Scrap blanket

Has anyone made a scrap blanket using up their stash?
Would love pictures and ideas of patterns used.
My stash increasing alarmingly!

I have started a number and that is where they ended. Did squares both knitted and crochet. Panels arr good all depends on whst type of stash you have.

LOL! Sounds just like me!

I’ve started and scrapped scrap blankets. lol

You are a hoot!

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I don’t have pictures, but lots of people do stash projects. It helps if you’ve got the same weight stash or do two or more stash projects. :slight_smile: Here’s a few ideas.


LOL! I realized big projects are never finished by me either. I found this video that I love. It is a scrap scarf using a blended technique. My perfect solution…maybe for others too!


LOL!!! Sounds like me!! The best intentions.

Wow i liked the video of the scarf i think that is something i am going to try with my leftovers.

Yeah!! Please post a pix if you do! Have fun!!

I will

That’s pretty! like the heathery look and it looks like she mixed weights which is cool.

Thank you Jan…you know I realized big projects never get done
By me. Found this video that is the perfect solution.
Hope it will be for others too. A scrap yarn scarf with a cool blended


Oh, yes, I have made a couple of blankets to use up my leftovers. They do take a lot of yarn, so be prepared to use almost everything you have!

There are many ways to do this, and you already have some good examples.

The simplest is to just cast on and knit! You don’t need to follow any pattern, and change colour at will. Or throw a die and let it tell you how many rows to work. You can use any knit-purl combination so your knitting stays flat. Moss stitch is nice, and basket weave, or a rib pattern.

The other way is using a Magic Ball method. Collect all the little balls of left over yarn into a bag. Reach in and pull out one ball. Just wind one small ball and then tie on another colour and then another. You can make it into a centre pull ball or not – doesn’t matter. I used the weaver’s knot, but you can make any knot that is easy to remove if you wish to weave in the ends. Actually, if you tie a tight knot, cut the ends close, you can just knit them in and no one will notice. Or you can leave the tails hanging out as a design feature! Looks great on a scarf.

If you have a finer yarn, join two together. Even if you use different colours, doesn’t matter – it will all blend together!

Then just knit from this ball. Whatever colour comes up, just keep on going. There is no rhyme or reason and all the colours will blend in. Honest.

I did one from the centre out because I didn’t know how much yarn I would have. I made it huge!! It was wonderful fun. You can knit them as a square or rectangle, or knit scarves, or even sweaters! Just let the colours come up as they will.

I called mine the Blanket of Many Colours!!


Hi Vaughn_De_Leath a person after my own heart. I have done a couple of blankets where i put all the left overs in a bag and just reached in, and instead of dice i used cards to figure out the numbrr of rows. I found it to be a lot of fun

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Hi: Here is a photo of a scrap yarn blanket I am working on, although technically, it’s not just scrap yarn, because I purchased some additional mixed bags on sale to make it. To see the full image just click on the picture. It might take me forever lol! I just made up the pattern: It’s in garter stitch, and uses a variety of types of yarn in 60-inch strips, and cast on 25 stitches, regardless of yarn and needle size. I group the colours according to weight beforehand and then knit from the bottom up. I like to work on it when I want something easy, such as when I am listening to audiobooks or watching a show.


I like!

Thank you!

I love the way all the colors work together. Very nicely done!

Thank you, salmonmac. I am fascinated by and in love with color so appreciate your comment!