OT: Tea suggestions

I’m a tea fanatic but not necessarily a connoisseur. I love loose teas but don’t have a lot of good places nearby to purchase them. I am pregnant and about to begin nursing for at least the next year or so. Does anyone have an tea suggestions for me? It needs to be caffeine free or at least decaf…I don’t care for chamomile so much–I drink it when I need to sleep so I think I associate it w/ sleepy time. I want a good wake up or day time tea.

I love tea!! I used to drink chamonille everyday at night, now I dont drink it too much, I think I got tired of it.
I have found many flavours that I like… Lavender, its the best!! I love mint, oregano and jasmine tea too.
Looking online I found this website, http://www.dragonwater.com/search.tf/tea/ I can’t imagine how crazy my cats would go if I try “catnip” tea!!! :?? [/list]

Republic of Tea makes lots of great blends. I recommend Orange Ginger Mint (caffeine free) and Blackberry Sage.

Thanks Melissa—what made me most nervous was that yesterday a “member” of my snb (it’s someone who has joined our yahoo group–never attends but always has something to say in reference to our posts…) posted that I should look up how to make a tea of parsley b/c it’ll make me go into labor. A parsley tea doesn’t sound at all appetizing and I wasn’t looking for a way to go into labor per se!!! It made me nervous b/c I thought that maybe I should look more carefully at the contents of the herbals I drink… :shrug:

blackberry sage sounds nice!!!

I am sure there are many teas that might cause different reactions when we are pregnant, that is why I have only tried those that are known to be harmless… I read in a pregnancy book that there is one particular one that might cause a miscarriage… I will look it up and give you the name…

I don’t drink much non-caffeinated tea except for chamomile, but my roommate loves hibiscus tea blends. I’m not sure what brand she normally buys, but I got her some of http://www.peets.com/shop/tea_detail.asp?id=888&cid=2008 one time, and she said it was similar to her normal blend.

I’m not a tea expert, but here’s one of my favorites for drinking at work.
decaf mint green tea

Adagio has amazing teas of just about every variety you can imagine, and exceptional customer service to boot. You don’t know what you’ve been missing until you’ve tried the good stuff. Really. Their starter set is a terrific value – comes with a nifty teapot and 4 sample tins (makes about 10 cups each). They’ve got tons of customer reviews to help guide your decisions, and their (previously mentioned) sample tins (usually about $2 each if purchased individually) are a great way to try different flavors. You might want to consult their live help to ask for specific recommendations for pregnancy. Shipping is fast and very reasonable, and everything is beautifully packaged. I can’t recommend them more highly. They make good tea an affordable luxury.

I have a good suggestion for you: Rooibos (some people call it red tea). It’s a plant from Africa and they use it exactly like loose black tea, however there is no caffeine in it. It tastes delicious, and you can get it with different flavours added to it. I have one at home with dried berries and it is YUMMY. It would be very good with warm milk, too.

I think your best bet however is to go to a good tea house and ask about tea and pregnancy. In good stores they will know everything about it and I’m sure they will be happy to answer your questions.

Chai Tea is OK for pregnancy I believe - its a milk tea so its probably quite good for you too.

You can get it in spiced (cinnamonny flavour) or vanilla - I love the spiced.

Yum Yum.

I’ve only had Adagio White Teas, but they were yummy!! :heart:

I recently bought Blueberry tea and it’s super yummy and wonderful!

I prefer my blueberry tea iced. Just a warning-when you add milk to blueberry tea, it curdles–at least the brand that I have.

I’ve recently fallen in love with Bigelow’s Vanilla Caramel (also available in decaf). It’s very sweet (or reminiscent of sweet) with no sweetners/calories. I’m trying to watch my weight, and it takes care of my sweet tooth everytime!

I have a student I tutor whose mom owned a tea room. She always has the best teas! It’s such a luxury for her to make me a cup when I teach.

Parsley tea? I guess you could make tea out of almost anything, but who wants to?

I recommend Republic of Tea. My favorites include:

Ginger Peach, Blackberry Sage, Cranberry Blood Orange, Kiwi Pear, Apricot, and Honeysuckle White Tea. Many are available decaffinated or naturally caffeine free.

They are good stuff!

I’m a big fan of mint tea as it is great for settling the stomach (I have IBS). I also drink a fair amount of green tea.

If I were you I would discuss some of the options that sound good to you with your doctor as whatever tea you drink will have some affect on your milk as you’re nursing.

Ooo good point!

My favourite type of tea is Trader Joes brand decaf English Breakfast. Oolong tea is what I used to drink, and it’s very good too (I think it might be mellower, which is why my mum prefers it maybe).

I don’t know how either would effect a baby though…

I go to China Town for my teas most of the time. I like Jasmine and Green teas. I also like Trader Joe’s decaf organic teas.

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Nadja xxx

I second the rooibos tea - it’s pretty close to “normal” tea tastewise and is naturally caffeine free. I drink a cup of vanilla rooibos tea almost every day at the office. I also like peppermint and japanese green tea. but I think green tea has caffeine in it, doesn’t it? :??