OT: Tattoos - Post photos of yours!

As some of you know (those who have been watching me post this emoticon regularly in the blogs: :thud: ), the good Lord willing and the creek don’t rise, I’ll be getting my first tattoo on Saturday (Hildie will be there to catch me if I faint). Some of you have posted pictures of your tattoos - I thought I’d ask more of you to do so, to encourage me and also because I love to see the pictures!

I have 5 tattoos, and want more, but this is the only one I have a picture of.

I don’t have any digitals of mine…and am feeling far too lazy to scan them just now and then deal with posting. Sorry. :oops:

I have a blue butterfly on the back of my left hip…it’s about 6 inches long, 4-5 inches wide.

I got it 6 years ago…and I still love it. It has personal meaning to me. And no one has to know about it unless I want them too…but it’s not in a “private” place, so showing it off doesn’t require taking someone into a bathroom stall.

I really want to get a crown of thorns on the back of my neck but my hubby says no more tattoos. :pout:

Be warned: while the first one can be a little intimidating, it is very easy to get sucked in and want more!


I thought i had a pic saved on this laptop, but I guess not.
mine’s a thorny heart on my right shoulder with a scroll and the letter J in it. just black, thick lines. I’ve had it since 1994 and it’s fading a little.

edit: found a grainy pic taken in 2001.

Oooo…I love posts like these! I actually have three tats…one on my lower back (1st), one on the back of my neck (2nd), and the last one is right above my left hip bone! I love all three…especially the newest addition since I can actually see it…lol!

Here’s some pics:


Lower Back

Left Hip

The kitty one was taken only a couple of hours after getting her inked, so she’s not near as smooth as she is now being that she’s three months old!

Have fun getting your first tattoo! Don’t forget to show us some pics!

~Stacie xxx

Ooo Ooo Ooo!!! Me next! Me! This picture is from right after I got the tattoo in July, I really should get a new one but I probably won’t:

Sometimes I forget I have it, but whenever I see it I love it. It’s gorgeous. It’s the first tattoo I ever got, and it took two and a half hours, but my artist was wonderful and only the last twenty minutes or so really hurt. And it was sooooo worth it.

yay for getting your first tattoo! I have a lot of tattoos, but no pictures on this computer! But I have lots… small sea turtle on my ankle, hindu design on my wrist, large memorial calf piece for my grandpa, japanese dragon backpiece… so yea, if you have any questions I’m sure I can answer them! :teehee:

Thanks, everyone! (And for those of you who don’t have pictures, descriptions are cool too!) I have heard so many people say that it becomes addictive to get them (and by the way, my husband has no say one way or the other about what I do to my own body - he can have an opinion and I do want to hear what it is, but the decision is mine alone, as is the money that I earned and will be using to pay for it…). I’m curious to see how I’ll react… I’m such a wuss when it comes to needles, but in this case I want the tattoo more than I hate the needles… I think. We’ll see! It was true about my nostril piercing, too - took me years of wanting it before I finally got over the fear of pain and just did it. I’ve been thinking about the tattoo for two or three years now, and I seem to be ready…

… I hope…

I had to pop out of seclusion for this topic! I know you’ve seen pictures of mine, but here they are again. I also have a scorpion on my right hip that I don’t have a photo of. The next one I’m planning on getting is an Orion to sit opposite the scorpion, but I haven’t decided how I want it yet, or whether it should go back or hip, etc. The one on my hip did not hurt at all. The process felt sort of itchy, actually. I ripped the scab off on a pair of jeans though, so it’s in major need of a retouch. :pout: The ones on my feet hurt. A lot. Ask my roommate, who held my hand. :teehee: But they were really quick (less than five minutes each) because they’re just black lines. I have a thing for plain black tattoos. :shrug:
The picture was taken the day I got the “I think” done (which was about 5 months after I got the “I am” done), which is why it’s all red and shiny. I took the picture in a mirror and reversed it, in case you were wondering if I had it done backwards. :teehee:

:cheering: Can’t wait to see your tattoo… I don’t have one but if I did I would have a yellow rose on my ankle with a tear drop falling from one of the petals… and then something like a pretty butterfly on my wrist…

but I’m really afraid of needles and don’t want to see :pout: on my dad’s face :teehee:

Cate—Where’s the pictures??? :shrug:

I don’t have any pictures of my tat…at least not that I can put my hands on and I was headed for the digital camera until I started looking at the ones you guys have and realized that some of you have some SERIOUS tatttoos! You’d probably laugh if you saw mine so I’ll just describe it…

It’s on my shoulder blade–can’t remember which one b/c I never see it…right one I think… :shrug:
It’s a gecko done tribal style–all black–about 3 inches long and and inch and a half wide. It’s 10 years old now so it could use some re-touching…several times I’ve thought of getting it made into something else but I’m afraid that it’d look awful or be really obvious that it was once something different. I love the lizard–it’s just not as “sharp” as it once was. I kind of like the idea of the same thing only larger and that could be pulled off over the existing tattoo I think…

Kirochka–good luck. They are somewhat addicting–the only reason I never got more is the money factor–it seemed like there was always something else that I NEEDED to spend the money on so I couldn’t justify the tattoo…
If it’s any help–I am SO unbelievably frightened of needles that I had my first child natural to avoid an epidural…that being said–the tattoo was nothing. It felt like a warm, slow scratch to me–but not an overly painful one. I think the pain factor has a lot to do w/ location. I know several people who have said that feet hurt and so do ankles…

okay…Cate…suddenly your pic is there…weird…

Aylaane… that is BEAUTIFUL!!! STUNNING!

[size=1]Not that all others arent… I just have a thing for nature.[/size]

Cate, I love the idea of an Orion tattoo! It’s my favorite constellation! Which may be because it’s the only one I can pick out in the sky. :rofl:

I’m assuming you would get it star-style and not as the dude?

I love everyone’s tattoos! I want a tattoo but I can never decide what to get.

Yep, probably star style. But I don’t know if I want it with lines or without and all that. He’s my favorite, the only one I can pick out, and I love one version of his myth. He and the scorpion are on opposite sides of the sky because Orion killed every beast BUT the scorpion, who managed to get him. :twisted:

I so want to get one!

Isn’t one forever chasing the other, too?

I don’t have a tattoo yet, although my boyfriend has plenty to make up for my lack there of. I’m planning a chest piece right now that I’m amazingly excited about. I love you guys’ tattoos!

Thanks Kelly! I’ll try to get DH to take another picture of it so you can see the chrysalis. The guy really did a great job, and then undercharged us (I think) so we’ll be going back to him eventually. I have a couple of other ideas for tattoos, I want one where I can see it, and when my children are born I’ll get their names and birthdates tattooed on me.

Here’s mine… I may be adding one on Saturday with Karen, kind of like my avatar, except the moon is smaller, so it’s encircling the fairy, the fairy is crouching, not sitting, and she’s holding a ball of yarn :yay: BUT DH wants me to talk to someone else and see if he can do it cheaper that the tat place :yadda: … anyway, I digress…

I got the turtle on my back left sholder in 2001, and the sun on my left ankle 2 weeks ago.

Yikes, these pics are crappy… the turtle is blurry and the sun is upside down and my ankle is all black from the ink… oh well…