Pattern instructions confusing

I am knitting a sweater pattern i purchased on Ravelry called Portland Pullover. I have just attached sleeves and am having trouble understanding the pattern.

Join sleeves to body
Note: Change to shorter circ when necessary.
Next rnd: With body sts still on longer circ and using yarn attached to the back, knit across 44 (44, 46,
48, 52, 54, 56) sleeve sts, pm for raglan, k25 (28, 31, 34, 38, 41, 44) sts for left front neck, place left front m (use different color than raglan), k8 sts for center front neck, place right front m (use different color than raglan), k25 (28, 31, 34, 38, 41, 44) sts for right front neck, pm for raglan, knit across 44 (44, 46, 48, 52, 54, 56) sleeve sts, pm for raglan, knit across 58 (64, 70, 76, 84, 90, 96) back sts to end, pm for raglan and BOR—204 (216, 232, 248, 272, 288, 304) sts.
Begin short rows and raglan shaping
Short-Row 1: (RS) Knit to left front neck m, turn. Short-Row 2: (WS) Yo, purl to BOR, then cont to purl to right front neck m, turn.
Short-Row 3 raglan dec row: Yo, *knit to 3 sts before raglan m, ssk, k1, sl m, k1, k2tog; rep from * 3 more times, knit to 2 sts before last left front neck gap (not counting yo), turn (8 sts dec’d)—196 (208, 224, 240, 264, 280, 296) sts.
Short-Row 4: Yo, purl to BOR, then cont to purl to
2 sts before last right front neck gap, turn.
Rep last 2 short-rows 3 more times—172 (184, 200, 216, 240, 256, 272) sts; 50 (56, 62, 68, 76, 82, 88) sts each front and back, 36 (36, 38, 40, 44, 46, 48) sts each sleeve.
Re-position BOR marker
Next row: Knit to BOR, remove m. Knit across left sleeve, knit across front, close all the gaps formed by short rows by knitting the yo from the previous row together with the next st (as in k2tog), knit across right sleeve sts, k25 (28, 31, 34, 38, 41, 44) back sts to center back, pm, this is the new BOR.

First, the short rows make no sense to me.

  1. Why are we turning the work right smack dab in the center of the front of the sweater?
  2. Why do the instructions on short row 2 tell you to purl to BOR and then continue. To right front? What is the significance of telling you to purl to BOR if you are just carrying on to right front?
  3. I am super confused with the instruction of knitting to 2 st before last left front neck gap (not counting yarn over)
  4. Although I am not there yet ( i have to rip out and go back to beginning of yoke instructions cause I have created such a mess), I dont understand the last set of instructions on repositioning the BOR marker regarding the knitting in the yo from previous row. Maybe it will make sense if I ever get there. I think if i could understand what is going on with the short rows in the front I may be able to figure the rest out. I am hoping someone will read the pattern and will be able to explain to me what is going on and why. I have done these bottom up in the round sweater patterns before where you knit the sleeves separately and knit them in but have never seen these short row instructions. Any help would be appreciated. I am stuck.

I can’t answer all your questions but short row shaping to make the neck that high in front seems odd to me. It makes me feel choked to just look at it.

  1. The front center 8sts are not part of the short row shaping. The shaping starts at the edges of these sts. The extra rows will then be across the shoulders and back, not the center front.

  2. Yes, the designer is confirming for you that you’ll work up to and past the BOR marker. Perhaps her way of ensuring that you know you’re on the correct side and purling correctly.

  3. Each of the short rows will be 2sts fewer than the previous row. This may be easier to see as you knit around to the yo and previous row’s turn.

  4. It may help to think of these as short rows for the sleeves/back rather than short rows for the front. In effect, the back will be lifted up. These aren’t unusual in a pullover. You can see it in the 5th photo down in this link:

When you come to change the BOR marker, it’ll move from the back/left sleeve raglan to the center back. I think this will make sense on the needles.

It’s really a beautiful sweater and worth the care with this yoke.

