Pattern help Raglan Aran sweater

Hi everyone I recently purchased an Aran sweater pattern to make for a Christmas present. I was working through the pattern and I came across a direction that confused me and I couldn’t seem to find an answer in this thread.

The pattern goes:

Work 134 sts until 16 inches

Armhole shaping
“Cast off 7 sts at beginning of next two rows”

Now work raglan shaping
“Repeat these 2 rows until 62 sts remain”

Now work raglan on both back and front of work thus:
“Repeat these two rows until 42 sts. remain”

“Work as back until 80 sts. remain”

I am confused by the transition from the raglan to the front. What does it mean? Do you need to cast on more sts or am I knitting a whole sweater at once and not seeing the parts together?

Yes, that’s written rather poorly. What pattern is this? It sounds like it’s bottom up and worked flat (and later seamed) as opposed to working in the round given there’s no mention of putting stitches on a holder and the author refers to rows, not rounds. Did you read further to the end? Does it talk about seaming? From what little is posted, it sounds like you work the back for 16" then do raglan shaping up to the shoulders and then do the same with the front but stop sooner (so neck in front is lower than in back). If my guess is correct, after working both front and back, you’ll seam the shoulders and sides and then work the arms. Please post the pattern name.

I have attached a copy of the pattern at the bottom.

When shaping the armhole the directions say to sew it on so I think you are right in your assumptions.

I also think you may be right about the front but it confused me because I’m used to raglan being somewhat symmetrical of a design and having the front stop at 80 sts whereas the back was 62 and 42 sts seemed odd.

Please advise.

It isn’t written very well. It makes it sound like you are knitting the front and back at the same time, which is confusing.

What it means is that the front and the back of the sweater are the same up to a particular point on the raglan shaping.

So you would knit the back until you have x stitches left, then start the back neck instructions (should be in the next section of the pattern), and continue knitting acording to the instructions until you have finished the back piece.

Then you would knit the front until you have y stitches left, then start the front neck shaping, and continue until you have finished the front piece.

The reason for stopping earlier on the front piece to proceed to the next stage of the instructions is that the front neckline is lower, so you have to start the neckline lower down the body, or “sooner” in the raglan decreases.

(It doesn’t matter whether you knit the front piece or the back piece first, by the way.)

You should end up with pieces that look something like this:

(Not exactly like this, but just to give you an idea of how it fits together.)