OT: Tatting?

[color=blue]Has anyone tried tatting? :thinking: Difficult? Could you recommend some websites on the craft?

Thanks so much! :cheering:

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never tried it but yeah its something I’ve wondered about too - need to get my crochet on the go though first :wink:

I opened this thinking that you’d typed “Tattooing” and I was gonna’ tell you all about the tattoo I have just finished designing for myself. Guess that would be REALLY off topic. :roflhard: :roflhard:

I’ve never tried tatting. In fact, I don’t really know much about it. I think I’m going to go do a google on it. :slight_smile:

There is a very good book. The name of which I cannot for the life of me recall. “Needle Tatting” is in the title. I can get you the rest of it when my LYS opens up again next week. :doh:

It’s not hard. The husband half of the LYS couple taught himself to tat with this book. I’ll keep thinking about it.

I have a friend who used to tat…I wonder if she knows of a website. I’ll ask her…

I don’t know how to tat. I searched the subject on line a while back and found a few good sites. It’s done on a tiny shuttle with fine thread. I had ancestresses that tatted. I think my mom still has some pillow cases with hand tatted lace edging ont them. A client showed me some tatted christmas ornaments made by a relative of hers that has died, they were framed and lovely. It’s quite a talent. If you learn how keep us posted.

I was just thinking about tatting the other day. I read a hint that you could use the plastic closures on potato bags for shuttles. :smiley:
I’ve never tatted but I think it would be interesting to know how. It would be great to make collars, fringe, and what not for knitting projects.

I just googled these sites for you.


I got a message back from my friend! She gave me these two links!


I love to tat!! I borrowed a great tape from the library (Victorian Productions was the series) and this sweet old lady showed how to do it step-by-step. You can find the shuttles at Michael’s and Joann’s. Dover has a whole series of pattern books.

Wow thats so pretty! I always thought it might be a way of crocheting, but i was so wrong! It reminds me somewhat of hemp knotting, but not as easy. Looks like something worth getting into.

[color=blue]knitaddict, " opened this thinking that you’d typed “Tattooing” and I was gonna’ tell you all about the tattoo I have just finished designing for myself. Guess that would be REALLY off topic. "

lol… please feel free to share your tattoo! I have one on my ankle and always love to see other folk’s :smiley:

Jan! Thank you for those sites–fantastic.

Nina, I may be asking for some help in the future if you don’t mind. We just moved to a new town and I can not find a library that is open when I am not working lol. Am going to visit the next town up from us when I leave work. Will see if they have any dvd’s or videos on the subject.

http://www.bellaonline.com/subjects/6777.asp is a great site as well… a ton of information!

Thank you to all that answered my quest! :heart: Will let you know how it goes. :sunny:

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I have a friend that I made online who started a group for tatters on Flickr!


I have a book that I got from Hobby Lobby called “Learn Needle Tatting Step-by-Step” by Barbara Foster. It’s really easy to needle tat. I couldn’t get the hang of the shuttle but the needle is great. The end result looks the same.

[color=blue]Thanks for the link… :cheering: you have some beautiful items on this site! :heart:

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[color=blue]I am going into Craft Mania on my way home from work today… for a set of double pointed needles… I will see if they have that book or maybe something similar… thanks! :smiley:

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I was going to mention that there are two different kinds of tatting. One uses a shuttle and the other uses long needles. I just wanted you to know so when you search for instructions and patterns that you get what you want. I would be happy to help PM me!

Stonington, the needle that you tat with is a long needle about the size a DPN with an eye and a blunt tip. The book I have came with one which was very handy. The needles come in different sizes depending on the size thread you use. My book says to start with a size #5-0 or larger needle and crochet thread size 20 or 10.

ETA: The needle is about the length of a DPN but a lot thinner.

I opened this thinking that you’d typed “Tattooing”

Me too!! I wanted to see what kind of “tats” everyone had.

I’ve always wanted one, but, I freak out about needles. Can’t think why I took up a craft that needs them! :smiley:

I’m all set up to learn - a friend gave me a shuttle, thread, and a big book on it as a present, and I just haven’t gotten around to trying it! I want to learn, I don’t really know why I haven’t yet :thinking: , except that I move so fast from knitting project to knitting project I always forget to stop and try to learn tatting!
Tatting’s so pretty - I’d love to see any finished item’s ya’ll do!

[color=blue]Well I guess I will have to put tatting in future projects. DD just let me know I am going to be a grandmother again! She also spied my Lucy bag in process… oh mum… I LOVE that! hehehe. Thanks for all the information I will reference it again soon I hope!

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