OT: Scam warning

I got an email today about a scam that I thought might be worth sharing in case it helps anyone out there. People have reported that they were approached in a parking lot by a small group (one or two women, two or three men) asking “what kind of perfume are you wearing” and offering to sell heavily discounted perfumes. They have sample cards they ask you to sniff. Supposedly the sample to sniff is ether which will make you pass out, and then you get robbed.

Incredibly horrible to imagine that this might be true, but I figured it can’t hurt to post the info just in case. I don’t think I would engage with people approaching me in a parking lot and my DH is allergic to perfume so I never wear any…


Whenever I get anything like that, I look it up at snopes.com. Like many others, this one is fake. We have enough to worry about in the world without worrying about things that aren’t true! :wink:

Thrilled to know it is a false rumor! Things that start out protesting the truth of the story make me suspicious and I’m always more worried about an email virus than the content of the story!!

I am always checking that site for stuff people send me. Usually it’s fake. :lol:

SNOPES.com RULES! I use it all the time. Now I have my friends hooked on it. :slight_smile:

I used to get tons of forwards like this all the time, I checked them too, but with a twist. I forward the correct info about it being fake back to the person that sent it and to everyone they sent it to, yes this sounds harsh, but all my “friends” quickly learned to not send forwards like that to me. Hopefully they also learned to check stuff out as well.

I know, I’m a stinker… :roflhard:

No way! I’d much rather get the correct info! Nothing stinky about it!! I was going to do exactly what you said when I found out the truth, but had already deleted the email…maybe I’m a stinker too?? :roflhard:

i forward them back too because they irritate me. My brother has become the worst offender. i think he forwards them to me just i will look and he doesn’t have to…

seriously…teach a man to fish and he will still make me clean it! :wall:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

I know someone like that. She actually said don’t bother sending her the corrections and that she won’t look them up first. Her theory is better safe than sorry…what a doof. :rollseyes: She hasn’t sent me much lately thank goodness.

I do the same thing. I used to be so gullible and believe all those dire warnings… so I’ve declared myself the Hoax Avenger and I try to debunk everything I can! :roflhard:

Oh same here! I check Snopes all the time. My brother, who was usually the one who sent me the crap, actually appreciated the Snopes commentary so much that he started checking the emails on his own and stopped sending them to me! :thumbsup:

Now I just get spam with unintelligible subject lines that are actually ads for viagra and porn. (And not yummy yarn porn, either.)

Oh, and then there are the banking scams sent from Nigeria that I immediately report to the Feds.

My mother got a new spin on those scams today - absolutely revolting - claiming to be from a US soldier who came across millions of dollars in Iraq that he needs help investing, or something. That, and the ones that claim to be from Holocaust survivors needing help with reparation money, are the ones that make me want to get violent…


Makes me want to believe a) in a Hell, and b) in levels in Hell.

I always got ones from people claiming to be living in Nigeria and needing my American bank account for…something. I found a parody of these here: http://j-walk.com/other/conf/

I just had a horrible thought! What if Snopes is a hoax!! :shock:

Maybe all this stuff is true! I could have helped that deposed Nigerian king who wanted to give me all his money! Man, oh, man. . . .

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: No. He wants to give it MEEEEE!!!

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Nice parody page, Cate! Thanks for the chuckle!