Red Scarf Project NEW Deadline December 15th!

Hello, my charity knitting friends! :muah:

Last year, the scarves we knit overwhelmed the organization that distributes them to orphans who have aged out of foster care.

So, this year, we are instructed to only knit a certain number of scarves, to avoid the “scarf storm” :teehee:
(They received over 15,000 handknit scarves last year!!!)

Here’s the website with the details:

And here is NormaKnits blog about it:

They are accepting scarves from [B]September 1 through October 15, 2007. [/B]
[B][SIZE=3][COLOR=red](Update for 2008 scarves: Deadline is DECEMBER 15th)[/COLOR][/SIZE][/B]

Here’s a general guide for making your scarf:

[B][U][I][SIZE=3]Unisex [/SIZE][/I][/U][/B]
Make it so either a guy or girl could wear it. They don’t have time to look at each scarf, and decide who should be receiving it. If it’s in a non-gender-specific color, it works either way.

[U]No[/U] laceweight, super-chunky, or mohair yarns. NO FUN-FUR!!
Use DK, doubled fingering-weight, worsted weight, or light bulky yarns.

[U][B][SIZE=3][I]Warm and Comfy[/I][/SIZE][/B][/U]
They want the scarves to be substantial, drapey and warm, but not heavy and rug-like, and not scratchy.

[U][B][SIZE=3][I]Simple, Nice Design[/I][/SIZE][/B][/U]
No stockinette please, because the scarf will roll in on itself.

[B][I][U]Help with Shipping to Students[/U][/I][/B]
I think if we each gave a dollar or two, along with our scarf, that would help to defray the postage costs of mailing the scarves to the students. (Just put a couple bucks in an envelope marked “Shipping” in with your scarf.)

Here is the address for mailing your scarf when it’s ready:
[B]Orphan Foundation of America[/B]
[B]Attn: Red Scarf Project[/B]
[B]21351 Gentry Drive, Suite 130[/B]
[B]Sterling, VA 20191[/B]

If you can’t commit to making a scarf, you can still help by sending a donation to OFA at this link:

dd and I have been waiting for something like this. Do you have a yarn and pattern suggestion? Thanks

Last year, I made a scarf using two strands of soft TLC yarns held together throughout, and used this pattern.

I am going to try to make a few, and I called my friends who helped out on the Dulaan project too. I will let you know when I hear from them.:cheering:

Well, shoot. I have 2 waiting to be donated that are super bulky. I guess I’ll find another organization. I think they make great scarves and aren’t too bulky, but what do I know. I just walked 2 miles to school everyday in -0 temps for 2 years in college!


I just finished my first scarf for The Project. I want to try and knit at least two or three. I’ll try to post a picture later. Can’t believe they received over 15,000 scarves in such a small time frame. I can just imagine how the room(s) must have looked (the great red sea). Tsunami . . . hmmmmm. Hopefully, with an earlier deadline the scarves get to be used during the mid-winter months.

I have one braided cable scarf ready and waiting to go for this project. I saw on Norma’s blog that they are asking everyone to register - where’s the link to register?

It’s probably obvious somewhere but I’m missing it.


Thank you so much! I really like that pattern. I am going to a Stitch n’ Pitch baseball game in August and have been looking for a project to take with me. I don’t want to take anything too large or complicated. I think this will be perfect!

Please count me in for a scarf. I had to laugh when I read on the website that they request you send no more than 5 scarves – aren’t knitters great?

Since this is my first post in the Charity Knitting forum, I want to say ‘hello’ to everyone. I have been viewing KH for the past two years. I finally decided to join when I saw the Charity Knitting forum. I’m so happy and excited about this forum!

Cool! :thumbsup:

Hold onto those scarves. I’m SURE we’ll find a place to use them!

Woo Hoo! :happydance:

I haven’t seen one yet. Maybe it was just a thought, and they decided against it. Time will tell.

How neat! Thanks so much for joining!! It warms my heart to know that the charity knitting section caused you to join. I asked Amy if we could possibly have a section for charity knitting, and she agreed right away! I was so glad, because it was getting hard to find our charity knit-alongs in the middle of all the other messages. Now, we have a place all our own. Welcome to the forum, AND to our charity knitting section. :hug:

Shandeh - Knitting just a few things now? My Lord! Now that’s a WIP list!

:teehee: I’m actually working on more than that!
(I have a short attention span…can you tell?)

I think it’s wonderful! You have plenty of projects to choose from and never have to work on something that you don’t feel like doing!

I have to keep at least 2 going so I can take a break if needed. I can’t wait to add this lapghan to by WIP list!

Do I understand correctly that the scarf doesn’t have to be red?

That is correct. You can make it any color you want, but [U]don’t[/U] use a gender-specific color like pink.

The scarves are for guys and girls, and need to work either way to make things easier for those distributing the scarves to the orphans.

Ok you have twisted my arm:lol:. I keep reading this thread and now I am comitting to making a scarf or two or three! Off to dig through my stash and find a non gneder specific yarn. I think I have a nice navy blue in there somewhere:thinking:.

I think our offerings should get plenty of use…I believe they are being sent out as Valentine’s care packages…Lot’s of nippy weather left to go around in February! :wink:

I’m really happy to be a part of this!! I chose the 4x4 woven by Sarah White as my base pattern (Pic to come…It’s only 2 1/2 feet long so far)

My son is including a gift card with my scarf and (thanks for the idea, Shandeh), postage to help defray the cost of shipping.

I feel all warm and fuzzy :hug:and it’s got nothing to do with it being 85 degrees here in NY today! LOL


Ooh, I’d like to do one!

Is everyone finished with their scarf? That September 1st deadline is fast approaching!

I actually cast on my scarf yesterday, so I hope I’m not too late! :help:

(BAD Shandeh! BAD Shandeh!)

I’m using one of my stashed FOs so I’m ready! You can do it Shandeh!

Uh-oh! I thought the deadline (to be received) was Oct. 15th. I have started my scarf but I’ve had to take a rest because my hands/wrists are really hurting. I had 3 projects going at once and I really over-did it trying to finish. Now I’m behind on all 3 projects since I haven’t been able to knit in several days.

Do any of you know of a quick cure? Or is no-knitting the only thing that helps? I’ve tried heat, cold, and different ointments but only get temporary relief.