Thank you. I think it is clearer now. I didnt know it was being done for shoulder shaping . Never ran across a sweater pattern that did that before but I have only made one adult sweater. Rest have been child sweaters. I see the way the yoke pattern is in the front it dips down. That helps me now to better understand that when i do finish the short rows and start the pattern the center front that hasnt been knitted in the shaping rows will be picked up and create that nice dip in the yoke pattern. I have ripped back and separated the sleeves and have just reconnected them. All looks good. Now I am about to start the short rows and raglan shaping. This time I have a lifeline still in so if I have to rip back again it will be much easier. Thanks again for your clarity. I can always count on you guys (as long as I can sufficiently explain my dilemma).

All that you’ve done sounds good. The lifeline is an especially good idea.
I like that dip in the yoke in the front. It’s a very nice touch. Enjoy working the yoke and if it’s still a problem, come on back!

So i have done short row 3 and 4 one time. I am now to repeat those two rows 3 more times. I did the short row 3 (raglan decrease row) and have turned my work to do the purl row. I turned 2 st before left front neck marker (large light purple marker), did the purl yo and then a few purl stitches. This does not look right to me. Is this gap right?

hope the picture is viewable.

It looks like three stitches but one is the yo and pattern says do not count yo.


t looks like three stitches but one is the yo and pattern says do not count yo. In this picture, i have just gone to the two stitches before marker (looks like three because of the yo). At this point, I turned the work, did a purl yo and a few stitches.

Yes, that seems right. Each time you’ll be working 2sts short of that last turn. When you work across the entire yoke again, you’ll close up those gaps by knitting the yo together with the next stitch.

Okay, i guess after doing the next row it will make sense. A few years ago i was having a problem and at that time you told me to “Trust the Pattern”. I think I need to heed that advice here. Thanks so much.

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Well that didnt work. Not sure what I am doing wrong. In this picture, i am re positioning the BOR marker but when I get to the front and read close all the gaps…thats not going to happen. Can you read the pattern again and see if there is an easier way to explain the yo and turning? I am following the instructions exactly and this is the result.

It looks like a large gap between the 2sts to the left of the yellow marker and the knitting to the left of them. When you “Rep last 2 short-rows 3 more times” are you working to 2sts short of the last turn? The short rows shouldn’t pile up in one place.

I honestly dont know anymore. I am going to rip it out and try again. When I get back to the beginning of the short rows, i will reread your last message and maybe connect with you again. I was sure I had it figured yesterday. I was reading about shoulder shaping and it doesnt seem to be what is going on here? All the yo and turning is happening on either side of center front. Not sure how that shapes the shoulders? Our local yarn shop is closed due to the virus so i cant get any hands on help. Sorry for being such a pain here.

I’m sorry that you’re having trouble with this. You’re not being a pain in the least.
Just to be sure we’re on the same page, this is where the knit and purl rows are being worked, over the shoulders and back:

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Yes that is exactly what my work looks like and markers are in those exact locations. I must be doing something wrong when I get to the yo and turn. I am going to try and rip back to the begin short rows and raglan shaping and then will send pictures to show you what I have been doing. Might take a day or two.

OK, or to spare your good yarn, you try working a small sample with some scrap yarn.

Using scrap yarn i have just completed short row 3 where i have knitted to 2 sts before left front neck gap (not counting yo). Could i be mistaking the word gap for marker? Should i be knitting one more of the stitches before I turn to start short row 4?

That looks right. In this case, short row 3, the gap and the marker are the same because short row 1 turned at the marker. Now you turn at 2sts (not counting yo) before the gap or marker. Short row 5 will be 4sts before the marker.

Short row 4

Short row 5

So when I come around two more times (short rows 7 & 9) there should be 4 gaps? Those then are the gaps I am closing in the reposition BOR instructions? I will wait to for you to have a look at the last two pictures and if they look right I will finish off my test piece to make sure rows are not piling up on the one side like before.