Southeast US Oddball Baby Blankets


I have it Dawn, thanks!!



Holly, since I started it, I’d be glad to do the last section and border if you’d like!



Holly, I have a bunch of pale peach/orange yarn if you ever decide to do Dreamsicle. My mother loved those when I was a kid!



I will put the border on Jiggly and then use the needles for a Disney blanket … not sure which one, yet :slight_smile:


Sounds great! Thanks Burma.

Would you like to start it with the needles you’ll have from Remar-cable. Creamsicles represent summer time to me! I think we could all use a little summer right now!

I love it when things are this easy. Thanks Debbie!!

I found a set of needles at Goodwill today. I always look but this it the first time I’ve found any. As soon as I finish Candy Cane I’ll be casting on for 2 blankets. I was thinking of doing [B]Neon Lights[/B] and [B]Cherry Blossoms[/B].
We’ll need 4 knitters and someone on border for Neon Lights. We’ll also need 5 knitter and someone on border for Cherry Blossoms. Thanks everyone!!


I would like to work on Cherry Blossoms.

Think Pink arrived today thanks Katie, for the note pad, I really enjoy using pretty things like it.


I would like to work on Creamsicle also if you need me.


After I finish “Jello” I am going to start “Disney Princesses” and begin with Snow White (yellow, blue and red … maybe a row of black for her pretty hair)


I dont think I’m on any blankets, so feel free to stick me wherever is needed.


Beautiful “White Stripes” is in Orlando ! Thanks, Tracy … I can always use an extra hand ! :roflhard:


He he. :slight_smile:


Lisa, got your box today! Thank you. :hug:

I finished the last section of Rainbow Connection tonight. Love love love the rainbow blankets! It is so cheery and fun to look at and work on. Trying to figure out what to do for the border.
I finished Candy Cane yesterday or the day before. It looks great!!!
I’ll post pictures of everything soon! We haven’t had a good sunny day for picture taking in what feels like weeks.

We still need knitters for both Neon Lights and Cherry Blossoms. I don’t have my list in front of me but I think we only have 3-4 knitters on both. Thanks everyone!


You can put me on one, or both.


I’ve finished my section of "White Stripes’ ! I will take pictures and get it into the mail to the next knitter this weekend! Holly, please PM me the lucky knitter !


Can’t wait to see it! I’ll PM her now.

Speaking of pictures I’ll be posting some later today.


OK I am a day late with pictures. Sorry!
Yesterday was an exciting day for our group. Sharon and I donated the blankets!!!:woot: I should have taken more pictures but it was so cold outside and once we got in I forgot to take any.
Here they all are washed and ready.
All packed up and ready to go!
After a few wrong turns we got to the hospital.

The donation was almost anticlimactic. We walked in, filled out the paperwork, and handed over the blankets. The woman we gave the to was very thankful. She assured me they would be used and loved. I know the blankets will make lots of families happy. I was really proud of the beautiful gifts we gave to the kids of this hospital! Thanks for all of your hard work!!!

The container for the blankets looks so funny being empty. I can’t wait for it to fill up again. Which reminds me I have a couple of borders to finish :slight_smile:


Think Pink will be ready to go in the mail on Monday. Need next knitters info.



Yay! Good work, everyone! :woohoo:

Holly, I know exactly what you mean about the donation being anticlimactic. I felt the same way when I took blankets to the hospital. It’s like you’re giving away your children! :help: And the sterile environment at the hospital doesn’t feel so welcoming, either.

I think we miss out on the real joy of the donation, when it is given to a baby, and the family sees the blanket wrapped around them. We just have to imagine that part. cloud9


Brenda, I LOVE your new avatar! You look GORGEOUS! :heart:


I would like to make a [U]challenge[/U] to all the Oddball Blanket groups.

[B]Use my design ideas to knit two blankets for your group.[/B]

[B]Blanket 1: “GENIUS” :cool: [/B]
[B]Black, White, and Red[/B]

[B]Blanket 2: “SUPERHERO” :star: [/B]
[B]Comic Book Colors[/B]

I think it will be interesting to see what each group does with this!
I will make a new blog, showing the progress of the blankets. Be sure to post photos, which I can use to highlight the work for your regions!

When the blankets are complete, I will send an additional blanket (knit by me) to your region, for you to donate in your area. So, everyone will be a winner! :slight_smile: