OT: Weight loss

Hi everyone I am trying to lose 20 pounds and was wondering if anybody has any tips or tried and true methods they use. I am eating right but sometimes I just want some junk food even if its just a lil bit is this normal? :rollseyes: I am 21 years old and I weigh 170 lbs. The doctor told me for my height I should weigh 150lbs. My mom and I started a walking program…we are gonna take an hour long walk together every night. Any suggestions would be appreciated because lately I have been feeling down :frowning:

Exercise! It makes you feel GREAT! I’ve lost 87 pounds since January of 2005, and while I had some chemical help :wink: the exercise made it worth while. You do not need drugs to help you lose 20 pounds!!! i I started the couch to 5k running plan a few weeks ago, and I love it. I’ve deviated from the plan somewhat, but what I did instead was find a tanning salon that’s a mile away–I signed up for a month of unlimited tanning, BUT the trade-off was that I have to jog/walk down there and back every day in order to go. Right now, it’s a M A J O R incentive; the weather has been gorgeous, and I feel like I’m doing two things that will make me look and feel better.

Eating lots of fiber and eating very little SUGAR have been KEY to my diet. I also drink lots of green tea, and have practiced the art of portion control. Three sugar-free oreos is more than satisfying enough for me when I need a cookie (allowing those “needs” is important!) than eating nearly the whole package was before I lost weight. DH and I would go to a restaurant, order drinks, appetizers, huge entrees and dessert–now we get one drink, and split an entree, which is TOTALLY enough foof for us and eliminates the doggie bags we had piling up in the kitchen.

Lo-carb peanut butter and hummus ares my favorite condiments. :slight_smile: Skip ALL soda (even diet!), and drink water!!! Dump all of the half-opened bags of junky junk, and stock healthy snaks like whole grain crackers, low fat cheese sticks, apples (great with peanut butter!) and prunes–sweet & full of fiber and potassium.

I’m not really a chip freak, but if I want something like that I have had the baked ruffles and cheetos that are made with olestra. I wouldn’t recommend eating more than a serving though :shock:

My advice is to set your goal, and then set a reward for yourself that isn’t food… new pants, a pedicure, a movie, etc. Tanning is my daily incentive to jog/walk 2 miles. I just bought a few new outfits over the weekend because none of the clothes I had last spring fit anymore. When I lose 100 pounds (total, not 100 more!) I’m going to buy an mp3 player. All this stuff is expensive, I know, and maybe wouldn’t work for everyone… but it works for me, and YOU have to find something you like to do which will motivate you to exercise.

IMHO!!! :slight_smile:


Part of the problem with “dieting” is that if you strictly deny yourself things that aren’t very good for you, but that you enjoy just the same, then eventually, you’ll crack and binge and you end up having even more weight to take off. Accepted wisdom says it’s best, rather, to make gradual lifestyle changes that you can easily live with.

For instance, if you drink a lot of pop, instead of cutting it out entirely, limit yourself to one a day. Then, you’re not denying yourself anything, and you learn to see it as a special treat. Maybe eventually, you can limit yourself to one a week, or only having it when you go out to eat.

Switch to whole grains instead of processed white ones (like breads, pastas, etc.) and try to eat fruit and vegetables in their most-whole forms. I’m not saying to deny yourself anything you like, but if you’re craving apple or orange juice, consider having an apple or orange instead. Whole wheat pasta is a little more expensive than regular pasta, but it tastes just the same and the fiber content is higher so it fills you up faster and you feel full longer, which means you eat less overall.

Finally, the best things that have ever worked for me are these: If you think you’re hungry, have a glass of water. If, after you’ve finished it, you’re still hungry, eat something. A lot of people confuse thirst for hunger, so at least that way you know what your body’s telling you. Also, give yourself one day a week where you allow yourself to not pay such close attention. Don’t count calories, don’t stress it if you have more than one pop for instance, and if you feel like being a pig, be a pig, and don’t feel guilty for it. Finally, excercise - cardio AND resistance training. Resistance training helps you build up muscles which will help you quicken your metabolism, and cardio burns calories. You need to burn more than you take in to lose the weight.

