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Hi everyone,
My 2 :heart: businesses are &


My name is Ali, and I’m from Eugene, OR. I spin my own yarn, and I can’t possibly knit everything I spin, so I sell it for what I think are reasonably affordable prices in my online shop:
E-mail me from the link on my page if you would like to be on the mailing list to receive advance notice of new yarns! Thanks!

Come check out the new yarns! Join my mailing list for advance notice of new yarns!

Happy Holidays!

p.s. Any feedback is ALWAYS welcome!

My online business is celebrating its 3rd anniversary this week!!! It’s called Nicole’s Crochet Bistro, and I started it off with just my crochet designs. It’s expanded over this time with free patterns; crochet-alongs; and 2 email groups, one for general crafting chat, the other for a dishcloth-along. Now that I knit, I have a few knitting patterns and such up with more to follow. As part of my anniversary celebrations, I started a dedicated sales division entitled The Purl in the Oyster. It’s still in the beginning stages with the main items for sale being my new custom and personalized stitch markers, as well as my existing patterns.

Thanks Amy for allowing me introduce myself & my online business. is located in Austin, TX and we sell yarn & fiber arts supplies. We are primarily online but occasionally we do have some visitors by appointment.

We carry beautiful hand painted yarn from Cherry Tree Hill, Lorna’s Laces, Schaefer Yarn Co, Dancing Leaf Farm, Margaret Stove & LaLana Wools. As well as high quality yarn from Alpaca Yarn Co, Berroco, Lion Brand, LANG, Wendy/Peter Pan & Karabella. Plus knitting needles, books and patterns and other accessories to inspire you. Please stop by!

Use this Online Coupon for $3 off your first order; please share it with your knitting circle. Coupon Code: knithelp

We look forward to assisting you and hearing about your current project!

Happy Knitting,
Sandra Singh
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Our website,, is now two years old! We handpaint a variety of yarns, including some of the softest wool you’ve ever felt, Galenas Merino. We stock both on our website and on Monday nights at

We do occasionally offer custom handpainting, and if you see a colorway in our store that you love, but there’s not enough for the project you have in mind, please drop us a line (using the contact button on our store). We can most likely accommodate you!

We can also special order yarns for handpainting – just ask!

:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hello everyone!

I am now offering brand new bamboo 7" dpns - US size 0 to 10.5

size 0 to size 6 are $4.00 for a set of five
sizes 7 to 10.5 are $4.50 for a set of five.

Free s/h on orders over $5.00 ($2.00 s/h otherwise)


My new little (and when I say “little” I mean little, lol) store:

Diva Knitting

Look for more yarn and accessories coming soon.

Just got the Denise kits today! Woo hoo! Opal sock yarn and Diakeito yarns on the way. Special coupon for KHers: 10% discount coupon for the first 10 KH customers. Just use the code khmar06 at checkout. Look for new items coming soon!

Hi all,
I love to hand dye yarns, but I can’t knit fast enought, or at least not as fast as I dye, so I have opened an etsy shop to sell my overflow yarn.
Please take a look, I just listed some merino superwash sock yarn in the Project Spectrum April colors!


Hi Everyone-

Thank you, Amy, for the opportunity to introduce myself here!

My store, Knitty Noddy has been open for almost 2 years - and online for 1.5yrs!

I currently carry yarn and patterns by Lana Grossa, Garnstudio, Crystal Palace, Debbie Bliss and Noro. This includes all the Filati and Drops pattern journals/collections!

I carry Bamboo needles by Crystal Palace and Lantern Moon Ebony, Rosewood, Palmwood, and Blonde wood needles (the LM circs will be here in a month :cheering: ), as well as the silk Lantern Moon needle cases and the cutest Bee tape measures!

I have an assortment of knitting books, and also carry Interweave Knits magazine (along with their special Crochet and Knitscene issues).

Not everything I can get is listed in the store, so If there is something in particular you are looking for - send an email! I love helping people with their projects!

Thank you for looking at our store!

:heart:I am Donna Scroggins. I am a speech pathologist in a school, work as a counselor with juvenille delinquents, have three young adult children, three toddler grandsons and three dogs. The only things that keep me sane are my hobbies. I would love to tell you that I am a prolific knitter, but I have MS and have difficulty with the pattern sequencing. To tell the truth, I can’t get past knit, purl, knit, purl, but my mom is an awesome knitter. :thumbsup: She can do sox with the little sticks which brings us to the topic of stitch markers. She pulled out this little chicken charm on a clasp and said “Instead of designing earrings, why don’t you make some of these?” I made four sets that night. I love working with the colors and the beads and coming up with a theme and have recently started designing my own beads with polymer clay. :cheering:

I love your website and think it is wonderful that knitters have a place to come together. My mother is apartment bound and loves your website. She visits frequently and it really helps energize her and I thank you for that because I know she is not the only person that feels that way. I also appreciate the opportunity you are providing me by allowing me to tell others about my business. I am working hard to help it grow in the event that I need to retire early. :inlove:

You can find my Stitch Markers at and also on ebay. My seller ID is dks107. I will be listing some earrings that match them. I am in the process of trying to publish my website to the internet. I haven’t been successful with this yet. I am really excited about having the opportunity to network with other crafters and small business people :smiley: and look forward to getting to know you. Happy Knitting :XX:

Hi Gang,

I am nestling into your group quite cozily and I wanted to give you all a chance to win the gorgeous needles I am giving away for taking the survey on my site,

I really want to cater the site to all of you so it would be a shame if I didn’t get your input on what you want!

Happy Knitting, Ladies! You are all fabulous :slight_smile:

taken :slight_smile:

Now to win thoes needles :wink:

:smiley: I enjoyed your survey :smiley: Now…I want my needles :roflhard: :rofling: :roflhard: Those are pretty needles :thumbsup:

When do we find out who wins???

Just took the survey - thank you - it was fun!
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I’m starting my home business and need help. I hope I’m not getting too in over my head but I am looking for stocking stitch swatches. See the post in Buy/Sell/Swap! :smiley:
PS I’m selling a purse (soon to be purseS) here:

Hello everyone - with much teeth gnashing and sleepless nights attempting to come to a decision, I have finally decided that is no more.

I had SUCH a blast this past year (it’s been a year already, I cannot believe it) with the site, and esp. with ‘meeting’ all the cool people who wrote to comment and order from me.

There are some really good changes in my life right now, and I need to re-focus my energies on these new things (no, I’m NOT pregnant ! LOL)

I’ll be donating some things to charity, so if anyone has a personal relationship with a charity that can use knitting/crocheting needles, let me know. I’ll also be selling some things on ebay, esp the new bamboo dpns I have. I’m greentara33 there.

One upside to putting TaraKnit to bed is that now I’ll have more time to post here!!!

Again much affection to all of you who have been customers and cheerleaders and well sniff I’m gonna miss it. Maybe I’ll reinvigorate the site when I’m retired!

Love to all, Carol

I’m listing tons of yarn for an online stash sale over the next month or so. All of the prices are significantly cheaper than what online stores are charging, even cheaper than their sale prices. I have lots of high quality yarn that I have to clear before my move. Please visit often and E-mail me if you would like to make a best offer/swap.

Thank you!