Random Thought Blog

I had fun reading some of the recent blogs and was inspired to start one too! (I’m such a copycat! :aww: )

I’m going to try to post at least one random thought everyday and see how that goes. :wink: With any luck, maybe one or two of them will even be knitting related. :slight_smile:

I ordered our Christmas cards last night – the earliest ever! – and they will be ready for pickup from Costco today. I probably won’t pick them up until Friday, though. Now I just need a good picture of the kids to include, since I had many disappointed people last year when I didn’t include one! (Because I thought the photo in the card was a good photo – it was about 3x5 and was a good shot of their faces! I guess some people don’t want to cut up their Christmas cards. :shrug: )

Welcome to blogland! :teehee:

That’s silly, I’ve never minded the ones on the card!

I guess I had been spoiling everybody by having one cute photo on the card – one where you couldn’t really see what the kids looked like, but was a cute photo – and then including a separate “real” photo – one where you could see what the kids look like.

Last year, I thought the picture on the card was suitable for cutting out and displaying wherever people normally display the pictures, but I guess people didn’t want to cut up the cards! I’m going to have to make sure to put an extra photo in this year. :wink:

If I’m going to start a blog, it would be nice if I didn’t forget I started it! :rofl:

Home today. Gonna do laundry, take a nap, and wrap birthday presents for a party tomorrow.

I ordered some needle tips and a ball winder from KnitPicks earlier this week and they have been in Michigan since Tuesday.

Estimated delivery is next Monday. :shock:

I was still disappointed when I came home and there wasn’t a box on the porch. :doh:

Don’t you love online tracking? :lol: Also, cheap free shipping that carriers make low priority? :eyes:

Had bloodwork this morning – a one hour glucose test which is drink this bottle, wait here for an hour, then we’ll draw your blood for testing.

I took the blanket that I have been crocheting for the last 8 years or so. :blush: Unfortunately, it generated a lot of comments in the waiting room (nice comments), and I feel bad for not wanting to talk, but I did try to respond and be friendly, just not too friendly.

Which means I spent a lot of time talking when I just wanted to be left alone. :neutral:

(Honestly, I have the worst problems, don’t I? :wink: Aren’t you glad I share? :roflhard: )

On the other hand, I can never get enough compliments and I got lots of those today too. :wink:

I hope your test comes out okay!

I had my knitting with me when I was the doctor last week. I was making a little sock for the charity KAL. Fortunately there were only a few people in the office, but they all commented. One woman said “That’s a dying art.” I kindly informed her that there were actually a lot of knitters around still. Others just asked what I was doing, etc.

I guess if you really want to be left alone best thing is to just bring something to read. :shrug:

Hi, Katie! :waving: I hate having bloodwork done and the glucose test is such a pain–not a physical pain–just bothersome–all the waiting and why can’t they make that bottle stuff actually taste good? Hope the test turns out well.

Welcome to KH Blogland!:hug:

DH came with me and I wanted to be able to talk to him, which is why I chose to bring my yarn instead of just a book. :slight_smile:

I’m naturally anti-social. I don’t mind when people talk to me and I figure it is a good exercise to be friendly back; but my initial reaction is always that I don’t want to be bothered. :blush:

Since DH was with me, I chose to bring the big basket with the blanket I was crocheting instead of the little bag with a square and a sock that I’m knitting. (I had the bag in the car in case the waiting room was crowded, but it wasn’t.) Then, when they called me, I could leave it all in the waiting room with DH and not have to drag it all over the office. :thumbsup:

Of course, when he runs out to the car for a moment to plug his phone into the charger, I get called to have my blood drawn. :shock: I shoved my work into my basket, set it in the corner with my handbag, covered it with my coat, and left it all in the waiting room with my new friends :wink: thinking that DH would be back at any second.

He returned after I came back, while I was folding up the blanket and putting it back in the basket neatly. I teased him about not being around for the five minutes that I needed him, although he did move the chair to retrieve my hook that rolled behind it onto the floor. :rofl:

I haven’t heard anything about the glucose test, so that’s probably a good thing. :slight_smile: This is my third pregnancy and I didn’t get gestational diabetes with either of the other two, but each one is different and I can’t help but worry just a little bit. :oo:

My needles came on Saturday – we were gone all day, but they were waiting for me when I came home. (I watched the tracker off and on on Friday and was tempted to go to the post office to see if I could get them directly, but it really wasn’t so important that I needed to ask the postal workers to do the extra work. Tempting, but not necessary. :teehee:)

I tried them out yesterday – it might be my imagination, but they seem to glide so much better with the acrylic yarn than the wood ones did! Until now, with this same yarn I was knitting squares fine with size 8; it was going up to size 10 for a baby afghan when I started to have tension issues. :shrug:

Now I want to get the full Options set. :inlove:

I still prefer my pretty wood needles, but not when I’m having trouble pulling them through the loops of my yarn. :pout: It would be nice to have the choice to use something slicker when I’m having trouble. :knitting:

I LOVE my Options! I’ve now got about two sets of most of the needles, a lot of 24 and 32 in cables, some 16 in ones for hats and some tiny classic ones for socks. :lol: I use them for everything now except when I need DPNs. I use my old bamboo ones for that. :wink:

I’m the same way. I keep to myself, and work on my knitting wherever I go. People have to [U]really[/U] want to talk to me to get a reaction. I’m friendly back to them, but I don’t speak first.

Various needles and yarns work SO differently together. I usually avoid wooden needles, because my tension is too tight to enjoy them. It KILLS my wrist to use them. But, if I’m using a [U]slick[/U] yarn, I have to use wood, so the stitches don’t slip off the needles. Sometimes, I change needles 4 times when starting a project, before I’m happy with the yarn/needle combination. That’s why I have so many knitting needles.

Oh my goodness! What a lot of needles! :shock: I’ll bet you use them all too! :thumbsup: Aren’t those fat ones hard to hold on to? They seem like they would be.

It is very interesting to me how much variety there is in knitting – the yarns, the needle types, and how they all interact together. And how each knitter has their own unique style, even when they learn the basics in the same way. :knitting:

I have so much to learn and experience! :yay:

This is promising to be a difficult week. Nothing bad or terrible, just difficult because I seem to be at an emotional part of my pregnancy and I’m moody moody moody.

This morning I started crying in the car because I didn’t have the Ident-A-Kid paperwork filled out for my kids today.


As I was leaving, I found the forms by the computer when I logged in the kids and I took them out to the car to fill them out and write out the check, crying the whole time because it wasn’t ready and because I didn’t know if DS would be back from Kindergarten in time to get his done.

Never mind that I was able to get the forms, fill them out, and turn them in before I left. :wink:

On top of that, the center director arrived before I left and I was able to talk to her myself – she assured me that she would make sure that DS was included.

How simple was that? Still, I cried some more as I was driving away. :pout:


I’ve been like this all weekend. It’s hard for me to believe that some people LOVE to be pregnant! :noway: :roflhard: I hope this “phase” doesn’t last long! :???:

Gosh, I’ve been there with the emotions during pregnancy. It makes life unbearable sometimes! :pout: Just do the best you can, and forgive yourself for being human. :hug:

Yes, the thick needles are a PAIN to knit with. But, I didn’t know that until I tried using them. Each part of knitting is a learning experience. I’m sure there are people that LOVE the thick needles, but I’m not one of them. I keep them “just in case”, because you never know what you might need for a knitting project.

When I was pregnant, commercials used to make me cry. Random commercials for cars or restaurants :shrug: I guess it happens to everyone!

My philosophy is that, while pregnant, women are allowed to do/say/think/feel/eat whatever they want without feeling guilty :thumbsup:

Oh yeah, any woman who has been pregnant knows what you’re going through. Hildie and Sandy are right. Just know that it’s part of the package.

BTW…I am one of those people who loved being pregnant and had few problems, but I still had days when everything went wrong and I cried at commercials, etc. :hug:

Thanks everyone! I know it’s silly to get upset over it, but there ya go! :lol:

My biggest issue with being pregnant is all the attention! It’s just impossible to avoid it when your belly sticks out. :oops: That, and I keep bumping into things because I forget that I’m not as flat as I used to be. :rofl:

I don’t mind being pregnant, but I’m always glad when it’s over!

