Pet stories


Oh @shadowfox118!! Those kitties are adorable!! I’d have more than one, but we have a few issues. Mollie would be fine I think, but Bella has feline herpes and calicivirus. (Herpes in cats is a respiratory and eye virus in cats not a STD.) For Bella it’s mostly in her eyes and the disease can flare when the cat is under stress. I don’t want to put stress on her with new pets and I don’t want the virus to spread so we will just have her alone.

Both viruses, especially feline herpes are common in catteries and rescues and often overlooked. They can also get it from the mother cat if she has it, but Bella and her three brothers were originally found in a bag by a dumpster when they were 3-4 days old. Fortunately someone got them to a rescue so she’s been hand fed and cared for at a large rescue. There were at least 40 cats at this place…yikes! Anyway she picked up the virus so we have our one beloved kitty.


S’cuse the goofy face! This is me trying to get some more work done on a Christmas present :rolling_eyes:


It should go quickly with so much help.
Really cute photos!


Thank you, they’re good boys really, although not sure how much ‘help’ they are :laughing:


Oh priceless! Thank you for the awww moment and the laugh!


I’ll second that,grinning from ear to ear LOL