OT - What is for dinner tonight?

I am thinking it will be Chick-none UN- fried rice. Doesn’t sound particularly appetizing, but I do have all the components :rollseyes:

:thinking: So would that be just rice?

No, vegetarian chicken strips. Instead of “fried” rice I just used steamed (brown) rice w/ seasoning.

steamed brown rice is very yummy :drooling:

Oh thank heavens! I was afraid you might need an intervention to help curb a yarn addiction :smiley: so you can pay for food!

carbonara. I think. depends on if I have the energy to make it.

mmm…I have black beans with cajun spices and andouille sausage on the stove right now! Amazing I have time to cook with all the time I have spent here and knitting today! :slight_smile:

Nuno…what spices do you put in your brown rice?

Last night was good, meatloaf with fresh summer veggies - corn, green beans and peas.

Tonight, we are eating a quick meal, eggs in a nest and maple sausages.

I just got kitchen cotton to make dish cloths…woot!! :XX: :XX:

auuuuuuuuuuugh…i was gonna get the chicken out to make jambalaya last night and forgot…hrmmm…i forgot to buy clams at the store last night too so no clam sauce… :rollseyes: not sure but it is starting to sound like a fast food kinda night…sigh

Usually a little ginger, garlic, soy sauce and rice vinegar. Mmmm, I’m hungry. I guess it is starting to sound better. To bad I have another 3 hours till dinner :roflhard:

Bummer…you have to taste it though to make sure its ok, right? :wink: That might cut down the waiting time a bit!

we had bacon, eggs and grits last night… i don’t know about tonight… i really want some oxtail soup, but that takes like 2 days to fix.

Ok Lisa,
What is eggs in a nest? Possibly toast? Wait, would it be hashbrowns built up to look like a nest?

Hi All -

I haven’t tried it yet, but someone advised me to kick up my brown rice by replacing one cup of water with one cup of salsa…almost like spanish rice.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Jambalaya…too bad I’m having pizza tonight. :frowning:

ooo egg in a next… it’s kinf of like french toast: butter 2 sides of the bread, cut a hole in the middle (we use a shot glass), put the bread in the pan, crack an egg in the hole, and cook until desired donness(i like mine runny, but DH cooks his hard).

Since I am always home alone at night during the week, dinner usually consist of one of the following:
almond butter and jelly on toasted rye
special K or sticks and twigs, whichever cereal we have.
celery w/ cow cheese
grilled cabbage, if we have any left over from the weekend.
tomato sandwich
vidalia, cheese and onion sandwich

I am having the last one tonight :slight_smile:

I had peach and cherry czech dumplings. With butter and cinnamon/sugar.

Your egg in a nest sounds like what we call a popeye at our place. It’s interesting how the same thing gets different names in different places.
For me, dinner is probably going to be a toasted tomato sandwich. I’ve been having cravings for those things like you wouldn’t believe. But if we have no bread, as I suspect is the case, I think some pasta with meat sauce would be in order. I know we have last year’s tomato sauce frozen somewhere, and I’m pretty sure there’s ground beef lurking behind the summer sausage.

I once dated a guy that called those “Toilet Bowl Joes” :??

I once dated a guy that called those “Toilet Bowl Joes” :??[/quote]

I’ve always known them as Rocky Mountain Eggs.