OT: Tea suggestions

Thanks for all of the good suggestions. I’ve done some research myself on what teas effect pregnancy and milk supply and am pretty good at knowing what to steer clear of but I will ask if I actually make it to my next appointment (scheduled for Thursday but I took my dd4 out to ride her bike and just came in to a flurry of contractions!! I’m supposed to be induced on Friday so at this point–milk supply is a bigger concern than pregnancy!)

I looked at adagio and have several samples in my cart that I’m going to purchase. They have lots that look really great and buying loose teas gives me a reason to use all of my favorite tetsubin pots! :slight_smile:

It’s fun, isn’t it? My favorite will always be genmai cha (for the uninitiated, a nutty japanese green tea with toasted rice and popcorn in it), but I like some of the fruit teas too. Do not care for the rooibos for some reason – just not my uh… cup of tea, I guess. :wink: My tea consumption plummeted after I resumed coffee drinking (I go through these phases), but I think I will need to put in an order soon!

P.S. Good luck on Friday!


You’ve probably got this already, but raspberry tea is supposed to be another for starting labor - and probably tastes better than parsley, IMHO :drool:

Best wishes for you and the impending little one!

As aethra mentioned, Red Raspberry Leaf tea is a uterin toner and considered good for pregnant and nursing moms by most. Traditional Medicinals is a good brand and can be found at most health food stores and some larger chain stores with health food sections. Even Safeway sometimes carries it. It’s organic and the best tasting of the ones I have tried.

They also carry some blends of teas that help with milk supply.

Best wishes for a healthy birth and healthy mom and baby.

Mama Bear

I really like Yogi teas, especially Ginger and lemon.

Hi Cristy–good luck to you, both on the remainder of your pregnancy, and with nursing! :hug: I absolutely love tea! My favorites are English Breakfast (which you can get as decaf), Moroccan Mint, lemon teas, Tazo Tea has a GREAT orange tea, chai. Also, double bergamot tea (like a double Earl Grey) makes for a great iced tea I think–different than the standard plain black tea and a nice change. I like Stash brand teas. :heart:

I know that mint tea is said to decrease milk production when you’re ready for nursing, so I thought I’d mention it. I know that everybody is different, so you may be fine if you drink it, but it is worth keeping in mind. Here’s a great site for herbs and breastfeeding if you don’t mind me sending it your way.

Mason–you have IBS and you are a OTR driver??? :shock: You poor guy! :hug: I had ulcerative colitis and now currently have Crohn’s…I could never do a job like that! I hope it doesn’t give you too much trouble.

I am very spoiled to have an amazing tea shop not very far away from where I live. They sell loose teas and coffees and also teas in bags. My faves are a couple of black teas – Violet Rose and Plum. I also love their Pear Rooibos. They make a great fruity tea called Carribean Splash.

They have a website if anyone is interested:

Simpson & Vail[color=darkblue][/color]

As for teas for good milk supply I always relied on Traditional Medicinals Mother’s Milk Tea.


i recently became obsessed with loose leaf tea. here are my favorites:

tea gschwender strawberry white tea
-this tea smells so sweet and gorgeous. it actually has pieces of freeze-dried strawberries in it. because it’s such a fragile white tea i boil water and wait until the water temperature falls to about 160F before pouring it onto the tea. if the water is above that temp then the intense heat destroys the subtle strawberry flavor. =( when i finally drink the tea it’s not very hot… if you like your teas to be really really warm then this might not be the type for you.

from tea gschwender i also like: father morgana. it’s a very fruity green tea with mango and cranberry. it’s almost not tea. hahaha. it’s like a very light and pleasant fruit juice.

teavana i see teavanas at malls often so they aren’t hard to find. my favorite from them is a blend of their jasmine dragon phoenix pearls (a green tea) with lavender dreams (a white tea). such a serene drink. i’m a huge fan of green tea + jasmine… but the addition of the lavender really makes this the best flavored green tea i’ve ever had.

hope that helps! =)

We do have a teavanna at one of my favorite malls but it’s still about 30 miles away. I’ve been trying to avoid lengthy trips b/c while 30 miles isn’t far…if any of you are familiar w/ Atlanta traffic…you know it’s not a good idea for a mom close to delivery to venture out very far! (And I love the dragon pearls too!)

