Pet stories


Would love to hear your stories about your pets
When you are trying to craft away.
We have two dogs. One is a 14 pd rescue. She had
Been abused. Beyond comprehension. Now she has a loving home. When I am knitting, she often jumps up on the sofa to put her chin on my leg to watch. So I have to turn my body sideways to continue knitting. It brings her comfort, so a crooked spine for me worth it. :smile:

I have 3 dogs, a collie and 2 JRTs. The terriers are normally on my lap so knitting can be tricky! I keep them well away from my yarn as well, last time I left them for a couple of minutes to make a cuppa I came back to this:

Oh no!! LOL!! Luckily our dogs ignore the yarn.
The youngest just wants to be close.
I love you were having a cuppa! I am in Canada
And adore the U.K. from afar.
Coronation Street a must watch, and still missing
Downton Abbey.

Two JRT! Plus a Collie…oh you have your hands full
With a lot of fun fur babies.

We have a 2 year old shih tzu…the one who likes to
Be near when I knit. And an old girl 13 1/2 bichon x shih tzu.

I think I will get a cuppa mint tea…very rainy damp day here

Yes, they are a handful! Tandog is the old man (collie), he is now 10 but still thinks he’s about 2, the younger JRT, Fella, is now 2 and fully in ‘bratty teenager’ mode so pushing all the boundaries, sadly the other two are too dopey to tell him off :rolling_eyes: The older JRT, Ozzie, is about 4 1/2 now and came to me second hand from a good friend who couldn’t keep him after he started attacking her cats. He lived with them for years before she decided to use him as a working terrier and it all went a bit pear-shaped after that, I’m not complaining though as I always adored him so instantly took him on.

Tandog, he’s totally inbred (brother/sister mating) so a bit “special needs”

Fella trying to look innocent and failing miserably!

Ozzie :slight_smile:

Would love to see yours?

They are truly beautiful. How wonderful you gave Ozzie a


Aww yours are gorgeous - shi tzus? Ozzie is a little dude! Still working on curbing his enthusiasm for life and then he can go off and be a Pets As Therapy dog as he really just loves everyone. Big man has already passed his assessment so just need £20 then I can send off his paperwork.

Aww! Your doggies are adorable! We have a 4 yr old rescue dog named Mollie who we believe is part dachshund and part… uh maybe papillon. We also have a 3 yr old rescue cat named Bella who is a Ragdoll mix… possibly ragdoll and dilute calico.

Bella and Mollie don’t bother me when I’m knitting, but I had a few previous incidents. My daughter’s cat was here (with daughter) for a few months between apartments. Her cat, Martini, was sitting on the floor near me and I didn’t notice her gnawing on my yarn as I’m knitting…then I noticed the yarn was wet and then I noticed it was chewed through and half down the cats throat! I had to pull several inches out of her. Blech!

One other time our previous dog (who crossed rainbow bridge) was the culprit. I’d left my socks in progress on the couch while we went out to eat. came home to find my sock wet and the DPNs chewed up with sock off the needles. Argh! Fortunately the sock was okay and so was the dog.

The dog with the sweater is the rescue shih tzu. Her name is Willow. She knew her name so we left it.
The other one is shih tzu x bichon and her name
Is Katie.
We used to have a male shih tzu who we painfully
Lost two years ago. He visited the nursing home and was so special.
After a year we decided to get another dog and wanted a boy. But the rescue organization had Willow. She is terrified of stairs…totally physically capable, but something happened in her past and we have to carry her up and down them.
She is terrified of people…mostly men. Loves all dogs so
Nice when meeting someone with a dog she eventually gets used to the person on the other end of the leash.

Do you watch Corrie? We are a few weeks behind here in Canada.

Oh Jan…love those ears! And those eyes. i also love cats…have 3 grandcats.
How wonderful they get along!

Funny stories? Yikes!

How was your movie today?

Should say funny stories!!!

Haha…well maybe not so funny then, but in the retelling… :joy: I love dogs, but cats are probably my favorite because they aren’t quite as needy. I mean we can’t go anywhere without boarding the dog or having someone stay here. With the cat you can leave her overnight and for longer trips I have a neighbor come in to feed her and give her some attention. My daughter and hubby are out of town for the holiday and we are feeding her cat.

We saw Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. It was great! I love the Harry Potter books and movies so this is in the same vein since it was written by J.K.Rowling.

Oh also… yes those ears!!! That’s what got me when we first saw her in the cage at a rescue place (Adopt and Shop). I saw those ears and I was done for. She’s about 15 lbs and adorable. :slight_smile:

I love seeing all you dog and cat photos. Our English springer died several years ago and we are sadly dogless at the moment.

Aww. :cry: We were petless for about 3-4 yrs after our dog and cat passed about a year apart. I just wasn’t ready. You’ll know when it’s time. We actually went to the Adopt and Shop to volunteer and found Mollie instead. I guess we were ready.

I feel your pain. It is heart breaking losing your pet.
It took us a year before we adopted Willow. Our other dog Katie is old so not sure how long we have her for.
At our age we know we will stay with just one dog
When the time comes…hopefully a long time from now.

We have a neighbour who is like a pet nanny. She has no dogs of her own, but missed having one. So she looks after other peoples from time to time when they go away. She gets her dog fix, and earns some money at the same time. We never know what doggie she will be walking, and sometimes several at once.

One of our grandcats will not eat with anyone else. So for the kids to get away, I stayed there for a few days. Unfortunately they live two hours away.

It is great when a movie is as good as you hope.
Fun day for you!

My cats are great, they’re staying with the rest of their litter mates and older brother at my boyfriend’s house until we are out on our own. But anyway my cat (the tortie named winrey) is a terror when it comes to my knitting she always wants to be in my lap but she always wants to eat my knitting unless she’s sleepy and then she just wants to cuddle or she’s just given up on the yarn. My bf’s kitten (little black boy named frisk) won’t stop attacking my hair and yarn or my hand carders when I’m making rologs.

they wanted to nap between my boyfriend’s legs.

Here is the litter a month or so ago

Here they are with their big brother warlock who they are staying with when they were between 3 and 4 weeks old

And here is them with their other big brother houdini around the same time as the last picture

Here is also a much more recent picture of them all together

I love my cats :grin:

Oops reposted them with warlock, not houdini. Here they are with houdini

Funny kitties and too precious for words!

Beautiful puddy tats! I do like cats, but I am allergic and now have 3 cat aggressive dogs so probably not the best idea to get one… :laughing: The house directly opposite me has a cat which likes to sit in the front upstairs window - directly opposite my bedroom window - the dogs go ballistic when s/he’s there, I’m sure the cat is thinking “ner ner you can’t get me :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:”!!! Then there are the 2 tom cats which like to fight in the alley down the side of that house, at 3am… one of these days I WILL let the dogs out! :smiling_imp: The other neighbours are unimpressed as well, we have a village facebook group and you constantly see posts complaining about them.