Ribbing too loose

Greeting All:
First I would like to thank all you knitters who always offer the best advise when I run into trouble with a pattern. The responses are right on the mark and sooo quick! Thank You.
I have just completed a cable baby hat 6-12 month size and after sewing the seam and weaving in the ends I have come to realize I did not knit the ribbing tight enough. Are there any quick fixes for this — it really quite cute.

fixable? definitely. quick? depends, maybe… :slightly_smiling_face:

I assume by ribbing you mean like the brim part? Was it worked from the top down or from the brim to the crown? If it’s top down it should be easy to unpick that part of the seam, unravel and reknit the brim; if knit bottom up you may want to cut off the old ribbing and pick up and knit new ribbing in the opposite direction.

But someone else may well have more clever ideas than mine…

You could weave a few lines of shirring elastic through the ribbing to tighten it.

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Many thanks I appreciate your suggestions :grin:

Good idea many thanks!

I had the same suggestion as PatMason having been in the same position many times I found this link that might help https://blog.weareknitters.com/knitting-tips/put-elastic-thread-garments/

Maybe wait till 18-24 months and the baby’s head will be bigger?? I don’t think I’d dare do all that cutting off and re-knitting!!

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Lol My kiddo has had quite a few sweaters that I did just that with. “Whatever, it will fit her someday.”

Greetings good to know this happens to others— the elastic string worked like magic. Appreciate your support!

The elastic string worked like magic!!! and I love the link you gave me. Lots of helpful ideas. Thank You

Hi i actually used the elastic string and it worked!!! but i do have a sweater that she’ll use in another few months. Thank You.

Glad it worked ok xxx