Rapid decreasing of sleeve


I’m knitting a top-down sweater. The pattern calls for me to do a dec rnd (k1, k2tog, knit to last three stitches, ssk, k1) at 1 inch from underarm and then every 6th row for 6 times. Then no more decreases, just knitting until ready to start ribbed cuff. This makes for a fitted sleeve. But I want to keep the sleeve loose and then do rapid decreases (from 36 to 24 stitches) just before the cuff to give a more blousy look (and also because the sweater is somewhat loose around the body). Does anyone have any recommendations as to best way to do this so it looks cleanest? (E.g., decrease 4 stitches in each of the last 3 rounds before the cuff? Decrease 6 each in 2 rounds before cuff, etc). And would you keep all the decreases along the line from middle of underarm? Or space them evenly around? I’ve tried a couple of variations but so far the decreases all look pretty noticeable to me. It’s bulky yarn which doesn’t help. I’m getting really tired of frogging so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! :grin:

If you want to decrease rapidly (rather than taper the sleeve), you’ll have to decrease around the sleeves rather than along the sleeve midline. I’ve worked these kinds of decreases on the row before a ribbed cuff and then on the first row of ribbing. Sometimes purling 2 tog disguises the decrease.
If you don’t have a ribbed cuff but are binding off perhaps you could decrease as you work the bind off?
You’re right that the decreases are going to be a bit more noticeable with bulky yarn.

Thanks! The cuffs are ribbed so I’ll try your suggestion and do the decreases on the round just before the ribbing and the 1st rnd of ribbing. :crossed_fingers: