Shandeh's Bernat Cape KAL

Thanks pam! :hug:

Sandy…hope you’re feeling better. :hug:

I’m ready…but, I’ve read the next step, “Shape neck” ten times and I still don’t get it…:??

Let me know when you’ve figure it out:???:

Hi Pam! :waving:

I KNEW you would beat me there! :teehee:

It doesn’t look too bad, but I might feel differently when I actually get to that spot. Let me finish a few more inches, so I can catch up with you and we’ll do the neck shaping together.

Here’s the latest photo of my cape. I’ve finished the back, and am past the halfway point on the front.

Don’t hurry on my account :hug: …I have other things going, and I KNOW how busy you are!:thud: I get tired just reading about all of your WIPs!:notworthy:

OK Pam, I’ve finally caught up with you.

I’ve decided to do the shaping at the front all at once, instead of one side at a time, the way they suggest.

After knitting half the stitches, you cast off the middle stitch, and finish the row. Then, they tell you to work on the first half of the stitches, going back and forth until it’s as long as the back section (up to the decrease sections). Then, you do decreasing on the edge, so it matches the decreasing you did on the back.

Instead of just doing the first half, I’m doing both halves at the same time, using two skeins of yarn.

Here’s a closer view of the spot where they separate:

When it comes time to do the decreasing, I’ll be casting off stitches at both ends, so the shaping will match exactly. The front should look exactly like the back when the shaping is done.

I hope this helps you understand it better. If not, just let me know. I can explain it to you the way they suggest, one side at a time, if you want.

I’m with you…I like your idea. So, I did the b/o row and I’m ready to go back with the K,P row. Let me think this out. :think:

I do K,P and end with a knit then I drop the yarn I’ve been using and start with a knit stitch with the new skein…right?

I’m stuck :wall: Nope…I don’t get it. I got to where they separate, do I need another needle? or a second cable?

Exactly! You’ll start each section with a knit stitch. :thumbsup:

Just keep it all on the same needle, and change yarns at the separation. You can do it! Don’t give up! :hug:

I made a couple videos that might help.

Starting the Two Sections of the Cape Front:


Knitting a Wrong Side Row of the Cape Front:


When you get to the other section, just drop the old yarn, and pick up the yarn from the other skein, and keep going.

:woot: :happydance: :woot: That did it! Moving right along again. You Rock!:hug:

Now when you get to the decreasing part, just follow the directions for the back. When you finish, you’ll have 1 less stitch left over than the directions mention, because you cast off that one stitch earlier.

OK…I’m ready for the decreases on the front to shape the shoulder. How come we ended the back on the WS (2d row of the pattern) and now it wants us to end with a RS row? Am I missing something…or is this just a case of “trust the pattern”?:??

I think it’s designed that way, so that it will be easy to start knitting the hood when you finish knitting your sections. They probably have it end on a different row, so the live stitches will be open at the correct sides. Who knows? I’m not a professional knitting designer, so I’m just guessing here.
I’ll catch up with you soon! :knitting:

Would you mind if I mention your name on the Bernat Blog, letting others see your cape? :slight_smile:

Ok…here goes! Sure, you can talk about me… I’m still trying to figure out how to post on the new blog…but, I have been there to read your premier post:notworthy: . The only reason I don’t post a lot of pictures is because the only camera I have is on my phone…and it takes a lot of steps to put those on the computer (and, as you’ve seen…they aren’t that good).:teehee:

I finished my cape today! YIPPEE!!! :woohoo: +

I’ll post photos tonight or tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Yea!!! :thumbsup: I knew you’d get there first. !:cheering:

I have to take a break…I’m ready to sew the shoulders together and I’m not sure how to do that so I’ll need some advice when I get back. I’m picking up my sister tomorrow and going to a Christian Women’s Conference with my church so I’ll check with you next week after I get back.

Good Job!! Can’t wait to see! :notworthy:

You can do it, Pam!
I was not that careful with the seaming at the shoulders, because I was in a hurry to get it done, and it looks just fine! I made mine an inch shorter than the directions specified, because I’m a short person (5’ 3"). I didn’t want it to hang too long, and make me look like a little girl. :teehee:

The thing that really dresses it up, and makes it look finished is the buttons on the side. Makes all the difference in the world.

I found my buttons at Hobby Lobby on clearance! Yay! They are nice, big, wooden buttons too. I also got a big, pretty green button to put at the spot where the neckline separates, just to give it some strength at that spot. It makes it look good too. :slight_smile:

I put it on last night, and walked down the hall to show it to my hubby. He dropped open his mouth, and said, “Wow! That looks GREAT!” cloud9 Gotta love a hubby that compliments knitting projects. :heart: :heart:

Here are some photos I took last night:

With Flash:

I hope it’s not too late to join…I just saw this and I would love to make it. I think I’ll make it in a foresty green colorway. Yahoo, I get to go yarn shopping!

Hello, sueko! :waving:

Of course you can join! I’ll be checking this discussion often, and will be watching your progress. Have fun with the cape.