Portuguese Knitting - in the round? Magic Loop?

Hi, I just taught myself to knit a couple weeks ago, after having tried a couple yrs. ago and giving up. I finally settled into Portuguese knitting…it seemed the only way that ‘clicked’ with me.

So now I’ve hit a snag. :sad: I wanted to knit a scarf in the round and watched the videos on Magic Loop. But when I tried it with Portuguese knitting, it just didn’t work. Maybe I did something wrong. Maybe you just can’t use Magic Loop with Portuguese knitting. (Well, two socks on one long circular works so far, at least the cast on).

So any of you who knit Portuguese style, is there any way to knit in the round or Magic Loop? :??

I did a search and I didnèt find anyone who did portuguese knitting with magic loop ( not to say it doesnèt happen!) I think you may want to try Double points for small round knitting, it may be easier?

Thanks, I appreciate your research…I was afraid the answer would be dpn’s. I much prefer circulars. Maybe I can figure it out on my own!

I tried doing magic loop with english knitting and hated it! i would way rather use Dpns…well i think cause I havent tried them yet! hehe… Have you done magic loop before? People seem to love or hate it…

Yeah, I tried Magic Loop first with Portuguese style and when that didn’t work I tried the English method. I was having a little trouble getting that first stitch tight, but I’m sure that comes with practice. I just don’t like using the English method. So after a couple rnds I frogged it. I haven’t given up yet!

Yeah portuguese knitting is cool…Do you use the pinned method? I am trying to decide if i like continental better than english right now!

No, I didn’t want to pin holes in my clothing so I loop the yarn through a small stitch holder and hook that on the front of my shirt. Works great.

You might send a private message to user “G J”, she knits this way.

I went and found a thread from here at KH about this with some links to useful information. LINK

Thanks Marigold, I found that thread too. That site with the patterns is interesting, but it doesn’t say what needles are used or what methods are used.

I’ve looked at all the youtube videos on Portuguese knitting too. I’m surprised there isn’t more info. I’m wondering now how many more problems I’m going to run into trying to follow patterns. :???:

Have you tried it with 2 circulars? That may work better…

No I haven’t tried two circulars because I don’t have two circulars that are the same size. I have a whole set of 60" long circulars. That’s why I thought the Magic Loop would be great for me.

I read that if you use two circs that are close in size in won’t fudge the gauge… It seems like a really easy way to do small knitting without dpns ( buying more stuff)…

That’s interesting. I don’t have very many 24" circulars though. I have one each of US 8, 5, and 4. And zero money right now.

I do have almost an entire set of 16" circulars US 3 - 15. Are they too small for small hats and tubular scarfs?

What do you think I could do in-the-round with what I have?

Well I just watched the video on using two circular needles for small diameter knitting. And she said that you cannot use two different sized needles. One half of the work would be a different gauge because the work doesn’t alternate between the needles as it does when you use dpn’s.

Okay after all this conversation, I again tried Magic Loop with Portuguese style knitting and it worked perfectly! :happydance:

I have no idea what I was doing last time. I guess sometimes you just need to put it down and take a break, then try again. :aww: Before when I tried to pull that first stitch tight, it pulled tight all the way to my neck! And then I couldn’t see what I was doing. :roflhard: Anyway it simply works like normal if you just do it right.

I thank you all for your input and suggestions, I actually learned a lot.

Now back to my tubular scarf! :woot:

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The 16" circs would be fine for hats and tubular scarves, also for sleeves of adult sweaters (except at the lower arm/wrist area).

In Portuguese Knitting the purl stitch is the easiest and most used. Circular Knitting is worked inside out, so instead of knitting every round, you purl every row. I hope it may have helped you!:wink: I use the magic loop too, or 2 circulars, but remember, instead of knitting, you purl!

Thank you Tia, for bringing this to my attention, and to Merigold for the thread link. I’m simply captivated by Portugese knitting.:inlove:

I’ve spent the past hour learning this style knitting and it’s been much, much faster for me.

I just had to thank you ladies! :muah:

Back to my practicing my new knitting skill!:woohoo:

I’m reviving the topic just because, well, I’m new and since I discovered a 7 years old topic I guess someone else might! I was having trouble with Magic Loop Portuguese-style, so read this thread, which has helped a lot. Just wanted to add that you can indeed use Magic Loop Portuguese style, with minor adjustments. It’s true that the purl stitch is the easiest in Portuguese knitting, but you can easily knit or purl. I got muddled trying to learn from Continental or English tutorials on YouTube with the fact that you have to bring the yarn forward, not back, before it goes over the front needle as you begin the next round. And you have to be careful not to leave too long a ‘bridge’ stitch. But now it’s easy, as I’m sure, in 7 years (!!) everyone has long since worked out. I do think Portuguese knitting is under-used - it is so, so wonderful. And on the topic of the pins, you don’t have to wreck your clothes, you can use one that has a magnet - I’ve adapted sunglasses holders that I buy really cheaply on line - just add a small hook to the ring, instead of your sunglasses. Voila!! (Or whatever that word is in Portuguese!) Hope I am not being irritating in continuing this old conversation - it’s helped new me so much.


Hello. Sorry for re-reviving the topic. I started to learn to knit a short time ago, and I also prefer portuguese knitting. As the original post said, I also am having trouble knitting using the magic loop in the portuguese knitting style. This is probably because I am still very new to knitting, but I couldn’t figure out from the replies what specifically I might be doing wrong. If you could give me some simple instructions as to what I have to do to use the magic loop in portuguese knitting, I would be very thankfull! I know the very basics of Portuguese knitting (knit and purl), and have seen tutorials on magic loop, but it all seems to end up wrong when I try to do it in portuguese knitting. Thank you very much for reading!