OT-Nonwords (and other annoyances)

okay…am i the only one who is bothered by certain words? i am not talking about the “naughty” ones (though i do find some of them quite satisfying sometimes) …i am talking about made up words and just words that are generally bothersome to me. Like butt…i hate the word butt. i use it but i still don’t like it. (i can’t explain it)

the one that got me starting this post though is the girl who sits over <~there~ (who i fear Dustina gets to hear about too much :rofling: ) uses the word “trial” as a verb and it maketh me crazy!

she just said “go ahead and trial that out this week…” and she uses it ALLLL the time.

along with the phrase “Oh Dang!”

that phrase never use to bother me…really…i swear.

i am fairly certain I will be able to come up with a lengthy list…lol…am i alone in this?

Merf. :lol:

Sometimes it takes me a minute to figure out what the mean, but it doesn’t really bother me. :wink:

It isn’t words that bother me, it’s when the words are not spelled right. I can understand if you misspell something on accident, but when you replace ‘you’ with a ‘u’ that irritates me… :mad:

The tech editor in me always wants to correct apostrophe usage. It’s “you’re” for you are, “it’s” for it is, etc.

I used to talk like that. u, 2, b, etc… :oops:

When I first got online and thought it was cool. :rollseyes:
It really does irritate me now though.

That, and when people -know- they are poor spellers and yet make no effort to use a spell checker or in some way at least -try- to spell most things right. That drives me nuts. :rollseyes:

Bad pronunciation bugs me sometimes, however I’m a native french speaker so I’m highly guilty of that myself :rofling: But George W. Bush’s “nukelar”… CAN’T STAND IT.

Speaking of french, people using “Ohlala” for anything relating to french irritates me for some reason. Or “sacrebleu”. I think it’s because it’s so old-style-stereotyped Paris french to me…

There are a lot of people where I work who say “I seen” instead of “I saw”. Also, I know people who say “acrosst” instead of “across”. Where did the ‘t’ come from???

Run on sentences also bother me a lot.

That’s all I can think of for now. There are lots of other things that bug me too. I’m not a perfect speller, nor am I a grammar whiz, but I try to do my best, and I pay attention to what I am writing and saying.

The one that drives me bonkers is when you thank someone for something and the person replies “You Welcome” Instead of “You’re Welcome”.

I also worked with someone who used to say the word precident incorrectly- it would come out as President. She would say, “well we don’t want to set a President.”

Then there’s Used to Could. “well, we used to could be able to do that”

And my favorite H and R. As in, we really need talk to someone in H and R about benefits. Kinda sounded like someone saying H & R Block …


ooooooh pacific instead of specific!


anyways (My friends use that one on purpose because they know it bugs me!)

(i have no idea what Merf means!) :thinking:

This is too funny. My poor husband is guilty of most of these! He adds the T on the end of several words and spells so horribly that spell check is confused. One thing that bothers me the most is irregardless. It is so hard not to correct people when they use it.

fur instead of for
tin instead of ten
git instead of get
I got instead of I have
uhUHuh instead of I don’t know

I hate “hisself” instead of himself. My old boss used to say that… “He can do it hisself.” ARGH!

The only time I use u instead of you or ne1 instead of anyone is when I’m playing World of Warcraft and typing can mean life or death in the game. :roflhard:

When folks pronounce the “th” on the end of height. It’s not heigh[size=6]th[/size] it’s height. No one ever says weight like weighth. EEEwww that irks me.

It was in Cate’s blog I think…she made it up so was just amusing myself. Apparently it is used like Homer’s DOH! or UGH! :lol:

Some words are regional and while they sound odd to us they aren’t to them.

I am right there with you. I was in a meeting yesterday with a dept manager who said “irregardless”. Gah. I hate it when people who get paid more than me use words like that. I just seems so wrong. I also hate prolly, libary, and my personal favorite “ain’t”.

“Perscription” (sounds like that anyway) instead of “Subscription”.
Every day someone calls in and says "I want to cancel my perscription.

Funny how something that never would have crossed your mind before can irk you when heard on a daily basis.

And yeah…I’ll type “shorthand” when I’m playing a game and the pressure is on. :wink:

I was at the airport a couple of months ago and these two women were sitting near me and they were chatting away. One of the women would end every other statement with "PS - " and then say something else. Drove me up the friggin wall! I wanted to say “PS - shut the %^&# up”.

I loathe “due to the fact that.” Just say “because”!!

I :heart: “therefore”. :smiley:

It took me months to convince my SIL that the verb form of conversation is “converse” not “conversate”