OT: My baby boy is here!

Because I am such a proud mama (first time), I wanted to show off my new bundle of joy. Nicholas John was born on 5/16 at 1:36am weighing 7lbs, 5oz and measuring 20 inches. He is the best baby ever!! :heart:

Congratulations, mama! He is just beautiful.

What a cute baby!! Congratulations!

Welcome into the world Nicholas!!!


Oh, Kristen, he’s beautiful! :heart: A big, heartfelt congratulations from Emma, Beka and myself. :slight_smile:

ooooh look at those dimples! just wanna nibble on those chubby little cheeks. absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations!

:smiley: He’s absolutely perfect
:balloons: :balloons: CONGRATULATIONS :balloons: :balloons:

Congratulations Kristin, he’s adorable!! :balloons: :cheering:

Kristen - Beyond beautiful - that baby boy of yours! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

He and my 2 year year old have the same B-day congrats he is soooo beautiful!!

He is so adorable! Congratulations!

:balloons: Congrats! He’s a cutie! :wink:

Goodness Gwacious!! He’s such a cutie–I want to munch on his toes and smell of his neck, and rock him and…when can I hold him???

He’s beautiful!! :heart:

Oh, a little baby!! My “little” baby is already 9 months old, I miss her that tiny.

He’s gorgeous!! Congrats to you!!! :heart:

What a cutey! Congrats! :smiley:

Kristen!!! Congrats! He is adorable! I hope the one I’m carrying is a boy…I already have a girl and dh really wants a boy!

Congratulations! He is beautiful!

Oh my goodness! He’s absolutely adorable – just wanna smoosh him! Congratulations!!! My “baby” is already 11 months old and my oldest is 4! It goes by soooooo fast. Enjoy every second!

Congrats sweetie! Babies can be so much fun…until they find your yarn stash…then it’s all downhill from there :slight_smile: JK! He’s beautiful and enjoy every minute of it, it goes by so fast!


Oodalolly!!! He’s beautiful. We all look forward to seeing what you need him in your “spare” time. :slight_smile: