Perfect knitting chair?

Hello all. Well, I’m recovering from my birthday and still amazed by how sweet and supportive everyone is on this forum. :heart: Since I had my massage yesterday and discovered all the stress in my shoulders and upper back, I realized I’m not comfortable when I’m knitting. So, I wondered where other folks knit.

Have you found the perfect knitting chair? :?? I’ve been knitting on my sofa, and it is very uncomfortable. I’m thinking of buying a chair. Any suggestions on type? Rocking chair? I know I need something with a straight back. I thought this would be an interesting discussion.



I found that putting my feet up (and I don’t know why or how!) make it tons more comortable. I got an ottoman (big fluffy oversized one :heart: )

I agree… I have a reclineable couch and putting my feet up and leaning back makes it much easier. For one thing, I’m less squirmy, and the project rests on my chest, taking a lot of the weight off of my needles. It helps to have huge knockers but I suspect normal size mamos will support it as well. :happydance: ~re-edited for humor~ heh…

whoda thunk??? hehehehe…mamos??? gosh I love this place!!!

I like to actually knit in bed with lotsa pillows around me…I guess that would go with the feet up thingy…there might be something there. Rather than a whole new chair, you could try a footstool.

lol I thought I could remove that before anyone saw it… maybe I should put it back so the others don’t scratch their head at your post :lol:

KEEP IT…it made me smile today!!! :heart:

I, too, find that putting my feet up helps - and I normally put pillows under my arms as well…

I currently have two “chairs”…

My king size bed and the sofa. :slight_smile:

I have a huge sectional sofa, and the corner peice is a big, 6’ curved section. That’s my favorite place to knit… all cozied up in the corner with pillows, watching DIY network. :slight_smile:

Our 30+ year old La-z-boy recliner is the most comfortable place I’ve found. :smiley:

Usually I knit in the computer chair. :rofling: It’s not that comfy but I love to multi task and read my e-mail/the news while I knit. As long as it’s something simple I’m working on.(my mindless project). I also love my new couch. But the best spot has to be this big old overstuffed chair we’ve had forever. I recently bought a slip cover and footstool. It is heaven. :inlove:

Besides :XX: in bed, my most favorite place in the whole wide world is… my oversized lazyboy rocker that has heat and massage :drooling: built into it. Once in though, it’s rather hard to have to stop and get up for any reason, like… my knitting :rollseyes:. So I gotta make sure I have everthing I need before I have a seat.

My favorite place is the couch with my feet proped up and a pillow under my elbow.

I knit in a glider rocker chair, sometimes with feet up, in front of the boob watchin movies. But I’ve also been seen knitting on the bus, knitting in class, knitting at stich N bitch, knitting while waiting for the bus, in doctors offices, etc. But nothing is as comfy as my glider.

Now that its nice outside, I like to knit on my patio, but when I knit on my couch, I find that changing positions often helps my back. My feet are flat on the floor, then up on the coffee table, then crossed indian-style, etc.

I don’t think I’ve found my perfect chair, but I do like to have my arms ‘free’ - no pillows or armrests for me. I like to knit on the couch with my supplies next to me, basket o’ yarn on the floor - sometimes my legs are up, sometimes I sit cross-legged. I notice that fellow snb’ers at get togethers put their ball on the table in front of them and some rest their arms and/or project on the table. I tried this when setting up a dpn project and resting the needles seemed to help.

My favorite and most comfortable spot is a large upholstered rocker with a footstool. I have a couple of small pillows, one I put in the small of my back and the other under my left elbow. It tilts back a bit as well and keeps me from bending my neck at an awkward angle to look down. My back rarely bothers me no matter where I knit but my neck can get mighty creaky.

OH! That’s RIGHT! I also have one of those tubular “squish” pillows (its supposed to be a “neck roll”) that, when Howie is not curled up on it, I use for the small of my back.

In the winter months i knit on my couch where i have lots of room to spread my arms out. In the summer i take my knitting outside to my big swing. The swing has nice cushions plus a canopy top. I swing and knit.

Oh, some of you might remember i was going to make an Afghan with every row starting with a new yarn. I bit the bullet and am well on my way.

It is going to be beautiful when finished. I stewed over :XX: this due to the fact i did not think i could do it… :frog:

It is so easy to :XX: :thumbsup:

So far i have $336.00 in yarn… I better finish it so i can post a picture of it when i am finished…

Thanks to all of you who incouraged me to get started :thumbsup:

I don’t really have a favorite chair, but I’ve noticed that I really have to concentrate on not tensing up my shoulders when I knit. I was having neck and shoulder problems and realized that I was kind of shrugging my shoulders when knitting for some reason. Now that I am aware of it it’s not so bad.

I always end up having a kitty or two on my lap though, which doesn’t really allow me to knit in the most comfortable position, but who can resist a kitty on your lap?! :smiley:

Yay Anne! Can’t wait to see your afghan! :thumbsup: