Restaurant Knitting

Is it acceptable to knit while waiting for your table, or while you wait for your food to come? I’m not talking like in 4 star restaurants, but your average, local eateries xxx

Hmmm…I’m thinking while waiting for your table, yes, but while waiting for food, no. Unless I’m by myself, maybe. Just my two cents! :slight_smile:

I have knitted while waiting at Applebees and other restaurants like it. Don’t usually get much done though since my food seems to come quicker when I am knitting while waiting for it…lol.

:shrug: I think its ok to knit both when you wait for the table and for the food, as long as its not while everyone is eating.

actually, it might be ok to do that to, if its just a casual lunch out thing. i dunno, i guess its just whatever u’re cofortable doing.

I don’t see anything wrong with knitting while you are waiting for table or food. As long as you aren’t bothering anyone (and how can knitting be bothersome??) it doesn’t see like a problem.

I usually only ever eat out with my boyfriend, and he doesn’t mind… since he has his nose in a magazine most times. I was just wondering if others wouldn’t find it odd to see someone clickin’ away. Thanks for the “two cents” fellow knitters!

lol who cares if they do? what’s the chances you will ever see those people again in your life? Knit on!

Just do it! People yak away loudly on their stupid cell phones all the time, so you should be able to knit your heart out.

I think it’s fine. The only reason I don’t is because I know my husband would think I’m crazy for not putting down the needles for 5 minutes. :teehee:

Actually I’m all for public-knitting. I think it’s fine and appropriate in most settings–plus your attitude goes a looong way should someone question it. But there are, of course, times and places where the needles should stay in their bags.

In college some people used to knit quietly during large lectures near the back of the room–and I thought that was cool. But I had one very small writing class (10 people or less) and there was a girl who would always knit when other people shared their work for critique…it bothered me for a number of reasons. It was a combination of the small setting (therefore the knitting/ignoring class being obvious), the loud needles in an atmosphere where everyone was trying to listen to details, the point of the class was to have discussions about our work and since she was knitting she never engaged and she always had a sourpuss on her face and her knitting was a very dismissive act to all the other writers in the class that she thought sucked. Basically–she was a rude girl, and thus her knitting was rude.

On another occasion–I found knitting inappropriate even though the knitters were not being malicious. We were watching a play in a very small and intimate theater (less than 100 seats up very close to performance area) and two girls in the very very front row were knitting the entire first act. They were less than 5 feet from the actors, their needles were clicking very loudly and flashing as they got caught in the lights. It was hugely distracting for other audience members and I imaginge the actors as well. The stage manager had to come out during intermission and ask them to put the knitting away because the actors were getting peeved (and I don’t blame them). THe girls did so happily and apologized but I always wondered–why were they there in the front row if they weren’t gonna watch? I thought their knitting was inappropriate, but I didn’t find them rude or inappropriate b/c they were very pleasant.

That was long winded but…knitting in a restaurant waiting for a table? Way cool, go for it. Waiting for your food while at the table? I’d say go for it as long as your dinner company is cool with it.

I personally wouldn’t knit at a restaurant because then my knitting would smell like food…but I’m weird…I hate food smells in clothes.

I don’t see why it wouldn’t be okay to knit while you waited for your table, while you were waiting for your food, and even to knit after you were done eating (it’s usually a time people are sitting around talking anyway). I don’t think there’s anything wrong etiquette-wise with knitting while the food is at the table, but I’m so clumsy, I know I would spill something on my knitting! :oops: You’d have yarn and knitting needles, quietly working on a project…it’s not like standing on top of tables dancing naked or anything! :rofl:

Besides, you might find a new potential knitter to teach if somebody approaches you about your knitting. I always think of KIPers as “knitting ambassadors” because we can be sort of “connection” to people into the world of knitting if they want to learn.

I knit EVERYWHERE. Including restaurants while waiting for food to come. I wouldnt do it if I were out with a group of friends, unless they were knitting friends.

The people that I find odd in restaurants are the couples who sit together and dont look at each other or say a word the entire time they are there. And, there are always several at our local casual place. I always wonder if they are sick of each other and/ just have nothing to say to each other… and that makes me sad.


I knit everywhere. That’s the only chance I have for knitting. Waiting for table, waiting for food, waiting on people, waiting for bus, riding the train or bus. Knit on! Hm, maybe there are exceptions like weddings or funerals - it’ll seem inappropriate to knit there.

When I went on a work trip last fall, I was often stuck eating alone. I would always read and knit while I waited for my food, and quite often it ended up with me striking up a conversation with one of the waitresses. It even turned into a knitting lesson at one point! I think it is understood that if you’re alone, it’s awfully boring. I never had a problem with it (and at the IHOP where it became a lesson, I went there most mornings for breakfast after that!)


In response to your comment… I can see how those situations would be bothersome, but it wasn’t the knitting really it was the idiots who were knitting who were causing the trouble. Geez!! If you aren’t making any noise and can still listen and comment I see no problem with it. :shrug:

I knit at restaurants and no one ever says anything, except for what are you making. I can’t just sit there and not do something. My DH doesn’t mind and his is the only opinion I care about. I wouldn’t knit while dining at the Ritz but we don’t normally eat at that kind of restaurant anyway.

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

Yup exactly, it wasn’t the knitting…it was the individuals. I like to think that we are all ambassadors for our hobby :teehee: So all us polite knitters have to be cautious to make sure we aren’t bothering people to make up for all the dinks like that girl in my class.

I wasn’t even bothered by the theater-knitters as individuals–cuz like I said, they were perfectly nice. Had they chosen to sit in the back it would have been totally fine.

I just think it’s important to think of the larger group of people in everything I do. So if I can watch a play from the front row and knit at the same time that’s cool–but I recognize that it will distract others who paid for their seats as well and since I’m in the minority I take it upon myself to either put the needles away, or move to the back where I won’t be so blatant.

If I were in a restaurant lobby area waiting for a seat I’d knit, but if I noticed that it was too crowded and my elbows were invading the space of other people waiting…I’d put it away. Same if I were on a bus or train or plane. And then I just hope that other people respond in kind–and perhaps that guy slurping and spitting his messy food all over the place in the seat next to me on the T will put his sandwhich away! :teehee:

I knit in truckstops while waiting for my food and often after I’ve eaten.

I think you can be considerate or inconsiderate in anything you do. If you knit considerately, you can do it almost anywhere, including a restaurant. I wouldn’t knit with a fluffy angora in a restaurant… who wants rabbit hair in their food? Knit something small, don’t pull out half an afghan. Don’t flop whatever you’re working on onto the table. Do it in your lap. And I’d use quiet needles. And make sure your company doesn’t mind.

Oh… and I wouldn’t knit in a very fancy place. But at a casual dining place, why not?