Shandeh's Bernat Cape KAL

As some of you know, I’m going to be blogging for the Bernat yarn company, starting in October. I’m really excited about it!

Anyway, the first project I’ve chosen to make is the Side Button Hooded Cape - a free pattern on their website. You have to sign in to the Bernat site see the pattern.

I would love it if some of you would join me in making the cape. It’s a nice, [U][B]easy[/B][/U] knitting project with chunky yarn, so it should go quickly. When we finish, we will all have a nice accessory for our Fall wardrobe! :thumbsup:

It lokks like a fun project. I’ll join the knit-along.

Yay! Thanks for joining me!

I’m making the size 2X cape, so I’m using about 10 skeins of yarn. So far, I’ve finished all of one skein, and was able to knit about 9 inches of the back of the cape.

I’m using the new color of Bernat Softee Chunky, called “Fern”. I think it will go well with the rest of my clothes.

:woot: I’m so excited! I just finished the back side. It took all but a few inches of 4 skeins. I’ll admit, I got a little nervous getting so close to the end of that last skein. But, I had just enought to finish. This is my first attempt knitting something to wear other than a scarf or hat.

I’m ready to start the front piece. I didn’t have any Bernat yarn…so, I’m using Patons Shetland Chunky Tweeds…Earthy Brown. :knitting:

Go PAM!!! :cheering:
You are MUCH faster than me. I’ve done 13 inches on the back. I really like the look of it, don’t you?

I’m a slow knitter, and I’m making a size 2X. So, I guess that’s why I’m so far behind you.

Here’s the latest photo of my work so far:

That looks like an ambitious project, but if I were to wear this, I’d look like one giant potato in a sack!

Have fun with it, and I will watch your progress. I’d like to see how you look in it, Shandeh. Will you model for us? If you can manage to look good in it, I may consider knitting one up.

I doubt I’m faster…I just have no life:teehee: :knitting:

I’m not doing any “labor” this weekend…just knitting! I only have my cell phone for pictures…but, here it is. The first is the “shape shoulders” part of the pattern and the last one is the yarn left…talk about cutting it close!

I’ll be happy to model it! :thumbsup: Keep posted for future photos.

Your photo is invisible! :roflhard:

:?? I couldn’t figure out how to add the pictures in the edit…oh, well.

Yay! :cheering:
I love the yarn you chose. Tweed is IN right now!
(I think it’s ALWAYS in, though…classic tweed is nice.) :inlove:

I’m not there yet, but I wanted to catch you before you get to where my possible trouble spot is. :think:

Ok…I think I get this part:knitting:
“Shape neck: Next row: (RS). Pat across 47 (55-64) sts. Cast off center st. Pat to end of row.” I’m stopping at the center, binding off one stitch, turning and knitting in pattern up to the shoulder shaping. My confusion comes next. :???:
"Cont even in pat on last 47 (55-64) sts until same length as Back to beg of shoulder shaping, ending with a RS row."
Sooooo, I’m only finishing one side of the front for now up to the shoulder, right?:??

I’m definitely going to need some help once we get to the end of the shoulder shaping step where we start working the other shoulder…”With WS facing, join yarn to rem 47 (55-64) sts. Work to correspond to other side, reversing all shaping”. :whoosh:
I’ve never done that, but I bet I could follow one of your awesome video instructions.Crossed Fingers

I brought this up here instead of on the Ravelry KAL since I spend more time here…but, our other KALer over there might need it, too.

Yeah, it sounds like Greek to me right now too.
It will probably make sense when we get to that point, and see the stitches forming in front of us. I’ll have the video camera ready when I get there. :slight_smile:

How are you liking the Bernat yarn, Sandy? I was thinking of using it for a sweater coat, and I was curious if you’re liking the way it is knitting up.

I’m loving it for this project. I had tried the same yarn before, and it was painful on my hands. I think the needles were too small that time. But, with this cape, the needles are just right for the yarn.

The Softee Chunky is a lightweight yarn, even though it’s chunky in size. So, the cape will keep me warm, but it won’t weigh me down.

Now, if you want a heavy yarn for your coat, you won’t like the Softee Chunky. So, just compare it when you’re shopping to make your decision.

Thanks for the input… I just decided a little while ago that I’m not going to make the coat after all - I know myself, and I know it would be too much endless knitting, for me, and I’d never get it done. But I think I’m going to use the Softee Chunky for a vest instead (and take back all the extra to Michael’s tomorrow) :cool:

Hey, no problem, my friend. Make what you want to make, and love your knitting every step of the way. It’s what I do! :slight_smile:

:knitting: :knitting:
Just finished 10 inches…I’ll wait when I get to “Shape neck:” so we can do it “together”…I may need moral support/helping hand:teehee:

No way!!! :noway: You are a SPEED DEMON!!
You have just left me in the dust again.

But, it’s understandable, I guess. I’ve been down on my back for the past week, laying on an ice pack. I went to the doctor today, and am taking 3 prescriptions that make me sleepy. So, maybe I can catch up with you next week. Crossed Fingers

I’m really just being lazy…it’s such a nice, easy pattern and I love the feel of this yarn. I have a few other things I should get started…but, haven’t felt like starting any more challenging projects.:hiding:

I’m sorry you’re hurting. Feel better :pray: :hug: