Pattern confusion :(

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Currently knitting a baby bonnet with bear ears from knitting for olive. The pattern has a lot of confusion on the comments in ravelry due to the German short rows (I actually figured these out and rather like them).

My issue is coming from what is probably the easiest part. It mentions slipping side bonnet stitches from L to R needle, putting ears on spare yarn, then you begin knitting again by “rejoining yarn” and placing second ear on spare yarn and continue on.

I’m just unsure how to connect what I slipped off with what I’m now knitting?

Attaching photo of where I am along with this segment of the pattern.

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Maybe this sweet bonnet:

You can cut the working yarn leaving about a 6inch tail to weave in later. Slip the given number of sts for the size you’re making from the left needle to the right. Both ears are going to go on waste yarn. Put the first ear on waste yarn, then rejoin a new end of yarn knit across to the second ear and place that ear on waste yarn.
From now on you’ll be knitting short rows back and forth across the sts just knit. You’ll be decreasing at the same time to join the initial slipped sts (20sts for the smallest size) to the main worked sts by sl1k, k1, psso. or sl1p, p1, psso.
This project shows a view of the back of the hat.

Can anyone help me understand this one? When I try and begin shaping the back and sides with the German short rows, I seem to only be knitting the center and one side panel. The stitches that I slipped over from one side are never joined. Where am I going wrong :sob::see_no_evil:

Yes!!! So this is what I did and realized I was working the short rows only on the center back and one side panel. I never quite understood how or when to join the slipped side panel to that……can you point out exactly where or when that happens?

On each short row you should be decreasing to close the gap between the side panels and the back. See the comments here which may help.

It may be worth it to put in a lifeline at this point so that if this isn’t working it’ll be easier to rip back.

I was essentially knitting down further and further only within the highlighted area as the other side was slipped off

Knitting to the gaps at each side then closing the gaps with decreases may be a easier way to work this (see link above to norasroom’s project). That should make sure that you work both side panels.

So when I slip the first set, then tie off the first ear, would I be connecting that slipped section to the back panel somehow? That’s where I’m confused….

Bc the way I did it was to rejoin yarn after the first ear and it never attaches that first slipped side panel. The next ear gets closed in because you are psso thag second ear…

I think * I’ve figured it out but we shall see :joy::see_no_evil:

OK, good. You will eventually connect the slipped section but first knit across the section between the ears. Put the second ear on hold, work the decrease then turn for the short row. When you purl across to the slipped section you’ll join it to the working sts with the decrease.