My current project called for this extraordinarily difficult caper, early on.
The act of purling the front AND THEN PURLING THE BACK of a stitch (in order to increase) is so fraught with danger of dropping it, and so bloody hard to do, that I can only wonder if there’s an alternative …?

Words like diabolical and fiendish come to mind, I agree. You could do this increasewhich only requires purling through the back loop (tricky enough). Alternatively, if there are knit rows nearby, can you move the increase to a knit row?

Salmonmac, what about a m1 instead of pfb?

Thanks for the video, slamonmac. I’ve never done pfb and that’s just fine as far as I’m concerned, I’m not sure I’m capable of the knitting gymnastics it requires. If I ever am called up on to do it, I’ll bow out as gracefully as possible, try something else, and if I don’t find a solution I care for, I’ll come pleading for help here. It seems that you managed to do it, Marg1e. Congratulations! You’re a better knitter than I. (I thought I heard bleep in an Aussie accent, that explains it!) :slight_smile:

I thought the video showed a M1 in purl? Depending on where it is and how much it shows, I’d even go for a kfb which I often try to avoid by using M1. Diabolical and fiendish…those are such mild terms. :mrgreen:

Thanks, jpc, that’s a good idea.

Just being conscientious. I’m trying to contribute to a G-rated website.

salmonmac, do you use pfb or sub something else?

Having just returned from visiting my adorable GP, I find a wealth on input - as so often, and, as [I]always[/I], appreciated!
The M1 option: the pattern, in a different part, calls specifically for m1r and m1l; so the designer seems to have had a specific … ahhh … idea in mind with regard to directing the unfortunate knitter to these two differing methods of increasing.
I, being - as we all know - a virtual tyro in terms of so many things about today’s knitting, feel myself impelled to follow the directions with unquestioning obedience. But when it came to the pfb, I gave up.
I did pbfs, instead!

As long as you’re happy with what it looks like go for it. There are no knitting police regardless off what you might have heard. :teehee:

GP? GrandPuppy?

GP? Goofy Publisher?

(I was thinking General Practitioner)

Oh! - another term that’s so deeply ingrained I didn’t realise it isn’t a worldwide one, Jan …
General Practitioner.
One’s local quack.
Or doctor, to be precise.

I’m not sure they exist anymore in this country. I think the only way they get to work nowadays is to specialize in something. Dunno. :shrug:

One’s local quack. – Made me think of a couple of geese I saw on the side of the road the other day, still alive, thankfully. They looked silly with their long necks stretched up and bills pointing skyward. I wondered what they were doing.

My first thought was General Practitioner, but grand puppy was more fun. I don’t have grandchildren yet, just a grandpuppy and a grandkitty. :teehee:

We call GP’s Primary Care physician or PC usually. A PC can be any doc you use as your primary doctor…usually a family physician, internist, or a pediatrician for a child.

Whereas Dowunder ‘PC’ is a fairly loathesome term denoting Politically Correct.
How interesting all these variations are!

PC…Personal Computer…MicroSoft…Detestable…yeah, that works! :stuck_out_tongue:

OMG - you must be a Napple aficionado, GG.
[I]Chacune son goût[/I], is all I can say.

Oh yeah, we use PC for that, too. And watch it GG, I like my PC! :lol: I’m not crazy though, I do have an iPhone and iPad. :teehee: Yes, yes, I am a tech junkie.

I do have an iPod; but even that’s been overtaken by my use of a different little thinggy for listening to audio books - a SansaClip+. It’s neat! - does everything the iPod does except load via iTunes, is smaller, and clips onto anything I’m wearing. Love it!
I bought a Kindle; but it’s now been sitting up there on my techo shelf for about a year without being used. I will take it with me next month when I fly down to Melbourne for a day trip, though - perfect for aircraft use.
I’m far from being a luddite: it’s just that my two networked PCs keep me totally happy, speaking technically. If I was out and about a lot, I might have to re-think that, of course …

I have an iPod, but it’s now so old it won’t stay charged long and it’s been overtaken by the iPhone and iPad. I gave my o,d Kindle to my stepdaughter and bought myself a new Kindle Paperwhite for my birthday in December. I LOVE it!! :inlove: No more dealing with book lights or buttons since its a touch screen. It’s much smaller, too and fits in my purse. :slight_smile:

I don’t care for audio books myself. I prefer to read. If I listen to something it’s usually a podcast.

My husband is the Luddite.:lol: