Petite Knit Anker's summer shirt

I’m knitting Petite Knit’s Anker Summer shirt. The directions say to K2, yarn over , repeat from * to* til end of round. You start with 92 stitches and the directions say at end of this round you should have 138? It does not give you this count. Is the *k2, yarn over a standard direction or am I missing something that I’m not getting 138 at the end of this round. Thanks in advance for any help.

Can you post the exact wording for the row (not the whole pattern)? Also, how many stitches are you ending up with?

Thank you here is the exact wording for the row:
Round 1: K2, yarn over, repeat fromto end of round—there are now 138 stitches on needles–the round started with stitches and you are supposed to end up with138.

Huh…? Ah, it probably thought the asterisks in the repeat from/to portion were markup symbols saying to italicize everything between the 2 asterisks. I’m going to assume the round was nothing but a bunch of k2, yo, k2, yo, etc. You didn’t say how many stitches you ended up with, just that they didn’t match.
You did say that you start with 92 stitches. But 138 - 92 means you’re adding 46 stitches. Which would come out to 15 “k2, yo” repeats plus an extra k1 at the end since 46 isn’t evenly divisible by 3. To avoid the site marking up your language, could you maybe snap a picture of that line and the couple couple of lines immediately before it (or preface each asterisk with a backslash) and post it in here? (Or just do a screen capture of the those 2 lines and post them if your pattern is soft copy.) (Where in the patter is this? The 92 starting sts aren’t the cast on are they?
And please tell me how many stitches you are currently ending up with at the end of the round. Because if you start with 92 and are supposed to do *k2, yo, repeat from * to end of round, then you should have 137 stitches. So knowing how many stitches you are off might help us figure out what went wrong.

I also noted that this pattern took a while to be translated to English so it’s also possible that something got missed in translation if there’s a huge gap between what you have and what it says you’re supposed to have.

The row is correct as written.
Round 1: * K2, yarn over * , repeat from to end of round—there are now 138 stitches on needles

Remember that a yarn over doesn’t use up a stitch. Just bring the yarn to the front between the needles then over the right hand needle to the back.
You start with 92sts. There are 46 sts added for a total of 138sts.

Thank you

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Sorry, I had a brain fart earlier when doing the math - gah! :grimacing:.

The pattern count is right. For every 2 st, you’re adding a stitch. If you’re supposed to have 138 when done, then 138 ÷ 3 = 46. And 2 x 46 = 92 stitches, which is your starting count.

Did you double/triple check that you have 92 stitches before starting the increase round? If so, you must be either accidentally adding extra yo st in some places, forgetting to do a yo after one or more k2 repeats, dropped stitche(s), or some combination thereof.

Try this… tink back to where you have just the 92 st on you needle. Now place a stitch marker after every 20 st. You’ll have 20 st, sm, 20 st, sm, 20 st, 20 st, sm, 12 st, and then your end of round sm. Again, as a sanity check, verify those counts.

Now start working your inc round. When you reach a st marker, stop and count that you have 30 st between it and the previous sm. When you reach the end of the round, check that you have 18 st following the last sm.

This way if you’re adding or missing stitches, you should be able to easily narrow down where the problem is and fix it.

Btw, you still haven’t said how many stitches you’re ending up with. Only that you aren’t coming out with the 138 the pattern states… :wink:

Thank you so very much—this is most helpful. I was ending up with 122 stitches. You were correct I was not paying attention and probably skipping some of the YO. Again thanks this is very clear and helpful. You are an excellent knitting instructor.
Phyllis Nova.