So I found out what's going into the walmart yarn selection

I was at my local one last night to pick up some needles for my sewing machine and saw what kind of yarn is going in where they were skimming back on caron SS and red heart as well as lionbrand…


I told my dh on the way home from school and he actually went “Isn’t that exclusive to Joanns’s?” and then said "Oh my god, i can’t believe i just said that.

We have a convert :slight_smile: He was also complaining about how wrong it was that where Comp USA used to be in Latham (over at Latham Farms) is now a GIGANTIC Micheals that is also having a GRAND OPENING sale on a bunch of stuff too!

Heh, so your husband knows what brands the craft stores carry eh…

Is it the regular small skeins of VC? I’d heard they were going to be 7oz ones, which I don’t see on the Lion site.

i’ll check when i go over there later

Different bernat items, vanna and other good stuff

7 ounce size…

Hold it I see a problem here, can we get him into a 12 step program?
Tonight if it can be done!

Step 1 - Watch Knitting Help Videos
Step 2 - Purchase a set of needles and a skein of yarn.
Step 3 - Knit knit scarf
Step 4 - Knit watch cap
Step 5 - Knit scarf with simple cable
Step 6 -

I’ll have to finish this later I need to meet the other guy in my 12 Step Group we are starting a sweater tonight.


We guys pay more attention than you think :mrgreen:

LOL Mason :slight_smile:

I know he does, but this is the first time he’s ever said that and I think that he thought it was exclusive to Joann’s because that’s where we’ve seen it the few times I’ve managed to get him into there… he’s never been in the yarn section at AC Moore (although he could have gotten those two mixed up…)

He refuses to try knitting, said he doesn’t have the coordination or dexterity in his fingers (bull… granted he can’t braid my hair but he DOES do a lot of touch typing, esp when he’s playing his video games!)

I went into mine on Monday and asked them…they said the same thing Vanna’s Choice…and new colors for Caron…they said the mark down was just to get ready for the new fall/winter colors that were coming :yay:

Mason don’t tell them that - they will begin to expect it.

I finally got to Wal-mart last night and I RACKED UP. They had so much clearanced that I bought:
8 balls of Jiffy in a gorgeous green (hope I like it!)
Bernat Softee Chunky:
8 balls Hot Lime
3 balls Hot Pink
3 balls Hot Blue

All of the Caron was gone except for 2 skeins of Lemonade (got them)

The sad thing is, that I could go back & buy some more today. Hard to resist yarn on sale. I way over doubled my stash for very little $. They had the wool also marked down to 3.99 but I had already done enough damage.

Plus I found all the yarn I needed for an afghan I have been wanting to make since before I learned to knit. They had EXACTLY the 10 balls I needed @ Michaels in the same dye lot, and it was on sale.

The knitting goddess smiled upon me yesterday. cloud9

I haven’t tried Vanna’s Choice, and I am excited about more colors of the Caron. I really hope they keep the Caron yarns- I love them.

my walmart:
No more Red Heart baby (of any variety)
the new Caron colors i don’t care for (they look dusty and they’re linty)
bernat baby went up in price and the baby jaquards are even MORE (by about $2 more than the regular bernat baby)

guessi keep my yarn shopping to AC Moore

I was at Walmart yesterday buying fleece for a friends Christmas gift. The yarn supply was dismal.

If they’e going to be selling Vanna’s choice and other acrylics, I’ll be going to LYS’s. However, now I have to drive 26 miles to find a good one.

Another reason to love my computer.

I know men pay attention as mine told me NO NEW yarn or projects until I finish up some of the stuff I’ve got started. So he does have an idea of how many of my projects are floating around our house.

We have a small Walmart. We have a few Supers close by, the closest being 35 miles away, the better one 60 miles. I’ve heard rumors for a couple of years about them doing away with the craft department & wondered if it would really happen. Our yarn choices have gone way down & considering we didn’t have much to start with, this hurts! I was in the Ft Worth area last weekend & two Supers I was in really have done away with all their fabric. There are a few sewing notions, but very little & hardly any yarn to speak of, some of which was on clearance.

[COLOR=“Blue”]Have you been to Michaels there lately? The one in Hurst has a new look, even the name has a different font. So I wondered if ours has changed yet.

Also, how about Hobby Lobby? I hear they’re expanding into part of the old Hastings & didn’t know if they’d started yet.[/COLOR]

Hobby Lobby hasn’t started yet as far as I know. I haven’t been to Hurst to Micheal’s but I do go to the one here in town. Where are you at in Texas?

I’m in Breckenridge. I went through Abilene the other day headed to San Angelo, but I had a van full & didn’t get to go to HL. I’ll bet they wait until after Christmas to start the remodel. At least I would if I were them!

I don’t think there’s any dangers of Micheals going out of business. The former Comp USA building in Latham, NY (latham farms shopping plaza) is now a giant Micheals, complete with new font (my dh still says “it’s just WRONG” because his favorite store has now become one of mine LOL)

ah well… tonight I get the “fun” of sewing tunics for this weekend… thankfully my adoptive mom is sewing my dress (I have NO idea how to make the correct type of dress! none of these really has a pattern)