OT-Nonwords (and other annoyances)

I have thought of a couple of more words or things that bother me:

The use of the word deplane instead of disembark. Deplane is apparently a word that can now be found on www.dictionary.com, but I believe it was recently added as a word. Disembark is the correct or traditional term.

The other thing that bothers me is a ‘hot water heater’. If the water is hot, why are you heating it??? It’s just a ‘water heater’. :wink:

I cringe whenever someone uses “I” instead of “me” and vice versa. For example, “She gave it to Rod and I.” It should be me, because you’d say, “She gave it to me”. aaarrgh!

Then, my FIL says don’t instead of doesn’t, like in “He don’t like it.” Drives me up the wall!

I think this is from having an elementary teacher for a mother!

I’ve never heard “conversate”. That’s pretty funny!

I am an interpreter and I can’t stand it when people say “interpretator” and “interpretate!”

I’m finding this so amusing because we have one girl at work who constantly uses words incorrectly. Last week she sent an email that said she was going home because of her “consist cough”. What? Do you mean, constant, consistent, persistent? Yikes, spell check can’t even catch that!

But I will say, the ones that get to me the most are…
pacific vs. specific
cent instead of cents, if there is more than one cent, it’s cents, i think that rapper guy 50 cent started this crap
won’t instead of wasn’t (this one took me forever to figure out, but I know someone who says it ALL the time!) ex. She won’t home last night. Yuck!

But I also must confess, I am guilty of combining words sometimes, my arm = marm, etc. and after recently sitting through an orienteering course, somehow I picked up “orientate” whoops…it’s just orient. DH nicely corrected me one day!

In HS, a friend of mine worked summers at her father’s office (he was a GP). One day, she overheard two women talking about a friend of theirs. One of the women described the friend’s declining health and sighed, “oh, she’s lost so much weight; she looks so emancipated!” :rofling:

Here’s MY list…some have been mentioned, but I’ll repeat…
I seen
Like (when overused by the office skank)
She goes, he goes, I went - instead of She said or I said (over used by aforementioned skank)
Unthaw for Defrost
Larnix for Larynx (i got that from my speech path major days in college)
Xmas, Thanx and Bday (i use it in a pinch, but it still bugs me)
“Will you borrow me…” instead of lend

And don’t ever AX me a question or said axe will end up in your skull!!!
You would be amazed at the number of so called professionals and government employees I have talked to as credit card customers of mine that say AX… I just want to crawl through the phone and beat them with it.
I do relax my spelling when online and such, and working in the call center and notating accounts, it doesn’t matter if we use caps when needed as the system turns it all into caps anyway. In some cases, spelling and punctuation is skipped to save space on a space with minimum allowed characters. This makes me lazy and I have to triple check myself when typing something important.

DH says Punkin’ for pumpkin and ValentiMes day for ValentiNes… but i think that’s adorable! :inlove:

I don’t correct others that use bad grammar or english, but I will say something that doesn’t sound right and stop myself and correct myself laughingly. I have an aunt that was my best friend growing up… like a cool mom… and I wrote to her a lot growing up. Then one day, she showed me how she had kept all my letters and told me that not only did she share my “secrets” like crushes and such with my mom so she would be “left out” but that she also had marked the hell out of them with red pencil. :rollseyes: Our relationship changed in a big way from that point on

Oh yeah, DH and I invented the word “Mundies” :oops:

:roflhard: That is an awesome word Hilde :stuck_out_tongue:

One word that drives me insane is “sumpum” for something. Sadly that is only because I said it for so many years that now that I finally stopped myself from saying it that way it drives me nuts when others say it.

That and “moms” This kid asked my son where I was and he said it like"Hey where your moms at?" Nick promptly told him that he only has 1 mom. (YES! Something is getting through to him! :roflhard: ) Same kid also noticed that Nick has two silver caps right on his front teeth (fell and chipped them both when he was 2) and got all excited “DANG! Your moms let you get silver fronts?!” :rollseyes:

Working in a library, I hate people coming in and saying li-berry. “This is a nice little li-berry”. Even one of our own employees answers the phone as the “public liberry”.

I come across this frequently because I work as a medical transcriptionist, but can I think of any good examples of doctors making up words now? Of course not! And it would be medically related anyway, like the radiologist who insisted a term was parahilar, when really it’s perihilar…but I digress.

One thing that bugs me is “at this point in time” How about NOW?

:mad: “baby daddy”

I work in a small office with three other women. Some days I just want to scream at them for the way they pronouce the following words:

Warshington - Washington
Buffet - Buffit
Batteries - Baddries (say it real fast)

One of my coworkers does the those funky hand gestures. For example the telephone gesture with her thumb and pinky. It drives me crazy.


It drives me nuts!! Especially over here in NZ. You would not BELIEVE how many young teenage kids think it’s “cool” to say certain things. For example, I hear “fink” instead of think so many times a day. Also, they say “somethinK” instead of something a lot here. It drives me up the wall when I hear it.

Some of the younger ones have a certain lingo and accent they use and I just cannot stand it. It makes them sound lazy and the worst part is they know it does. They think it’s cool to talk that way.

It’s one of my biggest pet peeves. I have to bite my tongue a LOT to keep from correcting people. :oops:

Ohh, others that bothers me are “ain’t” and “arn’t”.

My mother used to say, “Ain’t ain’t a word and you ain’t going to say it.”

[size=6][/size]FOR FREE!!!

[size=3][/size]Something is either free or it’s not.

I had a classmate in highschool that debated this topic with our English teacher so she challenged him to research “ain’t” and write a paper. So he did!
I guess the jist (sp?) of it was that “ain’t” is a slang version of “are not” (aren’t).

He got an A

one of those phrases that has always made me a little crazy is “peace protesters”…really? are people really protesting peace? Yes i know what they mean but it still bothers me.

And willy nilly use of the word “Literally.”
“I literally fell out of my chair laughing.”
“I literally laughed my butt off” (really if you can do that…)

It literally makes me crazy! :rofling:

OK here’s mine… Teachers (and everyone else) ending sentences with “at”. “Where is it at?” “Where are you at?” Why not “Where is it?” or “Where are you?” I hate having people who are supposed to be teaching my children using English incorrectly. Luckily, they hear it correctly at home.

Most of my pet peeves have already been mentioned, which is reassuring - all hope is not lost. :wink:
“Hence” bothers me. It’s actually a perfectly lovely word, but it is not a synonym for “because” or “since”. It really isn’t. People using it that way drive me crazy.

lol that’s totally a Midwest thing too! it drives me crazy too because i end sentences with prepositions all the time and i KNOW it is wrong. I stop and correct myself in mid-thought when i am speaking with the person looking at me like i am crazy. why do they look at me like that? because they are from the Midwest too and think what i just said was perfectly fine! :rofling: