Question regarding Judy's Magic Cast-On :(

trying to learn Judy’s Magic Cast-On. the pattern I followed is pretty simple and I don’t think the problem comes from misreading the pattern. It is BOHO BAG by Pink Pumpkin Studio. And it is a free pattern available on LoveCrafts.
Looking at the wrong side of the project, and I definitely did something wrong.

Every time I start a new row, the yarn is always at the wrong needle. It is frustrating and I would like to know what I did wrong. Also would love to know how to avoid this kind of mistake in the future.
Thank you so much.
it seems to me that I also have “ladder” problems on the edges, but my biggest question is the horizontal long line coming out of nowhere. I really want to know what the problem is. Knitting is fun but always so hard.

The cast on looks good. It doesn’t look like anything consistently wrong, maybe a random twisted stitch. A little unevenness will probably block out. (Love the beads.)

Ladders are a problem with tension. This article sums up some problems and has a helpful video.

It may be that your knitting is inside out and needs to be flipped so the yarn strand is coming from the back needle.


What a nice idea!

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@salmonmac is correct. You flip/turn your work and then, unlike magic loop where you use the back needle to work the stitches, with this cast on you use the front needle. This is an excellent video:

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This is really helpful! This is my first time knitting with beads and they do look really pretty.
The horizontal line may be caused by the inside-out issue. I decide to redo the work and see whether I run into similar problems again.

Thanks for the video. I will redo this project and see where that leads me.