OT: Kitty Litter

Hi! I know there are a lot of cat owners among us. I have 2 kitties and we use Arm & Hammer multi cat litter formula. Lately I have noticed that it hasn’t been clumping as well.
I am thinking about switching litters but I have no idea which one to choose.
I would appreciate any recommendations. Thanks in advance, you all are the best!

I use Tidy Cats Multi Cats with Extended Odor control. I love it, as much as a person can love cat litter! :rofling: The only issue is my cats kick it everywhere, but the doesn’t really seem to matter which brand it is!

Hmm, we use the arm and hammer :thinking: I haven’t noticed any problems…

We use the Tidy Cats either multi cat or the extended one. Whichever is on sale at Petsmart! As for them kicking it everywhere we got the covers that go with the litter pans so they have a ‘dome-like’ potty area.

I was hearing recently about the dust that they can kick up from this type of litter and goes into the rectum and causes them to get ill. Is this true? Anyone?


When we first got our cat, we used the litter from PetCo that you can fill up a 30lb tub yourself. That worked really well. Then I got lazy and started using Tidy Cat’s Scoop either Long Lasting odor control or sometimes the Immediate control (same diff to me i figger) cuz I didn’t always get to PetCo like I do the grocery or Target… I like it. Well, DH’s “job” is the cat box…such as it is.
Binky kicks too, but we have a carpet sample on the floor in front of the potty entrance (domed) so it sorta catches the bulk… He does more scraping and such with his paws around the upper inside of the box than he does in burying his :shock: …have yet to figure that out. :rollseyes:

We use clay, but then again, we have 6 cats. We tried the Tidy Cats litter and some other brand, but the clumpable stuff doesn’t have time to clump before someone else gets in the box. :frowning:

We use either Tidy Cats or Fresh Step. Whichever I have a coupon for, or is on sale. Scoop away also clumps really well, but it’s hardly ever on sale.

I use the arm & Hammer as well… I did use the tidy cats… but Cassie, (the cat who uses it) seems to prefer a & H… she doesn’t throw it around inside the box as much… so… to keep her majesty happy, lol

I have one domed box, one not. Somehow my two kitties find a way to kick it out of the domed one! Luckily the litter boxes are in our unfinished basement, so it’s nothing a little sweeping doesn’t take care off. :smiley:

I swear by Tidy Cat Crystals, this stuff is great! It may sound weird but it dehydrates the solids and when I clean, there is no liquids at all. The only time I smell her when she poops is right when she does it, other wise there is no smell, in fact I sometimes forget to clean her box cause I don’t smell it ! :rollseyes: One container costs about $16 but it lasts for at least a month or maybe a little longer. I have tried the copy cat ones but they did not work as well.

We use pretty much whichever clumping litter is on sale. :roflhard: I’ve been wanting to try those Crystals for some time, though. Maybe I will now. :slight_smile:

Here’s a tip that our old vet suggested to us…

To cut down on smell and “accidents” try having one more box than you have cats, and spread them through your house if possible. We don’t do that part because, frankly, there’s only one place in my matchbox house that a litter box will fit. But we do have 2 litter boxes for our one cat - about 5 feet apart in the basement. We still scoop and change it the same amount as before, but it really doesn’t smell as much as before and Melody doesn’t “miss” the box any longer. Interestingly enough, she uses one for peeing and one for pooping. rofl

Our old vet also suggested looking into a lower lipped box the older your cat(s) get as it can be hard for them to get into some of the taller ones. We had a 12 yo cat at the time and he was constantly going outside of the box. As soon as we got a short box that stopped completely. :slight_smile:

I can’t remember what it was called, but I loved the stuff I got at Wal-mart.

It was white, and really really light. It came in a plastic container and smelled like oranges.

It dehydrates the poo, and even though I lived in a tiny tiny one bedroom house with 3 cats I couldn’t smell anything (except right after they pooed. That -always- stinks.)

I think it was like 9 bucks for the container, but it would last my 3 cats for about a month. I would pour the whole thing into the box and then just scoop it daily and mix the litter stuff around.

I’d also just use the container to dispose of the poo and once the litter was all dirty, put it back in the container and that’s all the clean up I had with it.

I think it was some sort of clay or something. I can’t remember now. But I love it. And once I get my kitties, I’ll definitely be using it again. :thumbsup:

Damn, I wish I could remember what it was called though… :??

I use Fresh Step Scoop with my Litter Maid automatic litter box. I love it. Automatic is the way to go! I spend so much less time with my litter box.

I also swear by the cat crystals!! Those things work better than any other cat litter I’ve ever tried. I have two cats and one kitten (so you can imagine the amount of cat poo – LOL ) and I have tried some of the most expensive cat litters out there. The crystals work the best and I’ll never go back to using another litter again. :thumbsup:

I use Costco’s brand kitty litter along with the A&H litter box deodorizer sprinkle stuff. Fortunately during the summer months, all three of mine like to use the great outdoors as their ltter box and use the litter box at night if they need it. My little baby girl Cookie loves to dig in her litter box. I swear she is digging to China. I have to get up and shake the box for her to stop at 3 AM!!! However my male cat has been using my towels as his personal litter box :shock:

I spoke to one of the ladies at our local pet store and she suggested that I try using Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract cat litter. I have bought two bags, I guess to see if that would help solve my cat’s problem, I should take them out of the trunk of my car. :doh:

We use tidy cat too… and never had any problems with it and clumping… I use the mulit although I only have one cat :?? :lol: … I also have two litter boxes set up for him… that way if for some reason one day I don’t get to cleaning it he will use the other till mommy does :lol:

We use Fresh Step scoopable which works fine but i HATE the strong smell of it… It’s sooooooo perfume-y that the smell of cat litter clings to my clothes long after i have scooped the litter. ICK! And i have to wear a mask when scooping because i think i’m allergic to that litter perfume (not because of the cat waste smell) - sometimes the dust from the litter can make me vomit if i breathe it in… Not good.

Too bad the cats like it… i can’t stand it.

Oh and i hadn’t heard about the old cats not liking the taller pans… My old geezer (who’s still hanging in there, btw) has a new aversion to using the cat pans… Luckily his new “pooping ground” is an unfinished basement so it’s easy to clean and bleach…


I’ve been using a tesco own brand clay recently. Missy hates it and it does seem to smell more than the crystals. I prefer the crystals I think.

Love Fresh Step! I really think it clumps better than A&H. I have 3 cats, so I definatly think it holds up.

does anyone else think it’s ironic that I’m procrastinating scooping the litter by talking about litter?

I only use Fresh Step or Scoop Away and always buy it at Target.