Posts about knitting related business and websites

I know there are worthy knitting-related businesses that many of us would love to hear about and check out. I invite small businesses who want to tell others about their websites to do so on this thread where I hope your business will be well received by others!

Let’s keep our comments useful to visitors of these places. Suggestions to business owners can be emailed to them. Back and forth discussions should be on a new thread. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Best wishes to all you budding business-people in the knitting world! I hope we’ll all support friendly small businesses as we can, because it improves the quality of life for everyone! :heart:


If you have an actual address/location in the real world, please post your location, so we can come visit!




I started my on-line business as a labor of love for a few reasons. I like knitting with certain colors of needles. I hate throwing things away. I feel sad when things lose their mates. I’m a big dumpster diver.

So I started taraknit.

I’m thinking of getting rid of shipping and handling charges, and just adding more to the price of the needles. BUT this will entail some work on the database end (read: my son!) because a size 50 wooden straight needle costs more to ship than a set of four or five size Zero dpns.

I’m also thinking of selling brand new needles - but the only ones I’m thinking of having are Swallow casein, because they’re the only biodegradable needles out there (that I know of). Unfortunately they don’t have circs :frowning:

I’m totally open to suggestions/comments/criticisms etc! And I love Amy’s suggestion of making stitch markers (I do beading too)! Given that we’re in the midst of packing up, the 'growth" aspect probably won’t occur until early next month.

And thanks to you out their who have contacted me already and ordered some things!

:cheering: :smiley: :smiley:

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I just placed an order from Carol, and I just want to chime in that I am VERY pleased. I got 10 sets of alluminum DPN’s (40 needles total, to be clear), at only $2.32 per set of 4! I asked her if she had some accessories I needed and I got a new knitting gauge and several stitch holders for $2 total!

Carol, great ideas, I’ll email you my thoughts. :thumbsup:

Hi everyone, My name is Sylvia and I am the owner of

We are an online retailer of quality yarns at discounted prices. Our discounts run from 25-50% off name brand yarns. We purchase discontinued colors and discontinued yarns and offer them at terrific savings.

We are currently celebrating our first year in business (yippee!!) and are offering a 10% discount on ALL items on our site, including yarns, books, patterns and Addi needles, for the month of July. At the time of check-out please use the code: kw1year to receive your discount.

I hope you’ll pop by for a visit!

Keep Knitting,

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25-50% off?!

Amy runs out of the room

…Oooh, nice yarns, yummy yarns. :drool: must. get. pretty. yarns.

Check out the bargain section, folks, those are serious discounts. :shock:

[size=2]Wow, I’m likin’ this thread. Cool places!![/size]

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:
Need more posts… need more shops… I have MONEY TO BURN!! :slight_smile:

(Um… Don’t tell DH that I said that. ahem I MEAN, yeah… I could maybe buy something if I really really need it.)

We have just introduced our own label yarn called “Nordic Wave”. This yarn is 100% superwash wool and is available in 17 solid colors. Each ball is 50 grams, 100m (109 yds).

Price per ball is: USD$2.97 / CAD$ 3.56.

“Nordic Wave” can be seen in our Wool Section.

This is a teaser, really. In a couple of weeks I’ll be selling needle cases that I’m making. I’ve just finished the first one today.

I hope to have them in the $20-$50 range, so that they’ll be affordable for everyone. Portions of sales will go to my knitting groups meager yarn stash, we’re knitting chemo caps and helmet liners for troops.

I have a video clip of the first finished case, if you’d like to see it PM me.

I would love some PM’s regarding what folks really like in a needle case.

Thanks, Amy for this space.


hello everyone - just a few things - my site will be expanding in the next month or so. I’ll be adding stitch markers and, get this - DENISE INTERCHANGEABLES - and some other goodies as well!!!

There’s no shipping charges now as I have wrapped that into the cost of the needles (in other words, the needles cost just a few cents more to cover the cost of shipping).

Always available to take in lonely singleton needles, and ANY kind of donation! Also will buy or swap used needles! :slight_smile:

Thanks for looking!


[size=6]DENISE INTERCHANGEABLES[/size] now available at

:heart: :cheering: :heart:

$47.95 a set - free shipping!

yep, I know my website isn’t updated yet to reflect this - but wanted you all to know first!

Hello, my name is Stephanie, and I’m the owner of Katiyana’s Collectibles.

I’ve been knitting since I was 13 and 3 years ago I decided to turn my hobby into something more by making doll clothes. :XX:

I sell in several online venues, including my own website (link below) - and am looking for new innovative techniques to use in my doll sweaters.

ooo Kat i have to share a couple doll boards with you, sweaters start at 25 on our board and they are sold usually in minutes of posting. I looked at yours and you could easy get triple your price in the fashion doll market. double your price and you will sell out with no inventory. Most on our site are plain. We have a girl and her mom from sweden does a couple intarsias and they are much higher and she only ever has maybe 2 or 3 and they are sold so fast no one gets a chance at them.

Oh I’d be very curious to hear about those sites!

My items are custom-made after a sale is made, which makes it a little more stressful to me, but buyers love being able to pick the colors of their purchases, ya know?

And wow - $25? thud I would love it if you’d shoot me a PM with the URL’s to those :cheering:

kat I pm’d you, the one i sent is very large there are others if you want more after going to this one.

kat if this one doesnt come through let me know. I can also take pics of my little sweaters to show you the sizing.

this is one that fits 16 inches and the other same size. I would love to find patterns for something like these

this one is even smaller scaled stitches

Kat I found a uk group with files of patterns I emailed you.

Cool thanks!!

I love making up my own designs for my dolls. I have a simple rope cable twist design that is really popular. 8)

Once you have the basic pattern down for length, width, arms, etc, you can play with the stitches and come up with some great variations!

I’ve got a long list of cable variations & popcorn bobbles I want to try out.