Please help ( Pattern is coming out wonky)



Will do. Goodnight.



I wanted to let you know I’m working on the bow tie scarf, using the pattern I had found on Ravelry. I’m still on the first section and have already done some ripping out and re-doing because I didn’t like some things the way the pattern does them.
Every pattern I see seems to just skim over the second portion, so am trying to watch every bit of my detail very carefully to see if I get the same or different sizes in the two halves. I just have this funny feeling that working one half with increases
and the other with decreases may have something to do with the issue. I’m seriously considering making two separate pieces, then grafting them together at the back neck – which means I need to learn grafting in garter stitch; I’ve only done it on stockinette.
But first I’m doing this one in the “original” way so I can see what happens from start to finish.

I’ll let you know what happens.



When doing the Kitchener’s stitch grafting, you are creating a knit row. Garter is just alternating knit and purl rows (the effect of always knitting, even on the wrong side). Just make sure you have two purl rows facing each other before beginning the kitchener’s stitch grafting and you will create the missing knit row between.

EDIT: There is one reason why one would not want to graft together two pieces in this case: When grafting the pieces are connected at a half stitch offset because they were knitted in the opposite directions.


Thanks – sounds easy enough.


Thank u again. I gave it to my friend and just figured one end is just bigger then the other. Please don’t drive yourself frustrated with this. Have a good weekend. :+1::paw_prints:


Oh, you’re so right; I do remember reading that somewhere. Thanks for the memory jog!


I have an answer as to why the second point is smaller.

Cast on
The first point
worked increasing to 22 sts
Point body
working garter st pattern until it measures 5 inches from cast on.

The second point is after working the second loop.
Second loop
Work same as the first.
Second point body:
22 sts worked in garter for [2]* inches.
Point decrease:

Try working for *3 inches before beginning the decreases.

My count of the garter st ridges is eleven on the first point and only seven on the second point in the image that goes with the linked l pattern.
In the image provided by the original poster the “body” of the second point appears even shorter.

(Edited to add the section names in bold.)


I had noticed that; it’s just one more note I have scribbled on that pattern . . . . I don’t believe the person who made the neck scarf originally (and had the problem) used that pattern, though. I think I remember her commenting that the one I found
on Ravelry was much like hers, though. Stay tuned for updates . . . .

Thanks for looking that pattern over so closely; I’m glad it looked as wrong to you for that last measurement as it did to me.



Thank u for the update and taking the time to see what was wrong with the pattern.

Have a good one. :+1::paw_prints:


Grafting in garter stitch is as easy as echoing the front needle pattern on the back needle (instead on reversing the order for the back).
But then again, that may sound like “do the same complex sequence of sts on the back needle as you do on the front.”

So here is Amy’s video on it.


Thanks for that; I suspect I may need it.


I’ve finished the bow tie scarf, and looks to me like both halves match pretty well. I made the neck section an inch longer than the pattern called for; I thought it would be too snug otherwise. I made some other changes, too, mostly just personal preference
in the way I worked it. I’ll be glad to share with anyone interested, but can’t post the entire thing on here since it includes all the instructions from the original pattern. I want to try one of the other patterns, too – think this is going to be good
for our charity knitting group. Some people were interested in the one that looked like it folded at the neck a bit like a collar. That would be extra warm.