My laptop runs on penguin power! My current preferred flavor is Mint and it’s named Maya. And, yes, I will pardon your French. :slight_smile: (I had to Google it.) I play Angry Birds on an EVO Android phone. I could live without these things but I sure don’t want to!

Understand the pfb issue. I used the method of pbf (purl back front) for a headband and was happy with the look.

GG, you’re Linux then? - impressive! How did that come about?

Back to the actual thread: grateful to learn that at least someone else (ruvo44) used my fallback method. :slight_smile: Seems to me that whatever is the apparent difference between the ghastly pfb and the slightly less ghastly pbf, it can’t be such as to cause an observer of the person wearing the completed garment to raise an eyebrow, eh …?

GG, you’re Linux then? - impressive! How did that come about?

WARNING: The opinions stated below are mine and mine alone. I don’t mean to come across as telling anyone else that their way of using/having a computer is not right. Just as there is no one right way to knit there is no one right way to use/have a computer. Yes, I am opinionated.

Thanks for asking. It’s simple really. I want - am convinced that I need - a computer. Old computer dies. No $ to buy a new computer. This laptop, famous for BSOD with Windows, is on its way to ecycle. light comes on It can run Linux! DD and mom talk about it and with the purchase of a new power supply and SIL eventually getting around to loading the new OS I have a computer. In the process of doing my damnedest to crash it and never really succeeding I did end up reloading the OS several times, mostly because I could. My previous computer was a different flavor of Linux. Linux isn’t just for geeks, it’s for those who can’t/won’t spend the money to get Macs or to support Bill Gates of Hell’s empire. So far viruses and other crap aren’t a problem for me; with the user base of Linux expanding that could change at any moment. Nothing is virus-proof. My geeky SIL had helped me find an inexpensive machine that was originally loaded with a crapola Linux about 10 or 11 years ago, I got a better version of Linux on it, and I’ve been Linux ever since. That was the machine that this replaced. At this point, even if I could afford something else I would probably stick with Linux. It’s now my comfort zone. The 11-yr. old computer couldn’t have run Windows, without Linux I’d not have had a computer. I refuse to be held hostage to having to spend more and more money just to have something that works and is supported.

OK, you asked. I answered. I hope I’m not being terribly, horribly offensive but I do feel strongly about pricing people out of being able to have a usable computer.

Ouch! That hurt! I tripped and fell off my soapbox. :mrgreen:

Umm…There are many PC’s that aren’t that expensive anymore. Apple on the other hand is still priced quite high though. I find Apples tactics way more annoying than Gates. Love my iPad, but… My Dell PC is close to 8 yrs old and doing fine. Monitor is probably 10yrs old. My virus software handles everything so far and no BSOD problems. Just another opinion. :wink:

Just wasn’t sure how the look would change, I may have to give it a go one saturday afternoon. I tend to use the kfb or pfb for bobbles, and it would be neat to see how many m1s I can string together as well as what the bobble substitute will look like. Provided there is sufficient chocolate and wine to accommodate my eventual fit of pique over the diabolical.
Hence the saturday afternoon timing! :clink:

(1) GG’s tale has me determined to talk to my delightful IT support bloke (when he comes to deliver my new printer) about Linux. I’ve had it in the back of my mind for yonks!
But I feel compelled to say this: Bill Gates “hell’s empire”? If it weren’t for him we’d be in a different place. And it’s those wot followed him that turned things into the chaotic patch-this-then-patch-that mess, not him. I find Apple a far worse corporate stink, meself: having been into Sydney’s main Apple store to try to get my iPod repaired, I realise that there is no such thing as ‘repair’ within that organisation. You hand it over, they hand back a replacement and charge you whatever your object’s battery is worth! - talk about dreadful carbon footprint …!
<Oh, there you are, GG!: looks like we’re next to each other down here on the ground, having lost our footing(s) on our sopaboxes, eh?>

(2) The M1(r or l) has me puzzled: it makes holes, obviously. Is that why pbf or kfb are substituted? In my project, the herringbone pattern’s being continuous means that the m1rs and m1ls at the markers are not neatly lined up underneath each other; and frankly I think they look a bit weird.
Could be me but …

Well, I come into this as a lover of Unix but that’s another story.

Really, the M1L and M1R shouldn’t leave much of a hole. The links to the english videos are below but the continental versions are on the Free Videos tab under Increases.

Maybe the slight hole will disappear with blocking?
I like the KLL and KRL myself for as close as I can get to invisible increases.

Ah, the blocking …
Sighh …
Heaven only knows how I’m going to get this monstrous thing looking OK once it’s finally finished, salmonmac: blocking ain’t my strong suit, and that’s a fact. When you live in a flat with a very large, very thick-furred marmalade mog, who sheds viciously as often as he possibly can, you don’t have a whole lot of options re space for blocking Large Things.
I’m going to have to [I]prepare [/I]for it, and that’s another fact …
Note added! - have just viewed KLL and have never seen this done before. Like so much, alas! It’s what I’m gonna use in future, for sure!
Second note added! - Unix?! Struth!!! You must be a real techo!

I like KLL and KRL increases too. I’m not sure how they work on the purl side. I subbed them for KFB in a bunny pattern and today I was informed that it’s OMG cute and needs to become the Monty Python Killer Rabbit so I guess fangs are in its future. Kids are bad enough and then there are the grands. LOL Just think what I’d have if they were Aussies to boot! :teehee: I understand you’re a strong-minded, independent lot. :thumbsup:

The first time I heard [I]Unix[/I] I thought they’d said [I]eunuchs[/I]. :roflhard: Was I ever glad I didn’t open my big mouth.

Yer an idiot.
True about us but, GG. Aggro, some say …


I like KLL and KRL increases, too, I often just sub KFB for the ease of it though.

Eunuchs. There’s a wake up this am. Thanks again, GG.