Red Heart super saver "sucks"

…but at least it’s centre-pull. My Lily sugar n cream. Bernat value etc ad nauseam…not centre-pull!

I nearly bought some today because it was on sale, but then I didn’t because I wasn’t in my state and didn’t want to pay sales tax (or deal with the whole “I’m exempt” thing and have to show them my ID).

I’m looking for something machine washable so I can knit my brothers baby a hat/cardi/blanket.

I’m looking for something machine washable so I can knit my brothers baby a hat/cardi/blanket.

I cant belive im saying this…but here goes…

I bought some “Vanna’s Choice” yarn at Wallyworld for a hat. This was going to be a work hat for my 6yo son who is growing so much he might get a week outta it…(ok thats an exageration but you get the picture)so I needed some crappy, cheap yarn…LOL(sorry Vanna) And I didnt want to knit with the sandpaper(red heart super saver)After I got done knitting the hat, I HATED the way it felt. But I thought I got it done already, what the hay? So I threw it in the washer and dryer and it came out SOOOO SOFT!!! I am going to buy more if the need arises.
Im done now…:thumbsup:


SOOOOOO good to know!!!

I feel like a snob because I’ve never ‘really’ used acrylic - I do hear the squeaking on my needles, but more-so on my fingers when I rub them together!!!

Anyway, I’m so glad to know that the feel before washing is different… I was beginning to think I would have to send someone else to buy yarn for me and just use what I got :oD

I’m knitting toddler sweaters for my nephews. I usually avoid acrylic, too. But like you, I wanted something washable.
I’m using Lion CottonEase. It is 50%acrylic/50% cotton. It isn’t bad to work with. Handles like cotton with some give from the acrylic. Good stitch definition. On US#8 needles I’m getting 22st=4".

Super saver may feel very rough in the skein, but it softens up quite a lot when washed. They put something on it that comes off in the wash. But VC, cottonease aa well as Carons simply soft and Hobby Lobby’s I love This Yarn are very nice too.

I knitted so many Ripple Afghans with Red Heart (some Super Saver) and after washing they were very soft. Using a 10 1/2 needle made knitting with it easier. Haven’t tried any Vanna yarn yet but glad to know it is soft after washing. Love the fact that you can throw it in the washer and dryer.

Yep, using a larger needle, like 10 or 10½ will make any yarn feel softer. When they’re knit with a dense gauge, even soft yarns can feel stiff and rough.

Personally I find that even after it’s washed it’s still not as soft as some other acrylics. I also find that it sandpapers my fingers as it slides through them and I can’t knit with it for very long. There are just too many other inexpensive and better acrylics to use.

A few of my favorites for 100% acrylic
James C. Brett Marble
Caron Simply Soft
Red Heart Soft

I like Vanna White yarn, it’s nice to knit with.

But back to my original beef. I HATE yarn that is not centre-pull and I don’t have the time nor the energy to re-ball all my yarn. :eek:

It’s a fact of knitting life so get used to it. :teehee: I don’t mind winding my own center pull balls. I sit in front of the TV and do it and the time it takes makes the end result so much more pleasant to knit with. :thumbsup:

I like Vanna’s Choice myself. Red Heart is really rough on the hands, I just don’t like the feel of it at all. It really does go all soft and snuggly after you wash it.

my first and only experience with Vannas was to crochet a little Hippo out of the Vanna’s Choice Amigurumi book. Never doing that again. I am not a crocheter (yet) I know the basics and can get through simple projects, but the plys in that yarn kept annoying the crap out of me! It didn’t inspire me to want to knit with it!

I guess it all just depends on how much you want to spend. I really like Encore Worsted, which is 75% acrylic and 25% wool, machine washable. Patons Decor is the same mix and washable. I have made baby things as well as socks, sweaters, hats, etc. from them. Made a baby afghan from Encore in rainbow color. Of course to make a very large object like an afghan it becomes costly. I just made one from Red Heart Super Saver and it seems softer than it used to be. I made several rugs from it that have worn very well. It doesn’t pill much. So for a smaller item the Encore or Decor is great but if you’re on a budget for larger things Red Heart is better than I thought it was. Haven’t tried Simply Soft.

Hi! :waving:

I’ve made many afghans for family and friends out of Caron’s Simply Soft and they have been very well received and much loved! :thumbsup:

You know a yarn’s soft when people start petting it! In fact, my DIL grabbed up the one I did for her and my step-son and wore it like a shawl the rest of the evening! I still don’t know if Barry has ever really gotten to use it since it’s become almost sole property of his wife and daughter!

But the point is, it’s incredibly soft and squishy and folks seem to love it!

Hope this helps!

Ruthhie :hug:

Did you use two strands or one? What pattern did you use? I love the feel of it…but, I thought it would be too thin for an afghan…so, I never tried it.:think:

I have an afghan I got at the thrift store that’s made with SS and in a lacey pattern. I think it was knit on 8s and it’s nice and snuggly.

Single strand?:think:

I thought of another yarn you might like for children’s clothing. Kraemer yarns Tatamy Tweed or Little Lehigh. I made a child’s pinafore out of the Little Lehigh in lavender and a summer sweater for myself. Also made a little boy’s sweater in teal Tatamy Tweed. Both yarns are basically the same, a dk wt. cotton/acrylic machine washable. They have them in worsted weight too. Reasonable price too - I think a 100g ball of dk was about $6.:knitting:

I have Tatamy Tweed on my list to get! It’s so pretty and I love tweed!
Worsted -