OT - What is for dinner tonight?

I did some research (because i have nothing better to do) and it’s also called:
Frog in a Hole
Frog in a Pond
Toad in a Hole–this is what we usually call it
Monkey in a Hole
Egg in a Basket
Birdie’s Nest
Egg in a Nest
One Eyed Jack

i think we should come up with a knitting-inspired name for it…

:roflhard: :roflhard:

I’m havin chicken bento from Rice Junkies. $4.75 of yummy teriyaki goodness. I’m at work and I usually get something cheap and quick instead of haulin both lunch and dinner with me in my little rolly polly back pack thingy. It’s so tough being a student/mama/worker and eating right.

i think we should come up with a knitting-inspired name for it…

How’s about we call it…
Egg Swatches

Sometime for something quick for hubby, I’ll make a fried egg sandwich, fry and egg, poke the yolk and flip, when firm put on a slice of good cheese till a little melty and then onto some crusty toasted bread… mmmmm.
as a kid i didn’t like grilled cheese sandwiches :shock: so mom would make me a “grilled” pb&j, basically pb&j one two pieces of toast and then she’d flip it on the griddle once or twice so mine would be prepared like everyone else. I guess I was a hi maintenance kid back then… lol . however, that was the limit, mom made it very plain that she was NOT a short order cook, we had two choices… “take it” or “leave it” :roflhard: :roflhard:
Oh, and so far my supper has been a can of Pepsi and butter flavored pretzel sticks… I sound like one of those Lean Cuisine commercials…
Hey, maybe we should have a seperate blog for recipe sharing…
I read cookbooks and craft books like most people read novels… :happydance:

Eggs Intarsia?

Glad you go the eggs in a nest education!! lol Binky, I love to read cookbooks too, my mother and I both collect and read the same way. She has a HUGE selection…that is the only thing I have asked for. What is your favorite cookbook? I was given the Good Houskeeping Illustrated Cookbook when I got married (my dad gave it to each of us when we got married) and it is still my favorite cook book to this day. It is VERY well worn now, but I use it so often!

kk, eggs intarsia, how provencal! :smiley:
Lisa, my fave cook books are church/community group books, tried and true granny recipes and such. I have demanded my mom specify in her will that I get all her cookbooks and my grammie’s recipes and homekeeping notes, like a bit of depression era history!
I also love my Betty Crocker book I got when dh and I first set up housekeeping over 10 yrs ago. And also by BC Cooky book as it’s a reproduction of one from the 60’s and I think my mom has an original as it contains cookie recipies i remember as a kiddy.

LOVE the recipe blog idea!!! Will start one now!!!

Yes please do, my also fave recipes and the one’s scratched on scrap paper passed around the office or potluch/bbq…
I recommend the site www.allrecipes.com, most are recipies submitted by regular citizens and some from companies like Kraft. They are rated by those that visit the site and try them out, the best way to decide what to try. You can search for what type of thing you’re looking for and I have had great luck with the one’s I try that are highly rated. Heck, unrated one’s are fun to try too! :wink:

i LOVE allrecipes.com. I rarely try anything that doesn’ have a whole bunch of reviews or 4 stars. and i always read nearly all the reviews unless they all seem to say the same thing. almost always there are great tips in those reviews for making the recipe perfect! my favorite recipe site and rarely use any others actually. and all those recipes that grandma use to make but nobody has the recipe too…someone has posted on there!

My sentiments Xactly Bren :thumbsup:
I read all the reviews too… are you like me in wondering, when a recipe has an overall great rating, that there is always that one “whiner” review that says it was horrible or something went wrong? It made me wonder why one or two people would have such trouble… until a few of them would mention what they did and it was their own interpretation or change to a procedure…I find myself talking to the computer saying “Well. DUH!” :doh:
I sound so mean, but I’m really fairly harmless… :wink:
Oh yeah, another thing I make for din din, when it’s cold outside, is… brace yourself if you have a weak tummy… creamed peas and ham over toast… my dear dad (may he rest in peace) taught me to make white sauce as the first cooking lesson. I later found out it’s “Bechamel” per Emeril and such, it’s a good bland ND meal… LOL
Anybody like Paula Deen? I hear she is coming to an event here in the fall called “Women’s Showcase” I think I’ll actually go and see if I can get an autograph of one of her cookbooks I have, her son’s are such cuties… :wink:

Me, I had Chicken Stroganoff for dinner. and am having beef stew tomorrow evening (slow cooked). Wife wants me to cook chili for the weekend though.

Wanna guest for dinner the next two nights? :smiley:

That sounds tasty. Thanks for the tip!

weeeellll, I was too tired to make carbonara. I ordered a pizza.
I’ll make the carbonara tonight.

are you kidding me! i LOVE her…i just wish she wouldn’t cook everything in lard…lol. though i suppose her food wouldn’t look SOOOO yummy if it wasn’t huh?

My queen and i were drooling over her sons too…lol. He was loving on the fact that they were cooking in her kitchen and said they could come over and cook for him any ol’ time. The deal is that he has to invite me along too…lol

Paula is my girl. i love that she cooks like a normal person.she isn’t busy trying to make everything healthy. she cooks with real butter and oil… like i do!!! good ole southern cookin with all the fat to go with it!! and her sons!!! them boys are FINE! :drooling: and i love thier accents! (sorry hubby, but you know i :heart: them white boyzzzz) sorry if i offended anyone, but i had to say it!

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

You are too funny! Paula does rock. Did you see her wedding on foodtv? It was so fun.

yeah, i say good for her to go all out after that fool left her back in the day. she did it for herself without him. i bet hes is like DAMN, i should have stayed with her!!! haha to late buddy!

well, it’s 12:15 am, and i just finished my dinner… three glasses of charles shaw cabernet. they need to amend the warning lable… “Alcoholic beverages may impair your ability to correctly interpret writtten instructions”

btw i’m not a wino… I couldn’t sleep, and i DID have a salad about 4 hours ago. :shifty: