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I think I joined KH right after I started my diet last January… I also quit smoking at the same time, and knitting TOTALLY made me not want to eat or smoke. Thet great thing about knitting, though, is that you CAN drink while you’re doing it :wink: Just don’t drink high carb beer… michelob ultra and ultra amber are good low carb beers. Of course, you could drink gin/vodka martinis, too… those don’t have any carbs at all :eyebrow:

If you’re dieting a diet drink or water is probably a better choice.
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Hildegard_von_Knittin wrote:
Thet great thing about knitting, though, is that you CAN drink while you’re doing it Wink Just don’t drink high carb beer… michelob ultra and ultra amber are good low carb beers. Of course, you could drink gin/vodka martinis, too… those don’t have any carbs at all Eye Brow Action

Of course then you shouldn’t wonder why you have 20 extra stitches on your needles the next morning.

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I will be joining in on the weight loss soon I hope. I am going to join 24 hour fitness because my sister goes there on a regular basis so she will be my motivation. That and I am hoping that by joining the club and losing weight myself my dh will get motivated enough to join me. (he is constantly complaining about his weight) You ladies talking about it has really motivated me to quit talking about it and actually start! :thumbsup: I have 20 pounds to lose to get to my target weight.

One thing that I have done in the past when I had major sweets attack is throw some lowfat icecream, a banana, and some strawberries in a blender and make a smoothie. Soo yummy and really helps. When it MUST be chocolate I keep a bag a york pepermint patties and allow myself one a day. really seems to help when I stick with it.

I’ve lost 35lbs since the end of January this year. What did it for me, was a number of things but with the help of an ayervedic homeopath (quack!), I started a complete change of diet.

I cut out wheat, yeast, dairy and red meat (including pork). No fruit except bananas (for the potassium) and made sure to eat plenty of slow release energy foods. At first it was hard, since I had no clue what to eat and initially just ate salad. However, I soon got sick of that and started looking around for wheat/gluten/sugar free recipie books.

I took / take supplements such as chromium which helps massively with sugar cravings. I cut out all caffiene and the biggest change of all and biggest advice I can give to anyone going on a diet - do not under any circumstances drink diet soda. Why? One word - Aspartame. It will do more damage than good.

If you have a sweet tooth, replace sugar with honey.

exercise is a must, something to get your heart rate moving and the blood pumping round your system.

Last but not least, every single thing you eat; look at it and ask yourself how much nutrition you will be gaining from eating it. Not “how much will this fill the hunger hole” but how much nutrition it will give you. Green leafy veg are excellent for added fiber and nutrients.

Thank you so much everyone you all have given me some really great tips and have really inspired me to stick with it :smiley: I guess I can do this :rollseyes: :lol: No I can do this :cheering: YAY ME . Although I would like to I cannot respond to everyone individually…only because I would be hear all night. Although I have to admit I feel like I have a little support group on KH :cheering: :cheering:
Thanks everyone

I’ll put in my two cents a day late and a dollar short. I am using Medifast. It is not for everyone, but it has quite literally changed my life. I have lost 30 lbs since Jan. 19. And it is a diet, but because of my knees, I needed to lose weight quickly because I was doing damage to my knee, and I didn’t want to have surgery. It is a very low calorie diet, but it works well. After the first four weeks you can incorporate exercise into it. I know how people feel about “diets” but this program was developed by Johns Hopkins and is very healthy and effective. Anyway, it has worked for me and I love it.

Keep it going! =D You can certainly do it. No one noticed the first 14lbs to come off me (and I was miserable because of it). My mother gave me the advice that no one will notice till around the 3 stone mark (we use stones here in the UK thats 14lbs per stone) - she said this was because people just expect to see you every day the same size you are. When you really do show it, people will notice a difference and start to say something.

She was out by about 14lbs, someone at work a week or so ago asked me of I’d lost weight. That morning, when I put my sweater on over my jeans I noticed myself that I had a tiny bit of shape back - my waist is re-appearing! I was so happy someone else noticed. :roflhard:

Keep at it, and keep us updated how you get on :happydance:

Another suggestion is to have dinner between 4 and 5 pm whenever possible. I’ve lost about 12 lbs since my husband retired. In fact my doctor asked me during my last office visit in January if I’d been trying to lose weight. I hadn’t. Just was trying not to gain any during the holidays. My doctor is going to check my thyroid when I see her next week, but I believe it’s from eating dinner earlier on a regular basis. Couldn’t seem to loose any before DH retired in December in spite of doing lots of yard work during the summer. Still need to loose about 30 lbs or so. SO we better leave my thyroid alone if it is responsibe. :lol:

Also, I measure my cereal (spoon size shredded wheat) in the morning. Makes it go farther and keeps me from eating more than I need.

I did WeightWatchers online last year (never went to any meetings – just used their online tools. It worked GREAT for me. I lost 25 lbs and went from a size 14 down to a 6. Its all about eating better and not fad dieting – changing the way you eat for life – not just for while you loose the weight.

Exercise + eating better was huge. I started rock climbing again. I love it. Its such a great challenge.

Find an exercise you enjoy – if you’re having fun while you work out – you won’t feel like its “work” and that will make you want to do it more.

I’m sure you’ve gotten tons of great hints already (I haven’t had time to read the whole thread) just make sure you check with your doc, that you do it carefully, that you stick to it, and that you have FUN.

Good luck!!!

I too am a fan of WW online - though that fitday.com thing looks intriguing and may give me more detailed reports on where I stand…might have to check that out… :thinking:

Walking is great exercise, particularly if you are looking for something with less impact to joints (knees, hips). Swimming is also fantastic exercise. After reconstructive knee surgery I put a lot of weight on, and for a long time swimming was the only exercise I could do comfortably.

When I started walking out regularly (about 30+lbs ago) I would have days where I would not feel particularly motivated to go out. I found the cause was down to two things: lack of variety in my walk, and lack of an exercise goal. So I changed up my routes, and started following the Walk To Rivendell Challenge. It was amusing to me to contemplate, as I walked through a concrete landscape, where in the Shire I was, and beyond. If anyone wants to do the Rivendell Challenge together, I’d definitely be up for it again.

Here’s an idea: find a LYS in walking distance to you, and WALK THERE. Reward yourself after x number of trips with a skein of something decadent, like angora or silk.

Oh, and for the gal who asked about chocolate toothpaste: You Betcha!
How about Chocolate Hazelnut, Cola, Pumpkin Pudding, Caramel, or Bitter Chocolate? There’s a ton of flavors by this company, these were but a few of the listed. I’d never heard of the brushing teeth to rid cravings idea, but I like it and am going to try it - just as soon as I give away all this holiday candy to the neighbors. :cheering:

Knitpixie, we’re all here for ya. Feel free to rant and stomp when you get frustrated (it’s good exercise too)! HUGS Good luck!

Come on everyone, remember. . .

Check out this article on weight loss/gain and diet soft drinks

Saw a bumper sticker last night on the way home:

Fat people are harder to kidnap…

Made me feel better as I drove 2 1/2 hours home by myself at 11pm. HA HA HA.

Check out this article on weight loss/gain and diet soft drinks[/quote]

On the other hand, it may just be that as people gain weight, they drink MORE diet drinks trying to help themselves out, instead of other types of drinks. Or heavy people are more likely to drink diet anyway. I love statistics and studies, you can make them say whatever you want.

The real danger in diet soda is its affect on bones, growth and osteoporosis. That is why I am trying to phase them out, and I cut off my son completely.

Now this part I think is really true:

“People think they can just fool the body. But maybe the body isn’t fooled,” she says. “If you are not giving your body those calories you promised it, maybe your body will retaliate by wanting more calories. Some soft drink studies do suggest that diet drinks stimulate appetite.”

The big danger in diet soda’s is the use of Aspartame.

Aspartame (nutra sweet) is not a good thing at all.


Have a peek at that link.

1 Aspartame (nutrasweet) breaks down into methanol (wood alcohol).

2 Methanol quickly converts to formadehyde in the body.

3 Formaldehyde causes gradual and eventually severe damage to the neurological system, immune system and causes permanent genetic damage at extremely low doses.

4 Methanol from alcoholic beverages and from fruit and juices does not convert to formaldehyde and cause damage because there are protective chemicals in these traditionally ingested beverages.

5 The most recent independent research in Europe demonstrates that ingestion of small amounts of aspartame leads to the accumulation of significant levels of formaldehyde (bound to protein) in organs (liver, kidneys, brain) and tissues.

6 Excitotoxic amino acids such as the one which is immediately released from aspartame likely increases the damage caused by the formaldehyde.

Now, I used to be (until January this year) a very heavy user of diet coke. I would go through 2 - 4 litres of the stuff a day easily and I felt it was the only thing that could quench my thirst.

In addition (and I don’t have the link here at work so I can’t post it yet) Aspartame was originally approved for use in cold beverages only. Later it was approved for use in various foodstuffs.

The issue comes with heating aspartame, if you heat it it turns into Methanol. Therefore you nuke the food in the packet, it turns into Methanol and you eat it taking on board pre-prepared methanol.

Another good link is this: http://users.westnet.gr/~aesclep/ic1.htm

OK sorry t go on, this is something I’m quite interested in!

/end soapbox :blush:

Check out this article on weight loss/gain and diet soft drinks[/quote]

Yes, I saw that and it IS something to consider, but did you read the entire article?

I used to be part of that group of people that thought if they were eating something like donuts it was better because at least I was drinking a diet soda. :rollseyes: Unfortunately that is really common. Anyway, I’m sure next week, month or year there will be yet another study that says something else.

Same goes for the osteoporosis, asparame worried crowd. Do what you need to do, but I still think moderation is the key to anything. I’m not a worrywart over this stuff. If you want a beer, diet soda or aspartame laden drink go for it, but have a glass of water after that. :wink:

:cheering: agree. I was told when I went to see this quack, that if I stick to the diet 80% of the time, I’ll be doing fine. I don’t deliberately calculate what my 20% of the diet time is and make sure I get the goodies I’m not allowed then… just have them once in a while (last night was spinnach and ricotta pizza YUM but naughty!), today will be steamed salmon with steamed asparagus and turnip & parsnip mashed together. Cooking real food is novel for me, I was used to eating junk and ready prepared meals!