Please help ( Pattern is coming out wonky)



I’m not a regular knitter but I have a question/ problem. I worked on a knitted keyhole scarf and it kept coming out where one end is smaller than the other. Never changed needles and followed the directions to no avail. Ripped it out about 20+ times ( no joke) and same thing kept happening. I gave up and I finally finished it after a year but ended up with the same problem. Please advise. I did go to local knitting and craft stores and no one could explain it. Here is the picture to show what I’m talking about.

— hopefully u can view the picture.


What pattern are you following? Just a name and link please.


Thanks for your quick reply. The pattern is called “Bow Tie Necklet” by Julie Hines. I even tried contacting Ms Hines to no avail.

Thanks again. Amy


Is it this one?

Since it’s a paid pattern this is going to be tricky. You can’t post the entire pattern, and it’s hard to tell what part you should post, since you don’t know quite where the problem is . . . .

I can see where a lot of people have successfully used the pattern, so there has to be an answer . . . .


There are similar free patterns available; one (on Ravelry) is posted at and the designer provides some pictures of some of the steps. Perhaps if you compared your directions with hers and looked at the photos you can figure out what has gone awry. Good luck!


Thank you. It’s the same pattern different name. Same thing happens. One side is always comes out bigger. Even your picture shows one end is bigger. I’ll play with it some more.



You’re right, it does look bigger, but it wasn’t enough that I noticed it 'til you called it to my attention. It doesn’t make sense, since it’s the same number of stitches and directions refer you back to the original part to work “as before.” I wish
I had time to try this right now, but have too many things going already that are on deadline. I’m going to give one a try when I get a chance, though, and will let you know what happens.



Dear Ms Betty:

I realize how busy u are… I just appreciate your efforts. Thanks for the offer to try it at some point.

That’s what frustrated me that I did what the instructions stated. I even tried measuring by putting the first end on top of the next side. To no avail. I will eventually try and make another but not for a little while. Way to frustrating. Ripping one out 20+ times in over a year needs to put the pattern up.

Have a good evening. Thank u again.

Amy K.


I took a look at the free pattern and the picture of the scarf at the end looked like one end was smaller!! Maybe that’s just the way the pattern is supposed to work out???

Just a suggestion!


Thank u for trying.


That’s really perseverance, Amy! I don’t like to get outsmarted by a pattern, but don’t know that I’d manage 20+ attempts. Then again, it might bother me enough to do the same, figuring there has to be a reason this keeps happening . . . .

Hope your next project goes much more smoothly.



Does the pattern begin by increasing at one end, knitting along the length to the other end and then decreasing? If so, maybe the difference has something to do with that shaping (a difference between increases and decreases)? You could try adding a few more sts at the smaller end or knitting it with a larger needle to compensate for the smaller size.


I tried so many times because it was a gift I promised my friend. Who has helped me a lot. Otherwise I doubt I would have ripped it out so many times and kept trying.

Thanks again.



Thank u for trying. No increases. I was advised that is the way the pattern is and if u look super close at the picture on end is larger then the other. I also finally found another similar pattern and it has the same thing. If you look up knitted keyhole scarf you’ll see what I mean.


Ouch – that hurts when you have to disappoint someone. Hopefully you’ll either find something else she really wants, or actually beat this pattern into submission one day!



Sorry u misunderstood, but I gave her the last one anyway. She seemed to like it ( she might have been polite) I was happy with it. The only explanation was maybe it was so if someone wanted the normal size under just like a man’s tie but It’s the way it kept turning out.

Thanks again



Well, that’s good. At least she has one. That’s a good explanation, but since they tell you to work as the first, I just can’t figure out why there would be a difference in size. I wonder if it has anything to do with tension once there
is more weight involved in what you’re holding in your hands on the second half??? Still . . . .

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I even wrote to the designer but never heard. It’ll just a mystery. If u ever get around to making one please let me know what happens. :+1::paw_prints:


That’s so frustrating when designers don’t respond. I had one once who promptly replied and promised me she’d find her shawl she had made for a pattern so she could give me the measurements I’d requested. I never heard from her again, and even tried
a gentle “memory jog” after the holidays . . . .

I think this has moved up in my to-make list. I mentioned the style to someone involved with our charity knitting group, and she said small scarves are very good for patients on chemo. Apparently their necks tend to get very chilly. So I may be doing
a sample soon so we can add this to our list of requested items. Only thing is, that means I really need to make that pattern behave properly!


Your so sweet to put so much effort for me. Your comment at the end made me smile. Thank u for that. I hope they sell well for u. Please let me know if u are able to find the flaw and fix it.

Thanks again. Goodnight