Especially the absent-minded, distracted part. I keep forgetting to do the Thank you cards for DD’s birthday (it was almost three weeks ago) and I’m almost ready to send my Christmas cards. (At this rate I’ll end up mailing them together.)

I’m trying to find a nice photo of the kids to include with the cards and I took one when we went to the Christmas store last weekend. (Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland, in Frankemuth. If we hadn’t been so busy that day – meeting my out-of-state aunts, etc, I would have stopped at the yarn store! I honestly forgot until just now that there is one there – and I’m looking for yarn, too. Oops. :))

Back on topic – the kids were being so cute this morning that I took a couple of pictures and now I think I have a couple to choose from. Yay! :yay: (I need to look at them on the computer – you know, sometimes you think you have a good one on the little bitty screen, and then you don’t. :wink: )

I’ll have to post them when I get them downloaded.

The new photos were kind of blurry (I think my lens needs a cleaning) – so I ended up going with the photo that I took at the Christmas store:

The card looks like this:

Maybe I should have waited before having the cards printed, since those photos turned out so much nicer, but it seems to me that people keep out the photo and not the card, so it’s probably better that way.

I finally got a chance to go to my LYS (which isn’t so much local as it is close to one of my favorite restaurants) on Saturday and bought some yarn for DS’s scarf. It’s in a hank, so yesterday I spent a few minutes practicing rerolling an old yarn ball with my brand-new ball winder. (They offered at the LYS, but everyone was waiting for me in the car and between that and my new toy, I declined.) It was a lot easier than I expected – 2 year old DD took a few turns – and now I just have to figure out how to hold my hank to wind it.

DS said this morning he wanted to wear a blue scarf and I had to explain to him that I didn’t make it yet and to not expect it until after Christmas. :knitting: :rofl:

This morning was my monthly doctor’s appointment and all is well. :slight_smile: We finally got to see the doctor I’ve been wanting to talk to – he delivered DD and I had some complications then and I was wondering if they would be a concern this time; I figured it would be better to talk to him, knowing he would remember me, than one of the others, who would have to consult my record.

He did remember me :blush: and everything is going to be fine. It was all very reassuring, especially since DH managed to remember all of the questions that I keep forgetting to write down. :doh:

My delivery date is set for February 4. I’ve picked my doctor (of the three in the office) to be the same one that delivered my last one. (The doctor who delivered my first has left – I’m not sure where she went.)

I’ve been wanting to inventory my yarn and I finally had a chance last night. I took pictures and put it on Ravelry, but I don’t think Ravelry will do for me quite what I want. I’m not sure yet. I do like being able to look and see my colors and quantities.

Here is the box I want to keep all of my yarn crafts in:

It’s a hostess gift from Tupperware that I got about 13 years ago when I first married.

It has a nice removable tray; my plan is to have yarn on the bottom and tools on the top:

I’m not quite there yet. I took everything out to photograph and when I put it all back in, I tried to squash the skiens together so they took up less room – the 2009 Stash threadreminded me that it is okay to squish yarn. So the top tray is now minus the grey yarn. The cotton ombre and the leftover yellow and pink yarns are still stored there. But I can now fit my Knitpicks needle pouch in there too, which is a bonus. :thumbsup:

Very little of my “new” yarn is in there – just the yellow and pink Cascade 220 Superwash wool – it’s mostly the Red Heart stuff I used back when I thought I wanted to crochet afghans and some cotton from the later dishcloth days. :lol:

These are also the yarns that I am having the hardest time deciding what to do with. :shrug:

Fortunately, I have KH as a resource. :knitting:

I’ve signed up for the Acrylic Oddball Pet Snugglesand I’m thinking about signing up for the Seamless Blanket KAL, if I can manage to coordinate some of my RHSS yarns together. I’d like to try it – the blankets I’ve seen in that thread so far are inspiring – but I’m worried about taking on another project. The colors people are using sometimes do not seem to coordinate, but the end result is always nice!