OT: Tattoos - Post photos of yours!

well I found a picture that kinda shows one of my tattoos! It’s a B&W pic, so it’s hard to tell… but they are old school roses in a lovely shade of blue that you can’t see! :teehee:

I have several, but this one is my favorite (sorry, not the best photo):

Oh, I just love those roses! I’m planning a chest piece right now with some traditional roses and things. I bet the blue looks amazing.

XbelovedXoneX- I am so happy that you didn’t choose a dress for your wedding that covered your tattoos! I chose a strapless as well, and I liked it BECAUSE you could see my tattoo… lemme see… I’ll have to dig and see if I can find a pic…

Everyone thinks it’s an eye, but it’s two figure 8’s (the sign for infinity) looped together. I also have a small infinity sign on the back of my neck but it’s hard to take that pic by myself :roflhard:

Thanks! The blue is amazing… I got the tattoo 5 years ago, and they still look as bright as the day they were done!

I think it would have just looked trashy if I wore a dress where part of my tattoos peeped out! Funny story… my mom’s boss, who is from Denmark, asked my mom if I had them painted on specifically for the wedding. He and his wife thought they were so beautiful! I’m glad he said this to my mom because she hates my tattoos. It’s always good for her to hear compliments on them!

I have three… but no pictures.

1 Celtic band left upper arm, 1 chinese symbol on my right hip… and a green eyed serpent dragon over my left shoulder :wink:

Oh my goodness, XbelovedXoneX, your roses are GORGEOUS. I might have to steal that blue rose idea.

My mother doesn’t like admitting that I have a tattoo, and she forbade me from telling her two younger children (though I told my sister the first moment she and I had alone).

My mom doesn’t mind my tattoos as much as my stretched earlobes(which you can also kinda see in the pic). Those she finds literally repulsive. But I still love her. :teehee:

I’ve got two tats. one on my inside right bicep - the symbol for the celtic goddice Brigantia and one on my lower back/bum of a frog on a lilypad with some tribal stuff around it.

The colors in the photo of my back piece are a bit off…

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It’s so interesting to see everyone’s ink!

I have 3 all on my lower back. The lowest one I got in college; it’s the symbol for sisterhood. My and my sorority big sister both got it. The hearts are just for fun. And the paws are the actual paw prints of my dog and cat. (Those were not easy to get from them!) :wall:

How funny. My mom is the same way. Although, I took mine out a while back, but had them stretched to almost a 1/2 inch. She always looked at me all grossed out. :teehee:

Cutter and Letah…

:cheering: :roflhard:
I saw your screen name and have wondered about Letah… Now I know~!!
My girlfriend introduced me to the graphic novels 20 :cheering: :roflhard: Years ago…
Do you have Skywise on your bod??? :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

I can’t find a pic of mine but it’s on my lower back and is a plumeria.
Have you all heard the new term “Tramp Stamp”? I hate it. I guess it refers to some kind of bullseye that a “tramp” has on her lower back.
Apparently, any tat on a woman’s lower back is now considered a “Tramp Stamp”. Lovely.
My daughter has two tat’s. One on her ankle and one on her lower back. I want a new one that has something to do with me being vegan, but I haven’t come up with just the right idea so I’m holding off for awhile.
Tat’s are definetely addicting. Have fun…you’ll do fine. I found that you kind of numb yourself to it after while.

[color=green]This post’s Swedish word/phrase: “Detta är min tatuering!” = “This is my tattoo!”

This sort-of-crappy-picture shows my tattoo. The tattoo is between my shoulder blades and I couldn’t get a better picture on my own. In reality, the middle line is vertical.

The sign is Japanese (Kanji) for water. It’s about 10cm (4in) across. I wanted something more than just the sign and after a lot of thinking I added flames as a contrast to the water. It’s all shaded in black.

oooh, I love to see everyones tats!! :cheering: :cheering: I got this one in June 2004 - I absolutely love it. I can’t wait to get another one. I want to get one to represent my son that we tried so many years for. Now that he’s here I really want to choose just the right thing.

This one goes all the way around my ankle.

I have 4 tats. The oldest, my tiger is about 15 years old now. :shock:
Maybe it’s time for new ink…

A lil tiger on my right ankle

A rose above right breast

A panther head on my left upper arm

And a tribal/kanji on my back… the kanji says “Silver”)

which is also on the rear window of my F150 truck

You’re all so inspiring to me!!! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: I can’t wait to be able to show mine!

(Also because it’ll mean it’s done and I’ll know what it feels like and I’ll know it really wasn’t that bad… and who knows, maybe I’ll be dying to get another one! :shifty: )

Don’t have one yet. I’ve been designing stuff for years and a tattoo for myself is also in the works.

I love all of your tattoos guys!! :heart:

Thanks mod squad for fixing my picture! :slight_smile:

I want to get a tattoo for my dd. I am thinking of putting her name and birthday on my left inner bicep in a small spiral and then adding the names and birthdates of our future kids to that spirial. either that or put them near my breast since my dd was nourished by mama’s milk for 11 months and still going!!!

I dunnooo…but I know i really want another one.

everyones Tats are great!!!

I love all the great tattoos.
I have 4, but no picx on the pc.

1/Upper right arm-old style bird of paradise with a banner with my name in it.
(my boyfriend at the time wanted his name in it, no way…lol)
2/Upper left arm is pegasus flying in front of a moon.
3/Right Shoulder blade-red rose with a blue intwined ribbon, and my grandmothers initials and date of passing.
4/Left shoulder balde is a lions head with a full main-in black and grey. It was a first anniversary gift, my husband and I both have the same one, we got it to represent strength as alot of people in the beginning didn’t have alot of faith in our love (we had a very short courtship-I attributed that to knowing what I wanted and going after it, I already wasted enough time…lol) So now 8 years later we still look at the tattoo and remember how we are living for us, and our family and that we don’t need to justify ourselves to anyone else.

Thats my tattoo story. I really want another one, it was one I found thats tiger lily with a dragon emerging from it.