Best of luck to you. If you need a cheerleader, give a holler! :cheering:

Walking an hour every day is a great start. And read hildie’s post, it’s good. Other than that all I can suggest is that you focus on what you CAN do, and not on what you CAN’T.

And keep knitting–it’s hard to eat Cheetos when you’ve got a project in your hands! :wink:

yeah, and if you eat cheetos WHILE you’re knitting, you’ll get fake cheese all over your project. :doh:

Just one little tip I’ve heard, if you’re craving sweets, brush your teeth. That both helps satisfy your sweet tooth, and it gives you a nice clean feeling you’ll (hopefully) want to keep for a while.

If you’re craving those junk-foody-snacky things, there are those 100-calorie preportioned packs, like Cheese Nips and other crackers, and sweets too like mini Chips Ahoy. Have someone else put away the box so you don’t know where it is. :wink:

Wow Hildie, 87 pounds, that is mahvelous! :cheering:

www.fitday.com is a nice site, has calorie calculator, exercise tracker, and lots of other features, plus it is free!

Knitting is something that is good. People usually eat when they are bored, and that’s not a good thing. It actually helped my dad to loose weight within the past few months.

There are a lot of healthy snack foods out there that keep you satisfyed until the next meal. I might be able to come up with a few recipies that I could email you. :slight_smile:

oooooooh i can’t recommend fitday.com enough! it has caused me to head out to the kitchen at 9pm to eat a can of tuna though in an effort to make my protein goals for the day! :rofling: being a carb-aholic and a pseudo-vegetarian (see above tuna) i have a hard time getting my protein in sometimes. Fitday helped me see how much of that i was missing without having to go protein crazy! and it is great because if you don’t find something that you eat a lot of in there you can add the info from the label yourself and it saves it (when i eat tuna it is always low sodium which isn’t in their database)

another thing you really need to do is check labels. there is alllll sorts of added cwap in the food we eat. Chicken is the worst offender to me because it seems like when you buy chicken you should just get chicken. look at the sodium in those packages though…they add broth to make it juicy which is just liquid sodium injected right into your food! verrrrrrrrrry irritating to me!

I also need to lose 25 lbs, and I was thinking of joining that Curves health club for women. They are advertising this 6 week thing and I’m thinking of joining.

Does anyone here go there and do you like it?

KnitPixie, for what it’s worth (my two cent’s!), make sure that the weight your doctor recommends you weigh is right for your frame. Sometimes the doctors only go by “what’s on the chart” without considering your build. The chart for my height says I should weigh what I weighed in high school, before I hit puberty and developed and got a woman’s body, so that weight will not work for me now by a long shot, no matter how hard I try. I agree with JennyLeah and Hildie–I’m a very big advocate of getting rid of the processed foods we eat, and it seems like if you eat a diet higher in fiber, the fiber fills you up and makes you less hungry. So go for the least processed foods as possible, higher fiber, and less sugar if you can do it. Personally, my biggest problem with weight loss is that I have a terrible sweet tooth…I’m working on that, though (I’ll have to try the toothbrushing trick gardenmommy suggested!). Exercise is great too in conjunction with watching your food. As much as I’ve tried to deny it (because I’m not a very motivated exerciser!), you really can’t expect success in weight loss with just watching your diet…exercise is really a vital key for success. I used to belong to Curves women’s health club and really liked it–I saw good results–but my membership lapsed when I couldn’t afford to renew it. Although I love my family dearly, I personally liked the option of being able to go out of the house to exercise for some “me time” away from my family as I am a stay-at-home mom, and it’s hard to find time to do solitary things for myself. I never get to leave my job after the customary “eight hour work day” :wink: . If you can afford to do it, maybe see if this might be something that interests you if there is a facility in your area. If nothing else, I think they offer a free visit and you can see if you’d like it. Good luck to you–you can do it!!!

brendajos, it’s not just sodium injected in the chicken that we’re eating when it says “broth”–worst of all, it’s MSG, which is not only a highly allergic food additive, but is also an appetite stimulant! :frowning:

There are some great new Crest toothpaste flavors out there too, Lemon Ice, Cinnamon Rush, and Vanilla Mint!

I wonder if there will ever be such a thing as chocolate flavored toothpaste. :thinking:

When I was diagnosed with hypertension and high cholesterol a few years ago I made the decision to do what I needed to get my health back. I cut back on salt, ate almost no processed food, at LOTS of fruit and vegetables and small amounts of meat.

Some people thing cutting out salt is only for those with hypertension, but it’s not. Salt makes you retain water PLUS it’s just not healthy to have too much.

Processed foods like crackers, chips, frozen meals and even some frozen meats all have lots of salt (sodium) and often little to know nutrition.

I lost 15 lbs just be watching these things and then I started Weight Watchers online and lost another 20. Before WW I kept track of my diet on FitDay.com. It let me see what my diet consisted of and what I was missing nutritionally. It was a real eye opener. My recommendation is to first start watching your portions. You’d be surprised how much we really eat when we think we are just having a bowl of cereal for instance. It’s amazing. If you get hungry try eating something healthy; a piece of fruit and glass of milk, or some veggies and FF yogurt, etc. If you REALLY feel the need for junk food measure out a serving and eat no more than that. Seriously…after awhile you do get used to it and before long you start seeing results. It’s often slow, but as long a you are on a downward trend don’t worry about it. Good luck!

Oh and I have lowered my cholesterol from 235 to 171 and my hypertension is under control with medication. :cheering:

Another great program is www.sparkpeople.com I get points for doing all kinds of fun things…:slight_smile: (you can use heatherleafive as the referer thingy, if you feel so inclined)…it starts you off slowly…first being aware of what you are eating and such…giving you nutritional goals, exercise goals, motivation and such…I’ve only started last week, but I like what I see so far…

and it’s FREE~!!!

You’ve gotten great tips so far. I just wanted to add a couple of things regarding exercise.

1 - weight training! I know lots of women shy away from this, but it is a super way to get in shape, lose weight, and even reshape your body. As you build muscle (not in a bulky way, but in a toned way), your body will begin to burn calories at a faster weight. You don’t need to have a gym membership to strength train. I do it at home with just some dumbbells and a weight bench, but you don’t even have to have a weight bench. A good, basic book for women that just recently came out is: Lean, Long, and Strong: The 6-week Strength-Training, Fat-Burning Program for Women by Wini Linguvic. Her program just calls for a few dumbbells, an exercise ball, and a towel.

2 - a pedometer. Walking an hour a day is great. But it’s also nice to try to get in extra steps here and there throughout the day, by parking further away from things, taking the steps instead of the elevator, etc. There’s a website called trainster.net where you can log your steps each day, set goals, etc. 10,000 steps a day is a great (but challenging) goal for weight loss. Pedometers are very cheap but they’re a fun way to keep track of how you’re doing throughout the day (and I find them very motivating).

Good luck with your efforts! You can do it! :thumbsup:

I do weight watchers. I have lost 25 pounds so far I wnat to lose at least another 60-75.
My motto for my weight loss is[color=indigo] Knit more eat less![/color] I am not an expert but these have worked for me!
Drink tons of water. I have worked up to at least 64oz of water a day I carry around a nalgene bottle with me everywhere.

Fruits and vegetables are your friend. Try new ones you have never tried before to keep it interesting. I discovered so many fruits and veggies I like doing this. Also try preparing them in different way. I love grilled veggies and fruits.

Exercise is great. Find one you like and you will be so much more likely to stick with it. I love jump roping, weighted hula hoop, and the eliptical. Walking this time of year is nice too. I love seeing the neighborhood bloom. In the winter I do a lot of different videos. My mom says I have exercise ADD but I say I am keeping it interesting!

I have found I do the best cravings wise if I let myself have one meal a week that is not on program. It does not to work for all people but it helps me. Some weeks I have not done it but it is there if I really want it

Keep track of your measurements. There have been weeks I haven’t lost pounds but inches. My first month I lost 15 inches all combined. I measure my waist, hips, r thigh, chest, r arm, and r calf.

Good luck!

I lost 27 pounds last year.

I used CalorieKing calorie counting software for my food diary. For the first month, I weighed and measured everything I ate or drank. Both were eye openers.

A ‘glass’ of milk in one of my glasses was 2 cups. ‘Half a bowl’ of cereal turned out to be almost three servings according to the box! A serving of pasta that ‘looked right’ on the plate was actually enough for three people!

When I realized that my portion sizes had been skewed way off by too much restaurant eating, I made a determined effort to ‘reset’ my eyeballs by measuring a proper serving and learning what it looked like on my dishes.

For a number of reasons I couldn’t just change what I was cooking at home, so to get control of portions and kick start my efforts, I used Lean Cuisine meals. What was in the tray was what I got to eat. Period. It was hard for the first two weeks, but then my stomach adjusted and now I couldn’t possibly finish a restaurant size entree!

I also used the software to figure out how much I was burning with exercise. When you know it would take an hour of aerobic exercise to burn off the calories in a snack size bag of M&M’s from the machine at work, you’re much less likely to give in to the craving!

I joined a Curves gym 1/2 mile from my office and went with a co-worker three times a week. They weigh and measure you regularly, and knowing that I was dropping inches as well as pounds was a fabulous incentive. I went from straining a size 16 to comfortably buying a 10.

I’ve quit pushing for weight loss at this point, but I still get on the scale at least once a week to make sure it doesn’t sneak back!.

This thread was just what I needed to read this AM! Unfortunately, I broke my foot Thursday night and am finding out that I will not be able to put any weight on it for at least 6 weeks :crying: Although I’ve been a hit and miss exerciser, I did take my dog for walks regularly, and now that is out. I’m VERY worried about putting on even more weight during this time, and I was already concerned because I’ve found my weight up enough over the winter that my size 16’s are tight :shock: , and my cholesterol is high enough that if I don’t remedy that in the next 3 months I’ll need to take meds in AHHHH!

I’ve been thinking of starting an upper body free weight routine, but I’m also worried about getting sore and having a harder time with the crutches. I’m definately going to look into supplements that might aid in my healing.

I guess I can also make myself feel better with some knit picks orders :wink:

Everyone has given you lots of good information so there isn’t really much I can add. I will say that I am doing weight watchers and have lost 29 pounds so far and have about 60 more to lose. I like ww so much because I can still indulge in desserts when I want but I try to keep them to a minimum or find healthier alternatives. It is something my family has easily adapted to and alot of the foods were things we already ate, just not the healthier versions and more controlled portions.

The pedometer that earthchick recommended is an excellent idea. I had never had one before but got one about a month ago and wear it all day long. I love having the goal to reach 10,000 steps each day and now my kids have started wearing my old one and trying to see how many steps they can do. I decided to pay a little extra money for a good pedometer because a lot of the cheap ones I have seen don’t count steps very accurately. I ordered one from www.onlinefitness.com, it is the Omron HJ-112 for $20 which is a really good price for it.

Good luck with your weight loss! It can be very difficult in the beginning as you adjust to changing your habits, but it gets easier and you will quickly start feeling good about how much healthier you are getting.

Another vote for WW here! I’ve never joined a WW group, but I’ve done (and am doing) the WW “At Home” program, and my mother and I use each other as a “group” - reporting our points to each other every day. I’ve lost 10 pounds since January or February (I can’t remember when I buckled down and began counting points). I will say that I’ve done this before, lost the weight I needed to, kept it off for a while, and then got lax and gained it back again - so as far as changing my eating behavior, for me it’s a matter of sticking with being vigilant. To maintain the loss right now I’m counting during the week and giving myself weekends off not to count (but still to eat reasonably). I have to see over a number of months if this works (the package I got from WW mysteriously neglects to tell you how to maintain the weight loss… hmmm… couldn’t be because they don’t make money that way, now, could it?..)

Another thing I do is, when eating packaged food, make sure to check the serving size. As has been mentioned in this thread already, a serving size is often much, much smaller than you’d think.

Amy (our web goddess) loves Curves! She says very good things about it. I think I’d join it except my husband and I go to the gym together and act as each other’s motivator to keep at it (he’s much better than I am - I have a tendency to prefer the couch and the kitchen table)… and obviously DH couldn’t go to Curves… Keeping active is also key for me (and hard… I have natural couch potato tendencies. Meanwhile, my brother is an amateur marathoner and triathlete and my father has taken up running and yesterday mentioned training for the NYC Marathon this year, and has already qualified for it… I think they got all the available family exercise-loving genes…).

Holly, so sorry to hear about your foot! I hope you’re up and about soon!