Plain ole sock

Using pattern from my Ann Budd sock book…the yarn is Felici - bought it a looonng time ago!

Nothing plain, ole about socks knit with that yarn. I’m thinking they’ll be spectacular.

Like the color! can you please post more pics as you go along? …curious to see how it develops.

Neon lime green–that’s not “plain ole” in any of my books!

Yes, I’d like to see some progress, too. These are going to be a treat to see.

I agree. You can’t possibly have plain ole socks with that yarn. You will be able to walk around at night without a flashlight! lol I love the color!!!

I like strong colours. Lol

I’m strongly drawn to saturated colours - our bedroom is painted a rich deep blue and dh’s office is painted a rich green. it’s this yarb. Greeeeeen veggies.

I will, Woodi. It’s slow going with skinny yarn and a demanding 6 week old. Also, I’m having trouble seeing the stitches even with my glasses on. Been two years since I had my eyesight checked.

Cool way to get your veggies! What size needles are you using? I love day-glo neon socks, I’m planning some psychedelic ones.

Nothin’ plain about such a colorful sock!
Size 1.

I bought a skein of psycho colour sock yarn ages ago…it’s called Footee or something. It’s like hot pink, bright blue…hee hee. Life is too short for boring!

When I use sz. 2 needles I go down to sz 0 for the cuff. But I go toe up not cuff down. Do you go up a size or 2 for the foot?

No but…this is my first skinny yarn sock. I’ve only completed worsted weight socks before.


I was just curious. I wonder how other people do things. Skinny yarn takes some getting used to but now I like working with it.

Noobknitter: you have a six-week old? I’m surprised you can find time for this forum, but am sure the break from caregiving is much needed.

I have a smart phone. When DD is nursing (a lot) I can post, watch YouTube videos etc. :slight_smile:

Eat your green veggies! (Sorry about our scratched plates!)

Plain olde socks in the same way Michelangelo did plain olde finger painting.

Oh, thats pretty!!

Dishwashers tend to scratch plates. Ugh. Barkeepers Friend can probably get rid of it. That stuff is amazing! I use it to remove those same scratches from my porcelain sinks and also use it on pans with stuck on food. We have the non stick type (DH doesn’t like non stick or Teflon ).

Lookin’ good! If you can knit while nursing baby I’d think that’s good for both of you, it relaxes you and a relaxed mom makes for better nursing for baby. Enjoy the combo until she starts grabbing everything. :slight_smile:

Nice color combinations. I’m starting a sock project but I think I’ll be more conservative. For some reason, I don’t want to draw too much attention to my ankles. :noway: