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I need help with a Ravelry pattern, Purl Soho, Garter Ear Flap Hat. When I do the short rows for the ear flaps, Do I complete the entire round from the beginning of the project? And, what do I do when I purl back ?

Once you join in the round and complete the first 2 knit rounds followed by the “place marker” round, you’ll only be knitting back and forth on the Left Ear Flap. You won’t have to work to the beginning of round. All the ear flap short rows are knit rows so you won’t be purling back.
After you knit over to the right ear flap and complete the short rows there, the final row is knit the the beginning of round marker. From this point you’ll be working in the round. The next round is purl.

That’s such a cute hat. I’m adding it to my favorites as I know a new baby who needs it.

Thank you so much I’ve ripped this out a few times I knew I was doing something wrong I might need you again Also, what are some yarn choices that I can use? I’m working with Feels like Butta yarn, but, can I use Vanna White yarn , also?

We’re always happy with questions, projects and photos so ask away anytime.
Yes, both Vanna’s Choice or Fees like Butta will work. The Ravelry projects have also used Drops Nepal (hand wash), Berocco Vintage and Knit Picks Swish worsted. These are machine washable except for the Drops yarn. You might want to check that any other choices are machine washable in case this is for a baby hat.

If I use Vanna yarn, should I still use the size needles that the pattern calls for, #7 and #8?

The best way to be sure of the needle size and the resulting hat size is to knit a swatch. You may knit more tightly or loosely than the average. Usually you wouldn’t do this for something as small as a hat.
Barring a swatch, give the 7 and 8 a try.

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Still having trouble with short rows Won’t I have to purl back the stitches once I turn the work? That’s where I’m having trouble

Once you turn for the short rows? These rows will all be knit. You won’t be knitting garter stitch in the round. The earflaps because of the short rows are knit back and forth. In that case, garter stitch is knit every row.
There’s a note at the beginning of the pattern on the way to work the short rows:

NOTE: For our complete Short Rows tutorial, please click here. Because this pattern is in garter stitch, you’ll only follow the “Wrap And Turn On The Knit Side” section of the tutorial. For the same reason, you won’t need to later pick up the wraps. Simply ignore them when you come to them and work the wrapped stitch normally.

Or am I misunderstanding your question?

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I started purling back instead of knitting. Im going to try again . So, once I turn the work, I’ll be on the garter at side. Do I do the wrap and turn on garter st side , also?

Have you finished the short rows? Once the short rows are finished, you’ll work to the beginning of round marker and then purl. While you’re working the short rows, it’s all knit, every row.
Maybe this will help. The short row turns look like a monster or a moose has invaded the knitting but it’s a schematic (the 16 refers to the number of sts for the smallest size):

All the short rows, before and after the turns are knit rows.
Which size are you making?

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I’m making the toddler size, so I’ll be working on 18 stitches . I’m going to try to follow your diagram, I appreciate you trying to help me with this . The diagram is great

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Still struggling with these short rows I’m getting huge gaps/holes, when I come to the end of the row after turning the needles .I think Im going to give have to give up . This seems so easy, but not working for me. So frustrating!

Have you watched the Purl Soho video for wrap and turn? Usually that takes care of the holes or gaps. You would need to work the wrap and turn but you don’t need to pick up the wraps because you’re working garter stitch.
Some projects are just frustrating and may be worth putting in a “time out” spot for awhile. You might try another short row technique like German Short rows which may be easier to work. Try it out on a swatch rather than on the hat or with your good yarn.

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How are you working your turn stitches? With garter stitch my preferred method is to just turn, no wrap or anything, but after turning I slip the first stitch without knitting it and then knit the rest. This helps shorten the space between rows. I can’t explain it better than that but you might want to try it if you haven’t already. When I’m not happy with that I try w&t and not bother picking up the wraps. I think salmonmac mentioned that way.

I will try that. I’m doing the short rows correctly, but ending up with huge gaps at either end of the needle. Thank you so much for helping me. Something is not right .

Thank you so much I will try that I’ve been knitting for years I can’t believe that this is causing me trouble. I thank everyone who is trying to help me.

I’ve been knitting for years a few years (like about a dozen or so) and I can’t count! My repeats keep coming out wrong on my current WIP. Sometimes things just don’t want to work out right.

What kind of yarn are you using? Some are more amenable to short rows without holes than others. I also think some yarn just doesn’t want to be what I try to make it be. I give up, use the yarn for something else and it’s fine. Use a different yarn for the project I previously gave up on and it works fine.

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Could you post a photo of the offending holes? It could be that someone (salmonmac!) could spot a problem you just don’t know is there. It happens for me so I’m not suggesting you’re not capable of knowing what you’re doing. Another set of eyes rarely hurts in problem solving.

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I like GG’s idea of turning with no wrap. I’ve seen it before in patterns with garter stitch short rows. Here’s a nice comparison of various short row techniques in garter.

Thanks so much I’m going to try that without wrapping So, then ,what is the purpose of wraps ?