roflhard:


Whew, so glad I am ahead of them !!!


Happy Saturday everyone!! I need some opinions. I have been wrestling with border ideas for Rainbow Connection since I finished it a couple of weeks ago. I’m stuck!!! I have tons of stash to choose from I just can’t figure out which color or colors to do. Any ideas?? I can post a picture later if that will help. Thanks!!


Some of our earlier rainbow colored blankets have looked nice with a black border. White works well too.