Im looking for my potential first sweater pattern…need opinions:

What kind of sleeves are easier…raglan or others? (I dont even really know what raglan is…)

Should I find a pattern that is knit in the round, or front/back separately?

Any other advice?

Here’s a summary of a raglan sleeve. I’ve not done a raglan yet, so I can’t speak to it. But I’m guessing that if you’re comfortable and consistant (ie. guage) with shaping, then go for it! I haven’t knit a whole sweater in the round yet, so I don’t how easy or hard it is. Knitting a sweater in pieces isn’t hard, but the seaming can be daunting. It’s torture to know that all the knitting is done, but you still can’t wear the sweater! AAh!

I’ll keep my eyes out for patterns. :slight_smile:

Hey Kelly! I’m very excited to have finally bought Elizabeth Zimmerman’s book because she goes into this extensively (and intensely). She thinks making a sweater on circulars is so much better because you don’t have to sew any seams up. I have a feeling it might be harder but maybe that’s just not true.

I also bought, because of Amy’s recommendation, Weekend Knitting. Mostly because there’s a dynamite, very simple sweater in there that I can’t wait to make. Do youhave any good books yet? The other book I’ve got recently is Claire Cromptons Knitters Bible. That’s a super book too.

Btw, I’m loaded with $$$ for books: I joined the Crafter’s Choice so I could order 4 HUGE knitting books. Then I bought two more at Amazon, they have great prices.

how bout this one! tee hee :happydance:

The sweater I’m working on (same as the one I finished) was soooo easy…from a book, but a lot like this one. I really wanted to learn how to do seams, though – so if you’re trying to avoid them, you might want to stay away. :wink:

Each sleeve took me only a few hours to knit – probably would have been even quicker with no kids clamoring for my attention! :XX:

NO ONE wants to see me in that sweater, Vic… :fingerwag:

I haven’t bought any books yet, as I haven’t seen any with larger-sized patterns that I like. Im keeping my eye out!

The seams dont intimidate me as much as the sleeves do…not sure why.

My first sweater (and third ever knitting project) is almost done. It’s knit in the round so will have no sewing except six stitches under each arm and then across the top of the hood. All of the sewing is done using the kitchener stitch, which should prove interesting. Once I finish the last four inches of my hood, I’ll take a picture of it and attempt to post it here. This has taken me about a month, but I have not been working on it everyday. I think if I do it again, I could probably get it done in about a week.


What pattern are ya using, bubba?

i highly recommend The Sweater Workshop by Jaqueline Fee. Basically, you pick whatever yarn you want, pick needles to go with it, and make this sweater sampler thing, that shows you how to do all of the necessary “things” to make your own sweater, plus shows you how the yarn looks in each stitch with the needles you choose. Then you use a proportion/percentage system to figure out how much ayrn you need, and design a sweater based on your sampler (or follow one of the patterns in the book… which I found to be “okay” but not breathtaking) Best yet, it’s all done in once piece, so there’s no seaming at the end! The sampler can later be used as a golf club cover, or funky art-piece… or at least kept to show you how that yarn behaves with the stitches. I love love love this book.

OMG that has to be one of the most hideous sweaters I’ve seen! (sorry if anyone’s made it and love it)
Yikes, and the other patterns on that page are… uhm… a bit scary too. Like the 302 calories; who (besides Beldie) would do that??? :shock:

Still the Wonderful Wallaby…I can’t find a good picture of it online, and the picture on the pattern is an ink drawing. It’s a hoodie w/a pocket and looks like it has raglan sleeves.


[color=indigo][size=6] :rofling: BAHHHHH HA HA HA HA HAAAAAAAAAAAAA! :rofling: [/size][/color]

I will check out that book, Hilde…THANKS!

Muah! :blush: to all of you!

Hi Kelly,
I recently completed my first adult sweater, (yes, it’s for me!). I used the jacket sweater by Pure & Simple. It calls for circ’s and is net in the round. The sleeves are raglan. I would the pattern really easy to follow. Even puttling the zipper in wasn’t too hard. I just got another pattern for a sweater also by Pure & Simple that’s a basic pull over with crew neck…also knit in the round. You might check out their patterns…

Hi Kelly,

Why don’t you do the summer tank-a-long when we start? That way–no sleeves! :smiley: I’m doing this one:

Muah to Howie. :heart:


I need sleeves to hold my upper arms still. :oops:

I have :wink:

:cheering: Nuno!!! I guess we can’t ask to see it…

OMG that has to be one of the most hideous sweaters I’ve seen! (sorry if anyone’s made it and love it)

(How do you guys box the quote in? Never figured that one out.)

Yeah, that is one nasty creation. I Dream Of Jeanie? James Bond wannabeee girl?

bubba, I’d like to see that sweater/pattern also. Yes, show us a picture when you’re done. I want to do a sweater with a hood but am intimidated by hoods. (like you Kelly with sleeves) I think sleeves are pretty easy actually, I managed to do one years ago. Well, actually I knit a beautiful cotton sweater for my dh, pale blues & cream like the seashore I figured, then I put the sweater down without finishing the last 2/3 of one sleeve.

Then, I forgot how to do it & had misplaced the pattern. (a long story here… ) So, a friend from Venezuela had his mother visiting. She took it back to Venezuela, finished the sleeve and mailed it to me. A sweater with history!

OMG that has to be one of the most hideous sweaters I’ve seen! (sorry if anyone’s made it and love it)
Yikes, and the other patterns on that page are… uhm… a bit scary too. Like the 302 calories; who (besides Beldie) would do that??? :shock:[/quote]
I’m gone for a few days and this is what I find buried in the posts :rollseyes: I thought there were some other cool ideas in that section of patterns. Oh, Hilde, I don’t think my hubby would mind 302 calories…

Victoise, to do the quotes…
[[color=red][/color]quote=“Beldaraan”]blah blah blah[[color=red][/color]/quote]
Just take away the two red lines and you’re good to go.

How about the ribby cardi? Sure, it has a zipper to install but if you do like me and just take it to a seamstress, it’s not so bad… :shock: There’s a knit-alongtoo for questions. And what I found easiest about the sweater was the instructions…they were easy to follow and no difficult stitches, etc. The yarn isn’t too expensive either for a first sweater.