Reworking a pattern to fit short-waisted.


Hi everyone. I want to work a free debbie bliss pattern that came with a yarn order. im short-waisted and would like to know how to rework the number of rows front and back so that this little top fits me. This was a free pattern included in the order from LoveKnitting who were unable to help me. Your help is appreciated!


What is pattern name?


Hi! Good to hear from you. Pattern No. DB194 a Pattern name: Stevie

T. Keane


This looks like it has minimal waist shaping if any. If there is some shaping see where it occurs in inches and determine where in inches you would like it to occur.
The top is knit bottom up so you’ll need to take the length from hem to armhole into consideration when measuring yourself. You could also look at a top that you like and check the measurements from the armhole on that.


Thanks, I wasn’t sure whether to measure to the neck or the underarm. Never knitted anything for myself and this is ambitious for me but I made it thru the cowl, which I never thought I would, and did 2 more for holiday gifts. I just sort of panicked when I realized I would have to shorten the numbers of rows. if I knit to the underarm and it’s too long, I can always remove a few rows. Sorry I haven’t been online much, my cancer is progressing and it looks like I will begin chemo soon, so I really want to have a project to keep me busy. Take care.

Toby/alias Max


there was one other thing: the instructions for tension state: 22 sts / 30 rows. This is for the switching but 22 sts to an inch, even on a #3 needle measures 1-1/2". This is knit with both a #6 and a number 3. What am I not understanding?

T. Keane


22sts and 30 rows per 4 inches. That’s correct for a dk weight yarn. It is confusing when patterns take a shorthand approach to these specs.

Good luck with the chemo. Yes, it certainly helps to have a knitting project to work on. We all wish you well.


So its 22sts per inch? Am I understanding that I shld cast on 88sts?

T. Keane


It’s 5.5sts/inch. For a swatch, cast on about 25sts (a few more than the given stitch count) and work for about 4 inches in length. Then measure over the middle 4 inches. See if you then have 22sts/4inches.


oh! I never would have figured that out. Now I understand. Thank You, now I can proceed and thank you for the good wishes and your patience :hushed:

T. Keane


You were right! 22 sts and 30 rows = 4" exactly! You’re amazing :tipping_hand_woman:

T. Keane


Hi, how are you? I need more help if u r not 2 busy. On the Debbie bliss pattern DB194 I’m ready to begin shaping a holes which are decorative. I understand row 1, the decrease row, but row 2 just says (work 1 row)?

And I do this 3 times for this part while d creasing to neckline both sides. How do I work row 2?


Usually “work one row” means to continue in the pattern by knitting the knit sts and purling the purl sts. In this case, the RS row may have the lace pattern and the WS row may be a mostly purl row.
Can you quote row one exactly?


Yes, (right side) K2, Skpo, k to last 4 sts, k2tog, k2

T. Keane


Yes, sounds like the next row, a WS row, should be a purl row.


Your knowledge is amazing. God bless you. I can’t promise I won’t need help as I go along, But, I’m learning and no longer have a fear of failing. If I fail I’m gonna do like the song says, get myself up, dust myself off, and start all over again. Thank you :dove:

T. Keane


I am curious. Why do we slip a stitch on one end and knit 2 tog on the other end?

T. Keane


What part of the pattern are you working on?


Shaping armholes. Just curious why the instr. Wouldn’t be the same both sides.

T. Keane


Maybe you’re shaping the neck at the k2tog edge? Otherwise, I dom’t know.
Can you quote a couple of the rows in this area? Don’t give us a large portion of the pattern due to copyright.