OT - Whatcha Growing?

I thought it might be fun, since I know there’s quite a few of us into gardening and plants and all that jazz, to share some pictures of what we’re growing this summer :smiley: .

My garden is nothing spectacular, I’m new at this and don’t have all that much money at my disposal to buy all the beautiful plants that I would like to have, but I’m quite proud of what I do have, so here you go! :thumbsup:

I hope that many of you will share too! :smiley:

Those are gorgeous! I’ll have to get some pix tomorrow.

Just a small rosebush. :lol:
(this is pre-trimming)

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Small??? :wink:

I’ll take some pictures later today now that everything has filled in!

Knitqueen your gardens are beautiful - I’d love to have the space to plant a little vegetable garden!

I seem to murder plants regularly. My mother has a green finger and does well with some lovely things. She used to do Bonsai too before the arthritis got too much for her to handle it.


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that “bonica sky” photo. I just saved it to use on my desktop!
:heart: :heart: :heart:

knitqueen - I am impressed with the assortment of veggies and flowers you have planted in your garden!

Below is a picture of my garden. The stuff I have up so far are extra large marigolds along the border, giant radishes, hot peppers, green peppers, green onions, a variety of tomatoes (cherry, roma, beef steak, super beef steak), and a few pea plants. Just this weekend I planted sunflowers along the back, cucumbers, yellow and green pole beans, and another row of giant radishes. I just need to find some time to get some lettuce in.

This is only my second year of gardening, but I really enjoy it.

you guys make me miss gardening…we just moved to our house in February and we really don’t have a sunny spot for gardening. My dad went nuts this year and planted a massive garden at his house (but he has several acres and is retired) so I’m getting my fresh veggies the work-free way! :stuck_out_tongue: LOL!

Everyone’s photos are just beautiful…I took some photos of my hybiscus flower yesterday b/c it had a few fairly nice blooms on it…I’ll try to post them later tonight when I finally get to the desktop (it requires leaving my knitting chair).

Thank you! I have another one like that with a sunflower, but it’s on a disk somewhere.

Wow - DeAnzaJig - you have a great garden space! Keeep at it - someone once said to me that you only have so many gardens in your lifetime, maybe 50, so when you look at it that way it’s not that many. Unfortunately I don’t have a veggie garden this year, just the established plants. I love the veggie ones.

Cristy - I want to see your hibiscus! We used to have a blue one. I kind of miss it. Always needed iron though.

Gah! I forgot to take pictures, but we have the same things as last year so here’s a few.

Rock Roses

Johnny Jump Ups



Plumeria…aren’t blooming yet, but are covered with buds

Sigh Everyone’s plants are so beautiful. The only thing I seem to be growing this year is older. :verysad:

Cheer up, Ingrid. You’ve got me beat. The only thing I’m growing is MOLD and WEEDS! :smiley:

oooh! Plumeria! :cheering: Lovely. Reminds me of Hawaii. Lucky you that you can grow them.

We have a different front porch pot this year. Well, one of the snap dragons came back, but then we planted mini petunias or Calibrachoa. I’ve never had them before. They’re really pretty, but I haven’t taken a pic yet. Yes, I know this is foreign, but it has a good pic: http://www.rybegarden.dk/Calibrachoa.htm

I think we’re growing spiders this year. They are everywhere - ew!

I’ve got a pretty big garden – mostly roses, but I have a good number of native plants scattered in there too. I’d really like to get my yard certified as a backyard wildlife habitat by the NWF this year or next. :slight_smile:

My biggest love are my roses though; I have about 32 different varieties, I think. I’ve got several pictures on my blog here, here, and here.

Here are a couple of my favorite pictures though:

jan and knit-errant - All I can say is wow…those are some beautiful flowers!

The candy cane roses are really pretty. Aren’t those the ones that have a really sweet smell?

Oh, they smell heavenly! Scentimental is one of the nicest smelling roses I have. :smiley:

I LOVE that bottom right rose, knit-errant! It looks like it’s been wildly painted. Very cool.

I planted some basil seeds in a container this morning. I did a bit of research on yougrowgirl.com last night. I’ve really been wanting to do a little window garden in my kitchen for a long, long time.

I’m not really sure if the seeds are good, or it’s too late to plant sweet basil, BUT I’m hoping it works because we’re still getting quite a few hours of sun here every day, and it’s bloody hot.

Can anyone explain “pinching off” to me in laymens terms, like exactly how you go about this? I had some bad luck with bean plants we did last year, and realize now I should have pinched them off.

Amy had this to say in another thread, and it sounds REALLY cool. Do you think it’s too late to plant stuff like this in Southern Georgia?

I’m so excited!! :cheering: When we went on holidays early in August, our neighbours did take care of our yard and watering, but not as much or as carefully as I would so when we got home, my fuschia hanging basket was rather (VERY!) dry and feeble looking. All of the blooms were gone and there were no new ones in sight. So I started watering it, and fertilized it once and it is going CRAZY again!!

Also, a pic of the giant sunflower my little guy planted at preschool earlier this fall. It is seriously over 8ft tall and the blossom has grown so much bigger since this picture, it is almost bending over now. He’s very proud!!!