Thanks for the links to milk production and tea and I’ve heard all about the mother’s milk teas…if this kid is anything like my first–milk production will be no problem b/c all she wanted to do was eat…and the more they eat…they more you make! I just want to make sure I don’t do anything to decrease the supply (so I appreciate the note about mint tea!).

Parsley…yes…I looked into that and there are some disturbing things about it…apparently it’s either used to make you go into labor or to make you begin your cycle if you’re late…not sure how one thing could do both b/c it seems rather contradictory…I think I’ll skip on the parsley!

Raspberry–yes, I’ve heard about it…I ordered some from Adagio and if I’m still pregnant when it arrives (I better not be) I’ll drink up the entire container! :slight_smile: LOL!

Thanks again for all of the suggestions…keep um coming if you can think of others!

Pennyroyal tea is commonly used to cause “natural abortions” and I’m assuming means it can cause miscarriage.

and thanks for the link to the Adagio teas website! I’ve been recently thinking about trying out more high quality teas, but didn’t know where to start. All I’ve ever really had is that cheap Celestial Seasonings stuff! :teehee:

Celestial Seasonings Lemon Zinger and Berry Zinger are really good if you’re just looking to pick up something from the grocery store. They’re not gormet teas or anything, but they’re always a good standby to have on hand.

Great, Jane. You just helped me blow my yarn budget for TEA! JK. Thanks for the link, their shipping was extremely fast. I just got my order today and the teas smell delish–can’t wait to try them. I’ve never used loose tea before, how much do you put into a filter/infuser, like a teasp? It was fun reading everyone’s reviews on the different teas they have.

I’m nursing a baby and my OB said anything you can buy at the grocery store is fine–none of those are hard-core enough to hurt anything. Traditional Medicinals has a tea specifically for nursing called Mother’s Milk; I think it tastes awful, but some people like it. It tastes like anise, so if you like licorice you might be into it. (It didn’t boost my milk supply, as advertised, but some women have good luck for that too!)

A gadget like this is nice and handy…I can never seem to find my measuring spoons when I need them for my loose tea, so this is really handy (because I store it by my tea and I know exactly where it is at any given time :teehee: )

The amount of loose tea to add is determined by taste. Here’s a general guideline for brewing 8 ounces of tea:

White tea - 2 teaspoons
Green tea - 1 teaspoon
Oolong tea - 2 teaspoons
Black tea - 1 teaspoon
Herbal tea - start with 1 teaspoon, and increase until desired strength

Tea should brew for about 3-5 minutes depending on your strength preference; green teas should steep for only 1-3 minutes and the brewing water should be a bit cooler than it would for the other teas.

thank you, cookworm!

You’re welcome. I like to enable. :teehee:

If u like tea with milk,you can try the Indian Chai tea.You can get loose tea (no flavours added) from any Indian grocery store.Brew the tea and mix with warm milk.It tastes great and does no harm during or after pregnancy even if you plan to nurse.

I stopped drinking coffee a few months ago and started drinking tea. I lost 15 lb right off the bat even though I usually drank my coffee black. I really like pumpkin spice, chai, and chocolate. My dd (12 yrs old) loves to make my tea for me. I made the mistake of telling her that I didn’t really like the Camomile tea, I just kept it for cramps (although I almost never drank it, lol). This month when I told her I had cramps she insisted on making it :doh: When she saw my face when I started drinking it she dropped a peppermint candy in it. It was great! It settled my stomach as well as the cramps. It looked like it had cream in it after it disolved and was just a touch sweet. I loved it, lol. I also like peach, strawberry, and white peony.

I went to a tea room today with my mom, grandmother, and sister. This place has a TON of teas that you can choose from for your meal. I had Lapsang something or other…it was REALLY strong and tasted like pine smoke. I didn’t like it at the time, but I’ve been thinking about it all day, and I think I’ll try it again sometime. The tea room also has a Valentine’s day blend (black tea with chocolate and rose petals), a Wedding blend (white tea with roses and vanilla), and loads of others that are so very good. Mmm…

I would like to recommend http://www.englishteastore.com/index.html. They have a great selection of teas from many companies and the service is good. (Try the Earl Grey Cream – a little sugar and cream and it tastes like dessert!)

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