OT: Stuggling to finish the book "Outlander"

Does it get better??? I’ve been reading it, and I’ve been basically very into it, but i’m at an impass…The main character Clair, is driving me NUTS!! Can anyone else relate to this? (Sorry if I misspell names, I’m listening to the audio book, not reading it.)


I literally cried with dissapointment in Clair when she managed to start a nasty fight with Jamie right after he risks his life to save her from the Fort. I mean, cummon, there wasn’t anything difficult to understand about the situation, he obviously just saved her from rape and jail at major risk of his own life. And she manages to get pissed at him and calls him the worst things she can think of? I absolutely LOVE Jamie, and I can’t stand the way she’s treating him!! :mad:

Time after time, EVERYONE in this story has gone out of their way to help her, so what if sometimes it’s beneficial to them as well, she acts like everyone’s taking advantage of her, and she hasn’t expressed gratitude to ANYONE for saving her butt over and over.

I just want to shake this lady and tell her “WAKE UP!!” “And let yourself fall in love for crying out loud!”


I hate not finishing a book, but I can’t take much more of this attitude. Someone please tell me she goes through a major attitude shift sometime soon in the book!!!

WOW!! Beldie and I love this book* It’s hard for me to relate–I love the entire series. And they ALL get better as they go on!!!

Part of Claire’s character is that she puts up a fight when confronted with emotional stress. She does it throughout the series–it’s her defense mechanism. That’s one of the things that attracts Jamie to her in the first place–because shes bold, can think for herself… he finds feminism H O T. … and he needs a take charge kind of women because even though he’s a tough warrior, his mommy and sister are the most important people in his life, both of whom have/had strong personalities (mom married outsid of the clan, jenny is running an estate while jamie is away).

Anyone else? A different opinion?

I didn’t think that about her either. The closest I could come to was that she had her own problem that was quite huge in itself and was less observant to the other surrounding problems. At least in that part of the story.

To further relate to Hildie’s post, Jamie needs to have that kind of woman because of who he is to others. He’s a leader to a lot of others (which you’ll see when, not if, you read more).

Please don’t stop reading. The story and the characters will grow.

Remember, right now she cannot let herself fall in love with Jamie. Put yourself in her position. If you transported back in time and met someone like Jamie, would you put him above Sheldon???

On a real life note, I’ve met guys that I thought were attractive, nice, and all the good things I like in a guy, but it doesn’t mean that I am going to stray from they one guy that I chose to marry.

Keep reading!

I did not care for this series of books.
at first it seemed good, but then it got boring.

Thanks Hildie and Beldie and Tigger.

I’ll put it aside for now. I’ve heard rave reviews about the book, so I hate to stop reading it all together. And I have been into it. It’s just become so frustrating. Hopefully I’ll be able to pick it up later and give her another chance.

Thanks for the feedback. It helps. Now I at least know what i can expect from Clair. Sounds like she doesn’t change much. :verysad:

(edited out a bunch of rambling why her attitude drives me nuts.)

jamie has more problems than you’ll ever realize (found in the rest of the books). after the 3rd or 4th, i just had to stop. he’s not a very strong character IMHO, and tho I adore the time travel type book, it just didn’t hold me.
I also hate to stop reading a book after investing so much time in it, so do put it aside awhile and pick up when things are less hectic.
it’s a funny thing about the written word, even on the bbs. Sometimes the way you are feeling at that particular moment can make you put a different meaning on it, if you understand that rambling.

I love this series, and have read every word right up to the recently released “Breath of Snow and Ashes.” I too had to slog through the occasional part that I just “didn’t get” at the time. It will get better! I found that when I re-read the earlier books (while waiting for a new one to come out I sometimes need an Outlander fix) they not only made more sense, I picked up on things that I missed completely the first time around. I’ve re-read every book several times (except the most recent one) and enjoyed each one the subsequent times as much as the first.

I think one of the things I like best about it is that Jamie and Claire are NOT perfect, they are regular people with strengths and weaknesses. They are well matched, though, and learn to accept each other warts and all.

:lol: Sounds like you caught some of my rambling before I removed it. I do have a lot of opinions on relationship dynamics, having taught workshops in the subject at one time!

Can anyone else relate to this? Did anyone else react to her actions and thinking pattern as depressingly selfish? Silveridger, is this what you referred to as the part you didn’t like at first?

I LOVE this series…I have re-read Outlander about 5 times!!! And again, I get something new out of it. This time I was tedious with the history aspect of it, grilling MY historian about Scottish history.

And also remember too that in the earlier books Jamie is ONLY 21, not the strong, fix it all hero, with all the answers.

But as far as Claire…ya…she is still at that point SOO committed to Frank. TOTALLY…

When I feel like “going home” I read those books…character wise, not that I’m from that area.

Oh, and my aunt, who we are kindred spirits, didn’t really get into the first one, but LOVED the rest…so…there IS hope.

LOL I have to agree with you a little, I thought she was pretty nutso to be such a * :shock: * ahem you know right after all of that happened… but I stuck through it (and got a kick out of all the history :rollseyes: I know, I’m strange…) and absolutely love the series…

Well, I was going to add something, but then realized you’re only on the first book and wouldn’t know about that yet… to all those who do though, don’t you find you like Brianna better than Claire? Not sure why, she’s got her own moments where you just wanna give her a smack or two LOL…

I think I’m more into Claire. I have something for her “medical moments”. Love the historical stuff in it too.

Haven’t read Breath of Snow and Ashes yet, but the Fiery Cross had a lot of character development, whereas the first 4 books had a lot more adventure in them.

something else my Nana told me, and I nearly ALWAYS listen to my nana…and this was one time I couldn’t…lol…

I read Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men when I was in college. And I was SOOOO mortally wounded that he could even POSSIBLY THINK of doing such a thing to Lenny. I still get hurt thinking about it…I haven’t read ANYTHING by him again. I’m just so disgusted.

But…Nana said…isn’t it great that a writer can elicit THAT much emotion? THAT is the sign of a good writer!!! So, even tho we don’t agree with the character, or the author, if it gets us emotinally, maybe there is something there!!

Unfortunately I could use a little of Claire’s attitudes in my own life - I am queen of the pushover, then end up using passive aggressive techniques to try to get my way - nobody wins. Her character does develop, but she is what she is through out the series. I have read and re-read them and have had parts I had to skip over because I found they were annoying.

THANKS everyone for all the helpful feedback. :heart:

I really LOVE the atmosphere and setting, and a lot of aspects about the characters and plot and interactions. I know what you mean HeatherFeather about “going home,” there’s something about the setting that really calls to me. I wish I weren’t so set-off by that character trait of Claire’s. I guess it’s just me!

I was so into the book I was reading for hours every night. When I overdo it like that, I loose my ability to hold real-life conversations, my brain gets wacked out. LOL. Finally getting normal again now that I’ve put it down. Maybe I’ll pick it up again later.

All this discussion really got my interest–I bought the book today!! :smiley:

Do you find yourself thinking in that Scottish vernacular??? :rofling: “…an’ all wi’ be well, an’ all wi’ be well…” I get way into books when reading them, too, and have to actually force myself to go do something else every couple of hours or so…

:cheering: Andrea, you’re going to love it!! And the good news is, there’s four more when you’re done with that one!!!

YAY Andrea!!! :cheering:

Ooh, I love the Outlander series! Stick with it, they are well worth the read. Haven’t read the newest one yet, but it’s on my list.

While we were away, I read “Breath of Snow and Ashes”. I bought it right after it came out, but school got in the way. I :heart: this series. It is one of my all time favorites. Claire is quick tempered, that’s part of her character and she and Jamie will look back on the argument you mention and laugh about it (Claire winces about it as well) later. I hope you keep going with the book.

Not to beat a dead horse when you’ve already put the book down, but keep going. Claire gets over herself a bit as she settles into her new life in a new place, amongst new people, with a new husband, facing new/dangerous situations. If she were a doormat, she’d never survive any of it, kwim?

And sometimes she’s annoying. Aren’t we all? I think I’d probably be pretty engrossed in my own problems if I fell through a standing stone formation and ended up being held prisoner (basically) by a group of self-serving, aggressive in the extreme, misogynistic 18th century highlanders! :wink: And then forced to MARRY one of them – even if he is gorgeous and intelligent and caring and gentle and the best of the lot. :lol:

Oh, and no, I don’t like Brianna better. Brianna drives me NUTS! Talk about self-centered and annoying. Grrrrr.